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  1. I'd try measuring the powder off-press. Get yourself a little digital scale. Set your on-press measure a little lower than you require, and fill a donor case. Empty the contents of the donor case into your pan, and top up the charge on the digital scales by carefully sprinkling the powder kernels using your thumb and forefinger. Might be safer to wear latex gloves to avoid cross-contamination. Once the digital measure is registering your desired powder charge, empty the contents of the pan into your final case. This is the way I measured my first few lots of hand loads. It's a time consuming process, but the loads it produced for me are still some of the most accurate I've ever made. Coincidentally, I was also using 167gr Lapua Scenars. I've never trusted the volumetric powder throwers. They're OK for dispensing a rough charge quickly, that you then fine-tune manually. I've always preferred to weigh out each final charge individually. There are lots of corners you can cut when you first start home loading, which will save you money (but cost you lots of time). As you develop, you'll start to buy the more expensive items, such as digital powder dispensers, which will save you a lot of time. Hand loading is all about eliminating sources of inconsistency. As your loads become more consistent, you'll be rewarded with tighter groups.
  2. Huge increase in bullet prices

    The price of reloading consumables has gotten to the point where I kind of wish I'd never invested in all the reloading kit in the first place. 2-3 years ago I was paying £27 for 100 heads. Now it's almost double that. I appreciate that Brexit has goosed the exchange rates – but not to that extent. I suspect that there are people in the supply line that are using Brexit as an excuse to fatten their own margins. As the old saying goes... it's the profit that makes it expensive!
  3. Your Best Buy of 2017?

  4. Your Best Buy of 2017?

    Hi guys, So what’s been your best shooting related buy in 2017? For me it would have to be my Magnetospeed chrono, because of the greater insight it’s given me with my handloads.
  5. Recipies for Homemade Ultrasonic Case Cleaning Solutions

    Thanks! That's an interesting article...
  6. Hi Guys, I'm currently using the Lyman concentrated case cleaning solution for my brass. Between ultrasonic cleaning, and tumbling, I'm happy with the results – but I seem to be burning through the case cleaning solution, and it's not the cheapest! Has anybody got a good homemade recipe using ingredients that can be found in the UK? A quick nose around on YouTube mentions 'Lemi-shine' and 'Tide Pods' which appear to be brand names that are difficult to source in the UK. Many thanks in advance... Cam.
  7. Rifle bounce

    Interesting vid – thanks for sharing. I need to try some of those tips on my .308WIN which jumps in the air no matter what I do.
  8. Stupid Question: Primers

    Thanks again, Mr. C!
  9. Stupid Question: Primers

    Hi Guys, So here's today's stupid question: do primers 'go off' or can you buy them in bulk and store them reliably for years? I'm thinking of storing them in their original packaging, then inside an airtight sandwich box lined with silica gel sachets. Why? Well everything is going up in price; it's cheaper to buy them in bulk; same lot consistency.
  10. RFD transfer rules

    OK, so assuming that the seller has to complete the buyers ticket BY LAW... What are your guys thoughts on posting your ticket - which details the firearms you already hold, and the address where they can be found - to someone you don't know? I think I know what my firearms department is going to say when I ask them on Monday!
  11. RFD transfer rules

    Thanks for the replies guys!
  12. RFD transfer rules

    Hi Guys, I'm in the middle of trying to buy a rifle from an individual down south, and have his RFD transfer the rifle to my RFD. The sellers RFD is insisting that I send my original FAC ticket to the seller, that the seller fills in the details on my ticket, and that they then transfer both the rifle and my ticket to my RFD. Is this correct? I was under the impression that RFDs regularly transferred rifles between themselves? Thanks, Cam.
  13. Hi Guys, If you're shopping online, what's your understanding of 'in stock'? Cam.
  14. Wooo ! Bergara HMR in 6.5 Creedmoor

    Is the Bergara a Remy 700 clone – will it fit in stocks designed for the Remy 700? Cam.
  15. Transparent moderators in slow motion

    I enjoyed that!

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