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    Being in the woods - for work or play. Not seeing grey squirrels, stretching my legs in the company of my dogs and putting the kids to bed.

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    As above, they do number the screws to attach to the Picatinny, in the order to be tightened. It’s not so clear for the screws on the rings. Don’t worry about getting it wrong, as Ronin said, keep checking as you go along. You can even put a small spirit level on the top turret if it helps spotting movement. I’d only tighten the screws up to the right settings once your happy it’s right in all directions. see attached
  2. Best moderator

    Run a 30 cal Utra sl7 on 260 & 308 and it’s quieter than the Lawrence titanium compact and dpt EOB (both cal specific) I’ve had on the same rifle. If you can live with the weight, they’re bomb proof.
  3. McM A5 for stalking

    The Facebook quote was in response to the query about SA availability.
  4. McM A5 for stalking

    Try this: https://www.facebook.com/psecomposites/ Posted feb 4
  5. Trigger Tech

    Sorted, thanks for your experience and info
  6. Trigger Tech

    Sounds like they are basically a good unit, well above my shooting needs, especially if I keep an eye on the set screw and invest in some appropriate locktite. cheers guys
  7. Trigger Tech

    Cheers guys, lots of suppliers out there. Anyone had one while, got it all dirty crawling in pursuit of prey?
  8. Trigger Tech

    Cheers Birchall, where did you source them?
  9. Trigger Tech

    I’m after some feedback on trigger tech units by end users and rifle builders. Also after a uk source with prices and availability. All info gratefully received.
  10. Looks nice, shoots better, especially for ammo not tuned for it. Not sure about the faux rug mind.
  11. Which PM11 to buy?

    I went for the 3-20 with 1 cm clicks on my 260, P4 fine ret. it’s more than capable of 1000m. I like the .2 mil hashmarks more measuring missed shots, helps with the dope and wind calls. In a spuhr 6 mil cant mount and 140 gr bullets it’s barely using 10 mil of the elevation. Didn’t go 5-25 as it’s just that bigger and heavier, also didn’t see what I was getting for the extra (weight/size/cash) when compared it to 3-20. If you can, look thru both at a range and see which grabs you. I also shoot deer with it and the illuminated centre cross comes in handy at first & last. No idea if the 5-25 comes with that? Go for it and enjoy!
  12. I run a Dta 260 rem factory barrel in my covert (26” from memory). I happily throws 139 - 140 gr bullets out to 1200 m. It has raised eyebrows on long range shooters with far more experience than myself.
  13. Torque wrench driver

    Got a FAT wrench going into classifieds next week. As done me well but have simplified my kit for travelling.
  14. I’ll take these thanks. pm me account info and I’ll get some money moved over. Cheers Dave
  15. I’ll take these ta. You ever get to the south of the county? It’ll save the hassle/cost of posting them. cheers

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