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  1. Rob1562

    22 BR dies wanted

    Sorted now thanks.
  2. Hi Chaz.... I have the Delta titanium you are considering. Personally I love it ! I've had lots of high end scopes inc PM2, which didn't really float my boat. I've had NF 8-32 which i found inferior (optically) to the Delta, however the main reason I love the Delta is it suits my eye and the reticle is fabulous (MCZ) with a tiny centre dot and really uncluttered. The illumination is excellent too with initially just the dot illuminating and then as you wind up the illumination, the stadia begin to illuminate....nice. If you were to consider an add-on IR it also works well with these as it has side parallax and focusses down to 10metres(ish). If you want to have a look though one you're welcome to head up this way for a look but I think Optics Warehouse do a 7 day return so you could buy without worry. I got mine from OW and had great service from them.........loved this scope that much I changed my PM2 for the 5-50 version and love that one too !! Regards, Rob. p.s if you want to talk about the scope pm me and i'll drop you my mobile no.
  3. Rob1562

    22 BR dies wanted

    As per title...looking for a neck/full length resizing die for 22BR. Would be happy with a set as well....prefer Redding/Forster......standard or competition all considered. Regards, Rob.
  4. Rob1562


    I've got the Solaris and a PBIR. Prefer the Solaris, to my eye its a cleaner light and more adjustable than the PBIR. I think you'll be happy/satisfied with any of the top end kit available at the moment......all will take you out to 300 metres easily. Regards, Rob.
  5. Rob1562

    6mm BR build

    I've got a 6mmBR Stiller Diamondback, RB/LP Single shot, built by Steve Kershaw. I love it, super smooth action and way more capable than I am......I doubt you'll be disappointed with the Stiller action Baldie has. Regards, Rob.
  6. Hi.....hadn't seen your reply on the thread about random visits until today and the thread seems to have wandered away from the original topic so thought id reply directly....hope that's ok ?

    In reply to your question, its semantics really....if the police were acting on intelligence and intended to seize your firearms then there would almost certainly be further offences involved, most of which would have a power of entry, assault/threats to kill/breach of peace, etc......the list goes on. So if they were attending to seize your firearms they COULD be in possession of a warrant but almost certainly wouldn't be. I have done this myself many times over the years and never with a warrant...the process is too long winded and messy and their is always an alternative.

    If however, you had not committed any offences but were deemed unsuitable to possess your firearms due to mental health issues or sobriety concerns, then this would almost always involve a warrant and would be a much more low key approach.

    Hope this helps.

    Regards, Rob.  

  7. Rob1562

    Nightforce repair vs Leupold

    Hi Dunc, Bought an NXS s/h from this forum in excellent condition but just wouldn't hold zero. Tried it on various rifles and confirmed it was the scope. Sent it back via SGC who said they'd checked it and were happy with the 3" group it held at 100 yds and wanted to send it back to me ! I politely refused and they sent it to the factory......4 weeks later came back fully repaired/serviced and looking like new ! Now holds a perfect zero on all rifles, although NF stated there was nothing wrong with the scope.......but they would wouldn't they 'cos they never go wrong !! All considered, well happy with NF....less so with SGC ! Regards, Rob.
  8. As certificate holders/firearms owners we have an absolute duty to keep them secure, the police have a right to check that security at any reasonable time. If that is all they are doing, you do not have to let them in(and they do not have a power of entry)if it is inconvenient ,and may ask them to return at a different/more convenient time. This is what has happened here. If they are acting on specific intelligence or as a result of a specific threat this is entirely different and they will force entry if you do not allow them entry. My advice would be as above. Regards, Rob.
  9. Could be 'cos they're 7 years old !
  10. in all honesty they have given a reason for the visit.....a random security check which they are entitled to do at any time. However they do not have a power of entry for a random check, which they obviously did not enforce at the time and suggested they would come back on a later date. My suggestion would be to ring back and arrange a time convenient to you, which obviously shows willing on your behalf , and that you have nothing to hide. If they are acting on intelligence, then they do have a power of entry and refusing entry will end up in a whole heap of **** ! I am almost certain this is an example of FLD making use of ARV downtime to carry out checks on their behalf. I know not all ARV staff are shooters but I have read numerous posts from people complaining about FEO/PCSO's who have no idea which end of the gun goes bang so don't think it's entirely appropriate to complain when firearms officers carry out these checks. Regards, Rob.
  11. I'm assuming that the officers were armed with sidearm only ? It is quite common for ARV units to be deployed on F/A licensing checks and I understand that your issuing force are doing "random" checks. As already pointed out this is not within the guidelines as these "random" checks should be intelligence based. Almost all ARV crews are now routinely armed with sidearms and will conduct all policing duties whilst armed, issuing tickets, dealing with shoplifters, etc. So for them to attend with sidearms is not out of the ordinary....however if they attended with carbines, this would suggest entirely a different kind of visit ! Regards, Rob.
  12. If you look on the blackwoodoutdoors website (other websites are available!) that Charlts posted above, there is a fully adjustable one for £24.99 (windage and elevation) which is the one I use and yes it's all metal. Regards, Rob
  13. Rob1562

    PVS 14 help needed !

    Hi all, Got the chance of the above FOC...but there's a catch (isn't there always !!). It will probably need a tube. My question is anyone know who/where I could get one and any idea of cost involved as to whether its a viable option ?? Regards, Rob.
  14. Hi Lee.....I'll have these please. Pm me for address/bank details, etc. Regards, Rob.
  15. Rob1562

    .243AI dies

    Hi Steve......sent you a pm a few days ago about the dies, I presume you're not interested ? Regards, Rob.

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