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  1. Brushy

    RRS BAI-AT for AI AT

    Thanks John 👍
  2. Brushy

    RRS BAI-AT for AI AT

    Just to clarify John, I assume you mean that the AICS-AT version won’t fit the AI AT?
  3. Brushy

    RRS BAI-AT for AI AT

    I particularly like the look of the short gen 1 and not gen 2, which is longer
  4. Brushy

    RRS BAI-AT for AI AT

    Key slot, like the one reviewed here: https://www.ocabj.net/really-right-stuff-accuracy-international-at-chassis-plate-review/
  5. Frome and district shoot there. Langport is a nice range.
  6. Brushy

    Schmidt Bender MOA to Mil

    I asked this year about a Ret change and MoA to mil conversion on a PM2 and it was over a grand. Check with Adam though, helpful dude
  7. Brushy

    AI AT NV Mount

    Does anyone has a AI AT night vision mount kicking about? Part # 26619 PM me please if any one has one for sale. cheers tim
  8. Brushy

    RRS BAI-AT for AI AT

    Does anyone has a RRS BAI-AT kicking about? This is to enable the AI AT to mount to tripod ARCA Mount. PM me please if any one has one for sale. cheers tim
  9. Brushy


    StrelokPro does everything I need...
  10. Brushy

    New flexible borescope

    These are great. What you think is clean, isn’t. I will no longer use nylon cleaning brushes for this reason.,,
  11. HI All, For sale is my first focal plane Schmidt and Bender PMII 5-25 with P3L reticle. Click values are 0.25 MOA. The scope is in very good condition with only very tiny rub marks on the turrets. The scope will come with box, paperwork and Allen key; as well as butler creeks. I now £1500 posted. Teir one pic rail rings can be included for an extra £50. PM if interested
  12. Already contacted, thanks for the heads up though 👍

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