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  1. Brushy

    PRl round 4 @ Roundhouse

    Those who competed over the weekend are aware of the results and where they finished in the standings. I am sure all will be revealed publicly shortly...
  2. Brushy

    S&B pmll ret. change

    Illuminated p3l to MSR2 - if I go ahead
  3. Brushy

    S&B pmll ret. change

    I have just - like last week - been quoted £720 to change the reticle in my 5-25 PM2.....
  4. Brushy

    S&B pmll ret. change

    Thanks Gazzar. Do you find the MSR interferes with seeing bullet / sand splash or is it a good balance between having hold over / hold off points without having too much ‘stuff’ in your sight picture? Unlike some Horus etc
  5. Brushy

    S&B pmll ret. change

    I have also just enquired about changing to the MSR 2 ret in my PMII 5-25. Before I bite the Bullet, does anyone have any personal experience with the MSR2? It looks to fill my requirement for finite (.2mil) windage hold-off whilst being not too cluttered. Thoughts from users would be gratefully received.
  6. Brushy

    Atlas no clamp

    Hi All, Does anyone have a used no clamp atlas bipod for sale? Please PM if so. Thanks brushy
  7. Brushy

    308 AI AT

    Slight thread hijack but could someone ‘in the know” suggest whether it is likely that a optimal load in the 26” tube would likely still be optimal in a shorter tube, say 20”? Difficult to quantify but does anyone have any experience?
  8. Brushy

    Accuracy international AXMC DARK BROWN

    Interesting, thanks for the response Richie.
  9. Brushy

    Accuracy international AXMC DARK BROWN

    Out of interest Richie, why did you opt for the thumb hole skins? Aesthetics?
  10. Brushy

    AICS 300wm mag

    Sorted now. Thanks
  11. Brushy

    AICS 300wm mag

    Does anyone have a long action 5 shot AICS magazine that they’d be willing to part with? If so, please PM me. This would be to fit 300 WM cartridge. thanks
  12. As per PM I will take this please! Minus flashkill
  13. Blocks received, many thanks
  14. Brushy

    Precision Rifle League Officially Launched

    Well said terry, let’s just hope that everyone gets behind this venture and makes it a success. My experience is that Tiffs shoots always tick three criteria for me - safe, fun and challenging. I am sure the other MDs matches will be the same. re locations, I agree (with baldie) that a midlands range would be nice. Such a venue will make it more likely that the north / south shooters can compete against one another without a crazy preshoot journey.

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