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  1. Message sent to club sec from Landmark rep that he deals with for bookings - so not a decision maker, just someone trying to do their job.
  2. Latest cancelled booking at Warcop reason, ” Unfortunately, as of today no gun clubs are able to use A1 at Warcop. This is due to new safety regulations.” It’s a IBSR range with SARTS. Two to a pit.
  3. Treedave

    Best Deer legal Calibre for a Carbine

    Dta covert A2 with 16” stock 308 barrel or a custom 14” barrel. All legal, shoot well, very very good off hand, they’ve even lightened it. Perhaps not your cup of tea / price bracket. https://deserttech.com/covert.php
  4. Unlucky this only runs to 32”. Designed for a dta but it doesn’t get used so could’ve been a cheap option, oh for an inch more!
  5. How long is it folded? Might have an option fo you. cheers
  6. Srvet, I would love to mix n match but my barrel is too fat for most mods, hence having to go for an end can.Thanks for the offer though. If noise turns into an issue I’d probably trial the ase utra sl7i or hausken sk156.
  7. Edi - thanks to you and Peter for sorting this, especially with my PITA time frame. Got to say it handles better than it looks. I’ve managed some initial load development today, which looks good. Longer range data testing to follow. The mod was not as quiet as expected. But after a few rounds it got quiet enough and apart from the mirage, you don’t notice it’s on. pics of 130 gr Berger vld group and a 143 eld x group.
  8. Mmmmm not sure on the backdrop but the rifle is nice.
  9. Treedave

    Inclined picatinny rail

    +1 for Spuhr mounts, had a 20 moa set on my 338, was using 21 mil (circa 71 moa) to get to 1600m with a mild 250 gr scenar load.
  10. Interested. My bingos are a bit bigger. Can I please have a photo of the pouch with yours in (top open) to see how much spare there is inside. cheers pm me if you want an email address for pic cheers
  11. Treedave

    Ultra light Tactical 6.5CM

    Not my experience, I’m still waiting for a reply from a person saying they where the importer, as to wether or not they can get one of the 2 models I’ve enquired about. They’ve had follow up messages with no reply. I’ve no idea if the guy really works for Ruag, a dealer with an account or neither of the above. But then I might be scarred by my experience of trying to get HIT bullets off them. Anyway, this has strayed along way from edi’s nice new rifle!

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