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  1. Remmy308


    Would they fit a MDT chassis.?
  2. Remmy308

    20 cal bits

    Get yourself a .17cal cleaning rod i picked one up locally for under £20 so I would have thought you’ll be able to source one close to you
  3. Yes please if it’s still available
  4. Remmy308

    223 Bullets

    Sorry only just seen your message,I’ll have a proper count up tonight and get you a price over
  5. Remmy308

    223 Bullets

    I’ve got 2-3 hundred 55grain vmax in the cupboard if you still need some
  6. I'll take it please. Let me know payment details
  7. Remmy308

    Wanted Yukon 1.7 doubler lens

    Looking for a Yukon 1.7 doubler lens
  8. Remmy308

    Pred 8 diffuser .270 blue

    Does anyone have a predator 8 diffuser in .270 cal the blue one. Cheers Nick
  9. Remmy308

    night vision set up

    I have a 6.5 photon on my .223 and .17 hornet and between me and my shooting buddy we regularly shoot rabbits and fox out to 300 yrds and can easily detect fox and double that using T67 mk2 ir torches total cost of set ups with mounts is sub £500. Had the original x sight and traded it back in for photons as was not happy with what the claimed it could achieve. Yes the drone pro is a great bit of kit but it's not 3 times better than the photon which is the monetary difference.
  10. Price on the hornady 8th edition please
  11. 123g Amax box of 99 £40 posted...sold 2x120g Amax unopened boxs £40 posted each....sold 120g sierra hpbt match opened but full £25 posted....sold elsewhere Advertised elsewhere

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