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  1. The AIM drag bag I picked up in the rifle at Diggle is still in regular use and is much appreciated every time I go to the range. 👍 Particularly as I had a howler during the comp itself with hand load malfunction.... another benefit of raffling the prizes.
  2. I personally like the UKD but it needs to be proper UKD, mil it to range the target and engage it. It’s difficult to keep it unknown when most people have shot the venues before and have an idea of the range, mind. Personal opinion - There should be a pair of standard binocs / spotter for use and no other personal kit (except the rifle) to prevent a cheeky ping; although this should be self policed. The AI stage at roundhouse was a good example of how this could be done; separate holding area for a blind stage and another for people to wait after. This could be modified so the competitors to determine range and dial / hold accordingly once they’ve found the target. + 1 on how hard Tiff works.
  3. Brushy

    PRL 2019 - What Calibre, Action/Chassis and Optic

    Indeed. I only missed Gardeners this time around and am keen to give the SIS a go next year; in addition to the excellent PRL. Newbie’s should just sign up and crack on.
  4. Brushy

    PRL 2019 - What Calibre, Action/Chassis and Optic

    Agree with Terry. It’s a shame that in the first year we have politics and more comments about pricing than anything else.... considering we are a small community of shooters it would be great to see us all supporting each other and the sport. Anyone who looks at the pictures can see everyone enjoyed themselves - that is the key.
  5. Thanks for the education chaps!
  6. I don’t believe so. I have a had a quick look in the manual that came with it and warranty documents and there is no mention of changing bushings.
  7. For sale is my 30 / 338 cal ASE SL7i sound moderator. I haven’t had this long and it’s done a max of 200 rounds of 300WM . To fit 18x1 threads It was £360 new and so I am after £230, please with box. Either F-2-F or RFD. PM if interested
  8. Brushy

    PRL 2019 - What Calibre, Action/Chassis and Optic

    Long actions are not slow, I can rack that bolt and not notice the difference between an SA. However, seconds lost on a mag change, plus the extra chance of a feeding issue (especially with tweaked mag lips) does cost points. As the leaderboard shows it is a tight comp. However, im with Scotch, I want to shoot to the best of my ability and if that means placing highly that’s great but it’s not my objective. We all like kit but kit doesn’t make the shooter.
  9. Brushy

    PRL 2019 - What Calibre, Action/Chassis and Optic

    Nut behind the butt is key... 6.5 Creedmoor is a fine cartridge - and the 6’s maybe be better - but cannot make up for those dodgy wind calls, poor home loads etc etc. It should also be noted that some folks used the old 308 (flies like a pig) to very good effect. FWIW I ran a 6.5 Cm on a long action - this was a bad idea as I had to mag change on every stage > 6 rounds. Lesson there.
  10. Fantastic individual events, great RO’s and a super league. Well done Tiff!!!!
  11. I am toying with the idea of selling off my Remington 700 (Tactical) in an AI AX chassis which is my long range rifle (>800m) and doesn’t get used much. It is chambered in 300 win mag and has the a long heavy factory barrel screw cut 18x 1. The rifle has done only 250-300 rounds in my possession and the rifling and crown are clean and tidy and the rifle has lots of life left in it. It has a 20 MOA pic rail and a timney trigger which is really crisp and breaks very cleanly. The rifle has an oversize bolt handle for easy / faster chambering. The rifle will also come with an ASE SL7i sound mod which has only done about 150 rounds. I’ve still got the box and probably the invoice for this. A 10 round mag is also available and some 190smks and reloading dies which I’ll throw in. PM if interested, £1300 Ono for all
  12. For sale is a brand new victor company XL replacement grip with fixings in new condition. I purchased this directly from victor company USA before realising that this will ONLY fit a chassis running their side skins and pistol grip and won’t fit AI skins. It is brand new and never fitted. RRP is about 30 quid so for sale at £25 posted. PM if interested.
  13. Brushy

    Case Lube

    Another vote for the homemade stuff!

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