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  1. blackburnbuccaneer

    Minox ZX5 5-25x50 SF Plex

    Price Drop £550 - RMSD Insured in the UK.
  2. You say the stock is a bedded VSFF yet all the pictures show it in a KRG W3 - surely matching the pictures to the advert would be better?
  3. blackburnbuccaneer

    Minox ZX5 5-25x50 SF Plex

  4. blackburnbuccaneer

    Minox ZX5 5-25x50 SF Plex

    Price Drop - £600 RMSD in the UK.
  5. blackburnbuccaneer

    Minox ZX5 5-25x50 SF Plex

  6. Minox ZX5 5-25x50 SF Plex 1/8th MOA clicks - £550 Posted RMSD Insured (UK only) 18 Months old, The lenses are 100% blemish free and the only wear on the whole scope area few very minor rubs on the caps form rubbing in the safe. It has been on a .22 for most of the time and has hardly been used as it is really too big a scope for the rifle. The scope is registered with Minox and covered by a 30 Year warranty which is transferable to the second owner (thus it has 28.5 years left) and this covers defects and damage by the user. The scope is in the original box and includes the all paperwork/manuals as well as the bikini caps and a lens cloth, it currently also fitted with a Butler Creek front flip cap and a Vortex Branded Bushwhacker on the rear which I will include.
  7. blackburnbuccaneer

    GRS Bolthorn Folding Chassis for T3

    Price reduced £900 + Postage
  8. blackburnbuccaneer

    GRS Bolthorn Folding Chassis for T3

    I am afraid not, this is regarding the sale of the chassis only.
  9. GRS Bolthorn Folding Chassis for Tikka T3 short action calibres (Standard length AICS so .204 - 300WSM) The chassis handles very well and is very stable under recoil owing to its almost straight line recoil. It, was originally bought as a fixed chassis about 2.5 years ago and has since had the folding hinge fitted at a cost of around £130 (fixed stock joint also included) with this fitted the stock locks up tightly when folded or open. It has also been fitted with a custom made aluminum tubular rear bag rider made by David Bonwick of the Shooting Shed which cost around £80. This can be interchanged with the original rear picatinny rail. The chassis will also come with two different cheek pieces made from Kydex one of which covered in neoprene, however it is currently fitted with the factory part. The full specification can be found here - https://www.grsriflestocks.com/models/grs-bolthorn Other than slight wear of the anodising on the front picatinny rail where a bipod has been used and a small ~5mm scuff on the polymer forend the chassis is in almost new condition. New with the folding hinge included this would cost around £1300 (Without the bag rider and extra cheek pieces) so I think £900 + Postage (ONO) is a fair price.
  10. blackburnbuccaneer

    .224 Hornady 80gr ELD-M

    Price drop £65 posted
  11. blackburnbuccaneer

    Rear Bag Rider for KRG W3 / X-Ray

    Price drop £90 posted.
  12. blackburnbuccaneer

    .224 Hornady 80gr ELD-M

  13. Rear Bag Rider for KRG W3 / X-Ray - designed by Garry Costello to allow the KRG W3 & X-Ray to track in a more parallel and repeatable manor when used in conjunction with a bunny ear rear bag and a pedestal front rest or F-Class Bipod. Bought new from march scopes last year for use on a 300WSM T3 in an X-Ray It added some much needed weight and stability under the substantial recoil and in conjunction with a Seb Joypod allowed for true and repeatable tracking and almost frictionless sliding in the rear bag. Shown in a standard width Seb rear bag there is sufficient gap that it does not ride on the stitching. In as new condition apart from a small dent on the front right hand corner which was there when it arrived (Damaged during delivery I assume!) Comes with all screws needed to fit it to either the Whiskey 3 or X-Ray. For sale as this rifle is no longer in an X-Ray so the Bag Rider is surplus to requirements. https://shop.marchscopes.co.uk/products/krg-rifle-stocks-accessories?variant=1441407297 £90 Posted (£114.50 posted new from March)
  14. 200x .224 Hornady 80gr ELD-M £65 Posted They are all the same batch. The bullets are in the original boxes but they have been opened as I BTO sorted the bullets as part of the 4 boxes I bought (all the same batch) - I shot 200 and these are what I have left.

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