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  1. CameronWilson

    2x Magpul bipods

    Both bipods now sold.
  2. CameronWilson

    2x Magpul bipods

    There is only one size, and the remaining picatinny version is black. More info here: https://www.magpul.com/firearms-accessories/other/bipods/firearms-accessories/other/bipods/magpul-bipod-for-1913-picatinny-rail
  3. CameronWilson

    2x Magpul bipods

    Yeah, price includes postage within GB.
  4. Hi Guys, I've got two sets of used Warne 30mm QD rings for sale. Both are the low models: https://warnescopemounts.com/product/213l-30mm-quick-detach-low-rings/ I've found that they are ideal for getting a good low fit on a Remy 700 action with a picatinny rail and a scope with a 50mm objective. They seem pretty repeatable too, staying within 1MOA when used in conjunction with a Warne steel rail (not included). £65 each, posted within GB.
  5. Both rifles now provisionally sold (pending the usual).
  6. CameronWilson

    2x Magpul bipods

    M-LOK version sold pending the usual.
  7. Mods: Can I suggest that only the OP should be able to write to their open thread, with all subsequent correspondence between parties taking place via PM? This would allow the OP to make changes to their classified, answer FAQs, or to bump the thread - without having every idiot with an opinion jumping on, or those who piggy back their own items for sale. I’ve seen threads where third parties have written disparaging remarks about the item for sale, and threads where third parties have posted links to external sites selling the same item. I also know of parties who will sit and watch for a member posting a ‘PM sent’ reply, before contacting that member and trying to persuade them to by an alternative item that they themselves are trying to sell. I for one, am getting a bit sick of it (and I don’t think I’m alone).
  8. Hi Guys, I’ve got 2x Magpul bipods for sale. 1x M-LOK – SOLD 1x Picatinny £100 each.
  9. Can you guys check your emails please, because I sent you both emails via Apple MailDrop yesterday? It’s the first time I’ve used MailDrop, and I may be doing something wrong.
  10. Hi Guys, I’ve got a very rare 15-22 for sale. It’s a Suffolk Rifle Company barrel conversion with the over-barrel integral-style reflex moderator. The barrel conversion was fully proofed. I’ve never seen another one like it, but I know they exist. It’s a custom made 15-22 specific moderator and not just a ‘looky likey’ barrel shroud. It’s exceptionally quiet, and suddenly the rifle cycling sounds loud. It includes the original iron sights and furniture. Please note an extended charging latch has been installed, and the buffer tube end-stop has been relieved so that you can access the storage compartment in the buffer tube whilst using Magpul style stocks (without butchering your nails each time). The buffer end-stop can be reinstated by inserting a roll pin (not included). The rifle cycles a wide variety of subsonic ammunition without any issues. £599 including the moderator (you’ll need the appropriate slot on your FAC). PM me your email address for pictures. No trades or offers, thanks. Also advertised elsewhere. All replies in the order they are received.
  11. Hi Guys, I’ve got 2 Kriss Defiance DMK22C rifles for sale. Both are 2/3 months old, and are in exceptional condition as they have had less than 100 rounds through them from new. All I’ve done is check that they cycle properly - I haven’t even had a chance to mount an optic on either rifle yet. Genuine reason for sale. 1 LVOA model in black 1x 15 round magazine 2x medium rail sections 1x long rail section Provisionally sold (pending the usual) 2 STD model in FDE (perfect match to Magpul FDE) 1x 15 round magazine 1x new SAK moderator Provisionally sold (pending the usual) Both rifles are in their original boxes with the original accessories. Both rifles are priced at £150 less than the cheapest new price I can find on GunTrader (and I’m including the accessories in the asking price). Grab yourself a tidy saving on one of these fantastic rifles. PM me your email address for pics. No trades or offers, thanks. Also advertised elsewhere.
  12. CameronWilson

    Tikka T3x prone to rusting?

    I think, for me, Cerakoting is the way to go...
  13. CameronWilson

    Tikka T3x prone to rusting?

    Hi Guys, Are Tikka T3x rifles pro to rusting? My one is an absolute nightmare. Took it out for an afternoon session in 30deg heat. It got put back in a dry gun bag, drove home (45mins), took it out, orange all over it. The metalwork has looked dark brown from when I bought it new. Never had this problem with any other rifle that I’ve owned. Is Cerakoting the answer?

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