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  1. 10 th paragraph down, but worth reading the whole article, hats off to the author. http://www.targetshooter.co.uk/?p=2502
  2. Got a mod that fits the factory thread, 260 rem calibre. Any use?
  3. Treedave

    Red light headtorch

    Try this for size, https://www.military1st.co.uk/tor110-highlander-mira-head-torch-olive.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI9efF6eSf3QIVgrTtCh2DIgZzEAQYCCABEgJeaPD_BwE the slide/filter is simple to set before switching on, or just glue in place for red only. Ive used them with groups on caving/night nav/mountain overnights, a set of 3 AAA batteries last a good couple of days hard use. The only downside is their ability to be switched on inside rucksacks. For their cost, they’re good value and better quality than I expect for £10.
  4. Standard large primer brass aka not Palma. would’ve thought that those people that use small primer brass are more inclined to be particular about their brass, it’s history and condition.
  5. Sold thanks
  6. Edited and updated. no one after copper 308 hunting bullets?
  7. I’ll take these please pm me payment info etc
  8. Barely used ( 2-300 rounds thru). 16” 1:8 twist factory barrel (factory screw cut and protector). Just not getting a look in, the 260 rem seems to live in these days. A quality plug n play 308 option for a dta srs covert owner. £350 F2F or via Rfd advertised elsewhere as well cheers
  9. Hunter Let me have your choice of 2 bits and a postal address by pm. cheers
  10. 308 bullets Remington corelokt PSP 180gr - 1 box of 143 - £40 Barnes ttx 130 gr - 1 box of 57 - £40 GSCustom HV 130 gr lathe turned solid copper - 1 box of 95 - £80 Others Lapua 308 brass, 140 cases fired twice, deprimed, annealed and tumbled. £45 Redding 308 body die - £20 Sold subject to the usual all items are plus p&p, which will be charged at cost. Advertised elsewhere cheers
  11. Treedave

    Peli 1750

    Sorted now, thanks to all that got in touch. cheers
  12. Treedave

    DTA SRS rifle

    The 260 is great with 140gr out beyond 1000m. From all my reading there’s nothing between 6.5 Cm and 260 till you get to beyond 700m, when the 260 pulls ahead, especially if you’re reloading. try http://www.emrr.org.uk/
  13. Treedave

    DTA SRS rifle

    Mik at dolphin span me a 26” stainless bartlein. From research since 27” is a sweet spot, but mine does nicely with 250 gr scenar.
  14. Treedave

    DTA SRS rifle

    If you get a bolt to suit, Mik at Dolphin guns is good at mak8ng up barrels to suit . He usually has the barrel extensions on the shelf, he did my 338 lap mag barrel and is going to do my replacement 260 barrel shortly.

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