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  1. Rob1562

    6mm roe deer bullet

    Hi Sam, Can't help with the Bergers, but my 6BR loves the 85grn Sierras ! I also use N135....31.0grns; very happy with the results. I'm pretty sure if you're in the 30-32grn range you'll find a happy place in there somewhere ! As always start low and work up. Regards, Rob.
  2. Rob1562

    Different Groups

    Hi Liam, As stated above many factors come into play, but i'd be pretty sure barrel warming is at the root of the issue, whether thermal drift or barrel/stock contact. One way to check is to repeat the course of fire as best you can and see the results are repeated and check barrel/stock contact when hot. Bear in mind, someone much more knowledgeable than me told me that 1/1000th of an inch of movement at the firing point equals 1" of movement at 100 yards. Regards, Rob.
  3. Rob1562

    Different Groups

    Depending on time between shooting groups, could be thermal drift due to barrel getting hot ? Regards, Rob.
  4. Rob1562

    AT AICS chassis system

    Hi Woodlander, Hope you're getting on with the NXS OK ? I've got an AI AX chassis and love it, fitted with a Stiller action which is Rem 700 clone. I think you've got to love "tacticool" rifles to like the look of the AI which is just as well as I do !! Performance wise I can't think of a reason why you wouldn't be absolutely delighted with the AI system except maybe weight....you'd need to be a big strapping lad to carry it around the hills all day. As for whether the Barnard fits easily/at all, unless Baldy or one of the other 'smiths comes along, give Steve Kershaw a bell and he'll let you know whats involved. Regards, Rob.
  5. Rob1562

    Delta Stryker

    Hi Stephentri, If you're looking for an unbiased review of this scope then i'm probably the wrong person as i'm a Delta convert !! I've had the Titanium 4.5-30 for over a year and love it so muchI bought the 5-50 3 months ago on the back of it. I love it !! I personally like a fine reticle and the Delta has that and a superfine centre dot that illuminates with 11 stages of adjustment with "off" between each level which i like. Glass is very subjective, but to me Delta glass is better than Nightforce (i've had 2 NXS's) and almost on a par with S&B (i've had a PM2) and considerably cheaper than both. People ask how it compares to Sightron (similar price point)...i've never had one but looked through my mates and wouldn't thank you for one (just my opinion). Only downside as mentioned before is the slightly crap coin slots in the turrets but thats a small price to pay. As said before everyones eyes are different but for me I don't think you can buy any better at the price and without spending at least double. Hope that helps.....if you have any questions, feel free to PM me. Regards, Rob.
  6. Rob1562

    Best UK Varminting Calibre?

    22BR for me if you homeload....once the case prep is done it's magic ! If using factory, reckon .223/.243 would be hard to beat.
  7. Rob1562

    20 cal

    I've had a 204 and loved it, now got a 22br and love that even more ! If i was going down the 20cal route i think next time i'd go for a 20 Vartarg.....gives near 204 levels of speed but with 17grains of powder. Regards, Rob.
  8. Rob1562

    Looking to minimise my cabinet

    As has been said, with your current barrel the biggest limiting factor is going to be the twist rate which will limit you to 85/88 grn bullets, possibly 90/95 max if you're lucky.....i've got a 6mmbr in 10 twist that will not stabilise 95grn bullets well enough for me so have dropped to 85grn that it shoots really well. If you want max oomph with that weight of bullet and are prepared to homeload then maybe consider a 243AI or maybe a 6x284 both will give you more, but use much more powder. I had this same dilemma and came to the conclusion that the best compromise was to have 3 rifles !! Happy days. Regards, Rob.
  9. If it's during office hours and you have the full address, and owner details of the land you are invited to shoot on (or O/S grid references etc ) , then a 'phone call to your local licensing office should provide you with details of what calibre the land is cleared to. If it's really short notice and over a weekend then you're out of luck ! Licensing 'round here are very approachable and are happy to take 'phone calls such as this.....can't speak for your's of course but give them a call. Regards, Rob.
  10. Rob1562

    Load for 6mmBR

    Thanks for the replies guys. I've had look at Accurate Shooter and 6mmBR's posted loads......was hoping someone had a pet load with Vit 135/140 as i've got loads of that as the 22BR loves N135 ! Regards, Rob.
  11. Rob1562

    Load for 6mmBR

    Hi All, I'm having a 6mmBR built with the intention of shooting 95-105grn bullets (foxing,small deer and plinking/gongs). Rifle is a single shot Stiller Diamondback action, with 22", 1in8 twist Walther Lowthar barrel. I have a stock of 95grn Sierra TMK's and was thinking of these as a starting point. Anyone using a similar combination and can give me a rough starting point ? Or its out with the manuals and I'll start load development from scratch..... Thanks in anticipation, Rob.
  12. Rob1562

    Hard gun case

    Sent you a pm.........freebie inbound !!!!!
  13. Rob1562

    Ward 800 NV add on...as a spotter ??

    Thanks for the replies and pm's guys. Looks like i'll have to have a bit of a re-think and maybe raid the piggy bank a bit further ! Regards, Rob.
  14. Rob1562

    Ward 800 NV add on...as a spotter ??

    Hi....i'd thought about the IR issue and thought about 2 Ir's....one fixed to the rifle and one to use "hand held".....cheaper than a spotter and an Nv scope. Just wondered what kind of distance you'd pick up eye shine........don't have too much trouble picking up eye shine with the lamp and MK1 eyeball at 500+yds but someone is educating the local foxes and think it's time for NV. Regards, Rob.

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