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    Being in the woods - for work or play. Not seeing grey squirrels, stretching my legs in the company of my dogs and putting the kids to bed.

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  1. I’ll take these thanks. pm me account info and I’ll get some money moved over. Cheers Dave
  2. I’ll take these ta. You ever get to the south of the county? It’ll save the hassle/cost of posting them. cheers
  3. Calcium Carbide?

    Try looking in to caving supplies, old style acetylene generators used it as a long term light source for big trips. Still around but as a back up to batteries these days.
  4. Switch Barrel Rifles

    Not an AI user, so can't comment on the ease of swapping barrels. I've got a DTA and I run three barrels in it (260,308 & 338). The system, if used with a mind to consistency in the procedure, can give excellent results. I regularly take all three calibres to a range day. Once you've sorted the difference in poi for the different calibres using the same zero, it's just a matter of applying it. It gives me a choice of calibres, depending on what,why and where I'm shooting, all in one drag bag. Benefits Don't have to invest in 3 rifles. Don't have to learn 3 sets of triggers/optics etc Don't have 3 rifles to drag to the range Downside I now shoot 3 times as much ammo It's opened up all sorts of calibre options, with minimal investment, now I want them all!
  5. S&B sunshade

    Fancy parting with it? €? Cheers
  6. S&B sunshade

    Looking for a sunshade to fit a 50mm pm2. Ta
  7. I take it as M14x1 as it's got it marked on it.
  8. Update Spare mag, scope, mounts, bipod and cheek piece sold. Parts remaining Bare rifle with one mag £850 {rifle with mod £1000, rfd costs by arrangement} dpt mod £200 - it's only had 20 shots thru it sling with swivels £30 all parts plus p&p at cost or pick up if your in the Lakes this summer or at Lowther show.
  9. Splitting the package if anything catches your eye, send me an offer. Cheers
  10. On sale elsewhere as well. Going as since buying the DTA, this just sulks in the cabinet. Round count 2-300 thru this barrel. Rebarreled about 5 years ago when I first bought it.
  11. Evening, I would rather sell the whole lot to one person, but once the rifle has gone, if any parts aren't wanted, they'll be sold off separately. Sako 75 in 308, screw cut barrel @ 20". S&B 2.5-10 x 56 scope (ocular butler creek cap bust but objective cap in fine form). Optilock rings and bases (with ring inserts to protect scope), scope has been in them from day 1. NON illuminated A4 fine reticle, glass perfect, small mark on outside of bell (see photo). CHOICE of sling, both niggeloh, I'll be keeping the one that doesn't go with the rifle. 2 stainless mags 6 month old dpt 30 cal mod (less than 20 shots through it) Cheek piece with zip pouch, handy for getting right height and keeping mag in so you don't forget it! £1400 ono Rfd to Rfd by arrangement. Questions and requests all welcome, but I do work random hours so it may take a few days to get back to you. Cheers.
  12. Update on New Mile Long Range

    It looks like a nice set up, given the weather, and I understand that it's all got to paid for BUT, and it's a big one. The costs, from my limited understanding, are prohibitively high. My understanding is, that if I shot once a month for a year on the longer range it would cost me £700 in range fees etc. Am I missing something? I don't know what is usually paid at the various ranges round the country, so I don't know if Gardeners is above average, but I pay £120 for a years access to a range with similar and longer distances once a month. If it's for you, fill your boots, the accommodation looks nice and as a business it has lots of potential. I hope it works for those that have put the time/money/graft into it.

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