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  1. 24" Walther SS barrel 1 in 8 twist, straight taper, screw cut 18x1and ceracoated satin black. Thread protector. Been on a Stiller Predator action so should be direct fit on Rem 700.....done less than 100 rounds. £100.......... BARREL SOLD TO STEVE R. ASE Utra Jet z compact moderator 6mm. 18x1 spigot. Less than 500 rounds through it. £75.............SOLD. DPT lightweight mod. 6.5mm, spigot 17x1. Less than 100 rounds. £100. Currently with Steve Kershaw (07725 987295) and is plus RFD costs.....ring him for details of transfer etc but reply by pm or on here for any further. Photos available on request as struggling to upload on here. Regards, Rob.
  2. Rob1562

    British Shooting Show email

    Its because the NEC have banned all big game operators from the show after receiving complaints "from their customers" and a petition with 35000 signatures lobbying them not to allow the safari operators........thin end of the wedge methinks !! Regards, Rob. ps long thread on SD about this.
  3. Rob1562

    6 Creedmoor

    I run a 22BR for foxing in an AI AX chassis. When looking at barrel length I confess I went purely for aesthetics as I wanted my mod to fit snuggly up to the barrel shield. Goes against conventional wisdom but ended up at 19.75" Shoots way better than me with 50grn Bergers running at 3640fps........not had any complaints from Charlie out to 400yds....just bang flop ! Bonus is hardly any recoil in that chassis so get to see the whole show. Can't recommend the cartridge highly enough. Attached is a 5 shot group at 200yds. Regards, Rob.
  4. Rob1562

    Nightforce nxs

    Hi Paul, I had a problem with an NXS I bought off here.....wouldn't hold more than a 4" group at 100yds. Sent it via my RFD to SGC who checked it and said they had shot it and agreed it would only hold a 4" group but thought that was acceptable !! A brief discussion between me/RFD/SGC and they sent it back to USA.......I had no receipt/proof of purchase, etc . About 4 weeks later it returned from Nightforce looking like new (refurbished....not a new scope but hard to tell the difference) with a report saying they could find nothing wrong the scope (this is quite common apparently as Nightforce scopes are NEVER faulty). Once fitted and test fired, suddenly the outfit now shoots 1/2" groups at 100yds. Send it back to NF they will sort it for sure 👍👍 Regards, Rob.
  5. Confirmation e-mail from NGO this am.....good news common sense seems to have prevailed.
  6. Sold to Crocket13 pending the usual.
  7. As above......only a couple of months old, only for sale as swapping to laser. Used half a dozen times max, excellent condition. £65 posted.....no offers ta. Regards, Rob.

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