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  1. 1971silversurfer

    .260 rebarrel

    Have you considered 260 Ackley Improved?
  2. 1971silversurfer

    What 6.5 bullet for. 260

    I use 123 grain projectiles in my 260 Ack Imp. Primarily SST and Scenars.
  3. 1971silversurfer

    .260REM vs 6.5 Creedmoor

    Currently loading a 260AI with n150 and 123 Scenars as a comparison to my 6.5x47L, 40 degree shoulder and straight walls should eliminate some of the problems encountered with the 260 parent case. Im firing fire formed Lapua 260 brass.
  4. 1971silversurfer

    Howa 1500 action worth re barrel?

    Thanks Laurie
  5. 1971silversurfer

    Howa 1500 action worth re barrel?

    This may sound silly, but don't plan on re-barrelling your Howa if u plan on selling it. Secondly, if you plan on keeping it... do it if you can find a smith that will tackle doing it, I suggest you consider a large primer 6.5 calibre like the .260Rem or an improved version to save any pin work? I re-barrelled my Howa with a GB barrel in a Sendero profile, kept it at the same .243Win calibre. which I was happy with and it is far, far more accurate than an already accurate rifle- before its modification. You won't regret it.... M.
  6. 1971silversurfer

    Update on New Mile Long Range

    Thanks for sharing the video...hope you liked it. M
  7. R Macleod of Tain, have listed on their website a .308 barrel; for the R93 no mention of any fluting through. hope this helps.
  8. 1971silversurfer

    Border Ballistic Technologies

    Great to see another product from the UK especially from nearby; I hope the products live up to your expectations.
  9. 1971silversurfer

    6.5 x 47 RL15 data

    I'm loading mine to magazine length rather than chamber length for accurate feeding, My comparator overall length measures out at 2.165" i've estimated that to be approximately 0.005" to 0.010" off the lands
  10. 1971silversurfer

    6.5 x 47 RL15 data

    I've stretched my load out to 38.6 RL15, showing 3001fps with 123 A-max through my Baldie built rifle with its 26" Pacnor barrel anything more than this and the recoil up's and groups open. Accuracy on mine is similar to Big Al's
  11. 1971silversurfer

    Triggers for Howa 1500

    Timney +1
  12. 1971silversurfer

    1967spud World Headquarters is go go go

    Good news Mark, best wishes,
  13. Who is the UK importer for this brand, I'm trying to search for a local supplier.
  14. 1971silversurfer

    .20 cal specific custom action?

    Nothing wrong with that....u gotta love a bit of bling

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