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    Being in the woods - for work or play. Not seeing grey squirrels, stretching my legs in the company of my dogs and putting the kids to bed.

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  1. Interested. My bingos are a bit bigger. Can I please have a photo of the pouch with yours in (top open) to see how much spare there is inside. cheers pm me if you want an email address for pic cheers
  2. Treedave

    Ultra light Tactical 6.5CM

    Not my experience, I’m still waiting for a reply from a person saying they where the importer, as to wether or not they can get one of the 2 models I’ve enquired about. They’ve had follow up messages with no reply. I’ve no idea if the guy really works for Ruag, a dealer with an account or neither of the above. But then I might be scarred by my experience of trying to get HIT bullets off them. Anyway, this has strayed along way from edi’s nice new rifle!
  3. Treedave

    Ultra light Tactical 6.5CM

    FYI John Lambert can’t/won’t send mods to England.
  4. Treedave

    Ultra light Tactical 6.5CM

    Thanks guys, will watch with interest and explore the import from Ireland angle. A bit wary at the moment as the Hauksen website talks about the heavy barrel mod only being good for a 23mm diameter barrel.
  5. Treedave

    Ultra light Tactical 6.5CM

    Might have to but that’s one of the protracted & expensive routes, especially if I can get a Hauksen to do the job. All moot at the minute, waiting on paperwork after my last venture into titanium mods.
  6. Treedave

    Ultra light Tactical 6.5CM

    Exactly! But if it works well there is always a way - protracted and expensive!
  7. Treedave

    Ultra light Tactical 6.5CM

    Edi, Thanks for the info about the mod, I’ve heard the same about Hausken but have been told they don’t import it to England (ffs). I’d e interested in how you get on with it when it arrives.👍
  8. Treedave

    Ultra light Tactical 6.5CM

    Edi, what mod is it? I’m running the same barrel & calibre, but I’m having problems finding a decent mod that will fit over the barrel.
  9. Top and bottom as it’s all relative, hope it helps.
  10. Treedave

    Loading tray/block for .338 Lapua.

    I’ve just got one from raptor on here. Takes a couple of weeks but is nicely made and no chance of knocking cases over once in the holder.
  11. All bought for project(s) that didn’t get used. Hs precision stock with tier one bottom metal for Rem 700 SA or clones (takes AI/aics mags). Good condition but needs re bedding for new action and finishing round bottom metal. Wide ‘varmint’ barrel channel. £150 - SOLD 5 round 308 AI mag £50 - SOLD https://www.sportingservices.co.uk/collections/ai-magazines/products/7-62mm-308-5-shot-magazine-6852 PTG rem 700 SA bottom metal £75 http://pacifictoolandgauge.com/remington-700-detachable-mag-bottom-metal-dbm/5209-remington-short-action-sa-tactical-stealth-m5-detach-mag-bottom-metal.html Borden alpine 20 moa rail pvd coated black inc screws £100 Would fit rem 700 SA or clones. all prices include post to mainland uk Photos on request by email
  12. No problem, just checking your not away for a couple months.

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