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    Deer Stalking,Varminting,Foxing,Punching Paper.Slovakian Rough Haired Pointers.
  1. Foxing with 300wsm ?

    Thanks for the replies so far guys. I currently run 155grn Berger vld's and these are both extremely accurate and effective as a deer round, although a bit overkill on Roe. I was wondering if anyone knew whether the standard Blaser twist would stabilise these lighter bullets ? If no one has tried that combination, I guess there's only one way to find out !! Regards,Rob.
  2. Foxing with 300wsm ?

    Hi all, as per title, is anyone foxing with a lightish bullet in their WSM ? I was thinking of loading my Blaser R93 300wsm with either a 100 or 110 grn bullet with the intention of achieving 3000+fps....anyone out there currently shooting such a thing ? Regards, Rob.
  3. Tier one ring reducers

    Hi I've got a set, fitted perfect and work a treat....v.happy ! Regards, Rob.
  4. 20 vartarg turbo

    Speak to Steve Kershaw, he's built himself a 20 Vartarg (not turbo) and absolutely loves it. He's shot all sorts with it at some decent distances....really accurate calibre and cheap to feed ! Regards, Rob.
  5. Hi, I'll have the once fired cases please. PM me for payment details. Regards, Rob.
  6. Hi Bob, Just in the process of having a 22BR built by Steve Kershaw on a Stiller Predator action, with modifications to the AI mags its anticipated they will cycle really well. Can't wait to get it out for a play, having seen the incredible groups this reamer has shot for Steve, I can't help feeling that I'll be the largest limiting factor in the whole set-up. If you get one i'm sure you won't regret it. Regards, Rob.
  7. 6.5 x 47L body die

    Hi Furyan, Sorry but someone else beat you to them, posted them out today. Regards, Rob.
  8. 6.5 x 47L body die

    Hi Rutland, If you don't get fixed up i've got a set of Forster Ultra dies.......(FL and Micrometer seating die set). They are as good as brand new, Micrometer loaded 50 rounds, FL die never used. PM me if you're interested. Regards, Rob.
  9. 20/47

    Hi Kevbee Steve is in the process of making me a 20x47. I've got the similar problem to you......a 6.5x47 bolt face but a real itch for a 20 that needs to be scratched. I've thought about 20br,5/35smc and just about all the others, but I've got a Stiller Predator action in an AI stock and want a calibre that will cycle from AI mags. I know that there will be lots of case prep and probably a reduced barrel life but when you gotta scratch that itch !!!! Regards, Rob.
  10. 34mm scope rings

    Sent you a pm. Regards Rob.
  11. Is My ELR Rifle Legal in the UK?

    I broached the subject of a .338LM (for deer) with my FEO and was told the Home Office regard this as a "dangerous game" cartridge and would be fine if I wanted to take it abroad but was too much cartridge for the UK. He then went on to make himself look even more confused by stating he would be more than happy for me to have a 30-338LM conditioned for deer.......i guess you just play the post code lottery and get what you get !! Regards, Rob.
  12. Just bought a Sealey torque screwdriver off amazon £39.95 and a cheap security bit set for about £5.50ish. Well pleased with the torque driver (up to 5nm) which is plenty for rings and bases.....security bit set is cheap and cheerful but so far ok. Regards, Rob,

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