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  1. 123g Amax box of 99 £40 posted...sold 2x120g Amax unopened boxs £40 posted each....sold 120g sierra hpbt match opened but full £25 posted....sold elsewhere Advertised elsewhere
  2. Any idea on postage for the lee press.?
  3. And the 223 modified case also
  4. I'll take the oal gauge with the 6.5cm case please
  5. Used Ase Ultra NS3 sound mod 1/2"unf thread. Needs to go £90inc red
  6. id be interested if they dont sell
  7. 3x100grain Amax 6.5mm for sale £34 per 100 inc postage
  8. MDT ESS Chassis

    Just received my ESS last week and it's a Fantastic chassis system,the only problem with it is I'm going to have to buy a second for my other Remington 700.....

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