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  1. Brushy

    AICS 300wm mag

    Does anyone have a long action 5 shot AICS magazine that they’d be willing to part with? If so, please PM me. This would be to fit 300 WM cartridge. thanks
  2. As per PM I will take this please! Minus flashkill
  3. Blocks received, many thanks
  4. Brushy

    Precision Rifle League Officially Launched

    Well said terry, let’s just hope that everyone gets behind this venture and makes it a success. My experience is that Tiffs shoots always tick three criteria for me - safe, fun and challenging. I am sure the other MDs matches will be the same. re locations, I agree (with baldie) that a midlands range would be nice. Such a venue will make it more likely that the north / south shooters can compete against one another without a crazy preshoot journey.
  5. Thanks for chipping in Ronin! 👍 I, too am amazing this hasn’t sold it’s a bargain and a FFP Mildot Ret is still perfectly fine for ranging targets and engaging out to distance. I have 2 other PM2s with Mildot rets and I can honestly say they have not limited me! It is me that limits my ability to dope windage and hit targets
  6. Final bump and reduction to 1200 posted and insured
  7. Hi All, Up for sale is my MDT ESS chassis to fit a tikka short action. The chassis includes the buttstock (non folding), main chassis (centre section) and two forends - one with no rail (15inch) and one with a partial top rail. Also included is the pistol grip. The chassis is black and has some signs of use around the mag well but is in good nick. I also have a new and unused 20MOA top rail for the chassis which brings the receiver picatinny rail into line with the forward partial rail on the forend- useful for running front mounted NV. Picture to follow. Given that a new chassis with one forend retails for just under 800 quid, I’d like £650 for everything listed above . This includes postage and insurance. PM if interested
  8. Reduced to £1225 posted and insured.
  9. Monday Bump..... I’d also consider swapping for a good condition whiskey 3 chassis to fit a tikka short action.
  10. Brushy

    Rebarreling cost

    Wait times and communication have always been key for me. I’d suggest this is factored in to any decision.

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