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  1. Rob1562


    I have an AI Ax chassis with 20" Bartlein barrel barrel, built by Steve Kershaw.......I absolutely love the cartridge and the build. I use 32grn of N135 behind either 50grn V-max or 52grn Berger....both shoot great groups at around 3650fps. Couldn't be happier Regards, Rob.
  2. Rob1562

    Barrel blanks

    Might be worth a phonecall to Steve Kershaw ?
  3. Rob1562

    Short Action Defiance.

    I think Steve Kershaw may have them in stock too 👍👍
  4. Rob1562


    Definitely agree with the above........got to be marginal on rats at 100yds. If you're static with a great rest and solid comfortable position then give it a go, but if you're wandering around or shooting out of, or off the bonnet of a vehicle, then too many variables at 100 yds with the semi auto........probably marginal IMO with a 22lr of any flavour. Regards, Rob.
  5. Rob1562

    .284/7mm bullet choice ??

    Thanks Scotch Egg.......I had considered the ELD-X and they're readily available. Have you used them for foxing ? Do they expand well enough ? Regards, Rob.
  6. Rob1562


    I had one of these and used it regularly for ratting and rabbiting. I think it was the 16" carbon barrel version and was very accurate with most ammunition, best being Eley I seem to remember.....it would shoot 1" groups at 100yds if I concentrated and did my bit but average was around 1.5-2.0". I don't have it any more as I don't have the time to use it, I remember it would feed well with the 10 round mags but struggled with the larger 30 round mags.....I wouldn't hesitate to recommend one, but the usual caveats apply if buying secondhand..........enjoy ! Regards, Rob.
  7. Rob1562

    .284/7mm bullet choice ??

    Looking for advice/experience please. I'm having a .284 built with a 26" barrel in 1:9 twist, on a Stiller Predator single shot action, so no issues with feeding/OAL. I'd like to shoot a bullet in the 150-180grn range, but here's the issue...........I'd like to shoot longish range (up to 1000yds) on paper/steel but also use it for hunting, mainly UK deer and also a bit of foxing/varminting. My thoughts were initially with the Berger VLD family but now considering 160grn Sierra TMK. Anyone got any experience or advice, or am I looking for a Holy Grail bullet that doesn't exist ?? Regards, Rob.
  8. 24" Walther SS barrel 1 in 8 twist, straight taper, screw cut 18x1and ceracoated satin black. Thread protector. Been on a Stiller Predator action so should be direct fit on Rem 700.....done less than 100 rounds. £100.......... BARREL SOLD TO STEVE R. ASE Utra Jet z compact moderator 6mm. 18x1 spigot. Less than 500 rounds through it. £75.............SOLD. DPT lightweight mod. 6.5mm, spigot 17x1. Less than 100 rounds. £100. Currently with Steve Kershaw (07725 987295) and is plus RFD costs.....ring him for details of transfer etc but reply by pm or on here for any further. Photos available on request as struggling to upload on here. Regards, Rob.
  9. Rob1562

    British Shooting Show email

    Its because the NEC have banned all big game operators from the show after receiving complaints "from their customers" and a petition with 35000 signatures lobbying them not to allow the safari operators........thin end of the wedge methinks !! Regards, Rob. ps long thread on SD about this.

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