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  1. Yes please on the doubler and lens
  2. Remmy308

    .22 hornet reloading kit

    Looking for .22 hornet reloading kit brass dies bullets (35grn vmax) whats out there.?
  3. Would you be willing to sell the 5 round A.I mag separately
  4. As above .204/.223 MDT 10 shot magazine for sale only used twice as have moved over to metal mags £35 posted
  5. Used predator 8 diffuser and bridge for sale 1/2unf bridge £35 posted. SOLD.!!!!! 6mm(green) Diffuser £35 posted .30 cal (black) £30 posted
  6. Remmy308

    XLR Chassis, Rem SA clone ............

    My mate imported one from them,I’ll ask what he paid in duty.!
  7. Remmy308

    .20 practical

    Gotta get through your stockpiles of xbr first Treetop lol
  8. Remmy308

    .20 practical

    Mine is also fantastic thanks Mark.! Me and treetop had the twins built by Mark last year and i just wish I'd moved to the practical years ago,super fast super flat and flawlessly accurate. Obviously mine is the nicer out of the 2 but treetop won't admit that.!! Both built on remington 700 and identical barrel length/make/twist Only difference is paint finish. You won't be disappointed with the caliber.
  9. Remmy308

    Wanted .223 aics magazine

    Looking for 5 or 10 round aics magazines What's out there
  10. Remmy308

    .17 Hornet reloading kit

    If your looking to buy the rifle aswell I k ow someone who is selling a complete set up inc all reloading gear you would need.?
  11. Remmy308

    Looking to minimise my cabinet

    Gotta be a Creed.!

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