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    Being in the woods - for work or play. Not seeing grey squirrels, stretching my legs in the company of my dogs and putting the kids to bed.

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  1. Try the 140 gr range, eld (x), Berger’s, scenar and Amax if you can find them. I’ve had better results with 140 than 130 but they are also worth a look.
  2. Try this https://tier-one.eu/products/tier-one-precision-tactical-rings
  3. reticle above is the one in the scope. I’ve found a couple of versions labelled mlr2, please note that only the central cross marked in red is illuminated.
  4. Thanks to everyone that’s shown interest in the scope. Once it’s back with me and checked over I’ll get back to people.
  5. Will confirm exactly what is in the scope when it’s back. Either way it wasn’t what the buyer wanted and I’m happy to take it back. It’s always a bit of a punt buying online never mind online and 2nd hand.
  6. Back up, not the right reticle. will put image of ret up when the scope gets back.
  7. Treedave

    PVD / DLC action & bolt treatments

    Always got in touch with Paddy vis his FB page - Dane & co
  8. Treedave

    PVD / DLC action & bolt treatments

    Got a PVD action coming on a build, but came from Borden that way. The legal issues around Rfd status and the critical temperatures (which vary by the metallurgy of the steel used) defeated my attempts to get an ‘aftermarket’ treatment done. Found plenty of people that do it, but not reds / small batches. Get in touch with Paddy Dane, he does a lot with DLC.

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