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    Being in the woods - for work or play. Not seeing grey squirrels, stretching my legs in the company of my dogs and putting the kids to bed.

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  1. Treedave

    What waterproof jacket / smock

    Try these, but none are “reasonably” priced. In your boots I’d get Swazi kagoule anorak. https://www.fjallraven.co.uk/shop/fjallraven-anorak-no-8-m-F83242-dark-olive/?sku=7323450064945 https://www.gboutfitters.co.uk/men-c5/jackets-c1/laksen-highland-anorak-smock-p1834 Not quite a smock but, https://en.harkila.com/en-150/shop/hunting-clothes-for-men/hunting-jackets/pro-hunter-move-jacket-100116129 If our can find one your size the atle smock by harkila is worth a look, but it’s an old model now.
  2. Treedave

    High seat freeze

    I get my merino from mountain warehouse, for me the zip neck long sleeve and t shirt covers most of my needs. The long sleeve has thumb holes to help keep cuffs down. https://www.mountainwarehouse.com/mens/base-layers/mens-merino-thermals/ never needed the heavy weight ones, but they’re usually under a fleece of some description.
  3. Treedave

    .260 rebarrel

    I’ve run a 26” 1:8.5 twist factory barrelled dta in 260 rem. It handled various 140gr bullets very nicely, 1000 yds being no problem at all. I never bothered working overly hard on a 130 gr load, as the 140 gr load was so good so easily. It’s now been shot out and replaced by a hardy carbon wrapped 26” 1:8 barrel with a throat suited for vld type bullets. It’s still running in but is already very accurate and has proved it self to beyond 1000 yds, again with 140 gr bullets.
  4. Treedave

    Borden Mountaineer 7mm-08

    That sounds about right, sphur do a specific one piece for it, but already had a 20 moa rail so went for separate rings. well worth a look thru, delightfully light and can have real low turrets, if that’s important to you. I’m glad I traded my older 3-20 pm II for it.
  5. Treedave

    Borden Mountaineer 7mm-08

    5-20 (illum) it is. I can’t remember why it was the 5- rather than the 3-, it might’ve been the space on the tube for rings.
  6. Treedave

    Borden Mountaineer 7mm-08

    Now out and working. It’s been run out to 400 yards at Eskdalemuir, where it rang the small gong with metronomic regularity. It carries nicely, shoots nicely and cleans easily. I’m looking forward to developing a solids load for the coming hind cull and seeing how it goes..
  7. Had the Fat wrench and sold it when I borrowed a set of fix it sticks with torque limiters. i like the adaptability, any driver bit or socket needed just fits into the appropriate torque limiter. Once I find the right size bit I’ll be trading my Allen keys out. This means that the 3 different torque settings needed by my DTA and 4 different sizes of driver head needed for all the scope, rings and barrel changes can fit in a 1”x 3”x 4” pouch. I would’ve bought the fixed T handle version, but to get the extra torque limiter I needed, the 2 part sticks kit came in noticeably cheaper. If you don’t need the highest torque limiter, they do some nice kits in their own pouches. if you don’t plan on taking them off the bench, then perhaps a traditional torque driver might suit you more. https://store.fixitsticks.com/collections/torque-limiters-1/products/two-miniature-torque-limiter-kit-w-pouch
  8. 10 th paragraph down, but worth reading the whole article, hats off to the author. http://www.targetshooter.co.uk/?p=2502
  9. Got a mod that fits the factory thread, 260 rem calibre. Any use?
  10. Treedave

    Red light headtorch

    Try this for size, https://www.military1st.co.uk/tor110-highlander-mira-head-torch-olive.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI9efF6eSf3QIVgrTtCh2DIgZzEAQYCCABEgJeaPD_BwE the slide/filter is simple to set before switching on, or just glue in place for red only. Ive used them with groups on caving/night nav/mountain overnights, a set of 3 AAA batteries last a good couple of days hard use. The only downside is their ability to be switched on inside rucksacks. For their cost, they’re good value and better quality than I expect for £10.
  11. Standard large primer brass aka not Palma. would’ve thought that those people that use small primer brass are more inclined to be particular about their brass, it’s history and condition.
  12. Sold thanks
  13. Edited and updated. no one after copper 308 hunting bullets?
  14. I’ll take these please pm me payment info etc

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