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  1. Lillico

    Machined projectiles

    Try this website for GSC bullets. Johan is very helpful. http://www.t2ammo.com/index.php/GS_Custom I suggest you use TransferWise to pay, cheaper than a bank and very reliable. https://transferwise.com/ There are no import restrictions on expanding ammunition since the change of law regarding posting between individuals. I recommend a charge based test to get a series (two!) of horizontal groups. Explained here. Please note: It's nothing to do with the bullet holes being in a horizontal line, rather the relationship between adjacent groups. http://forum.accurateshooter.com/threads/long-range-load-development-at-100-yards.3814361/ Gerard Shultz recommends a 0.5 or 1.00mm (0.039 370 078 74") spacing for initial COAL testing. I found this too coarse and jumped right over the node. Run a series of bullet length tests at 0.006" intervals reduce this down to 0.003 when you have an indication that you're getting somewhere. I found these bullets to need at least 0.100" stand off, so you could start there. I found I got lots of advice on what other people do, but not much on HOW. I hope this helps.
  2. No, sorry. Only info available on Holts website. You could try contacting them.
  3. Link for AI 5 and 10 round mags. https://auctions.holtsauctioneers.com/asp/searchresults.asp?ps=25&st=D&sale_no=S0619&subs_value=9&index=view&pg=3
  4. I'll take the RS52 please. PM sent.
  5. I'll take the RCBS .308 Precision Mic please.
  6. Interested in the Nathan Forster books, except long range shooting, I have that already. I drive through Otterburn every Wed or Thurs, are you in Morn or afternoon?
  7. I'll take the A4 Weatherwriter as well please, can you combine postage?
  8. I'll take the RCBSPriming Tool please. Could you clarify, are you selling an L E Wilson neck sizing die, and how much
  9. I'll take the Redding tool and lube please. PM'd
  10. Ronin, hello.  I've read your post about importing GSC bullets from Holland and wondered what the cost for the Import Licence and Shipping were for you. 
    Was there a break even point for numbers imported?
    I'm looking at the .308 range of HV


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