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  1. Bigkev1

    .17 fireball brass

    John Carr got full rounds in shop if any good
  2. Bigkev1

    95g sst

    Anyone tried these in a 6 mm br
  3. Bigkev1

    20 cal

    Ile second the vartarg had Dave build me one super accurate an plenty of stopping power
  4. Bigkev1

    17 hornet

    Sent u a pm Tony
  5. Bigkev1

    17 hornet

    Got a Cz 527 silencer and mounts plus all loading gear pm if interested kev
  6. Bigkev1


    20.2g RL 7 40g vmax not the fastest but accurate an deadly on mr fox🐺
  7. Bigkev1

    Alternative to RL7

    Thanks for replying lads managed to find some more RL7 so sorted for a bit 🐺🔫 beware
  8. Bigkev1

    Alternative to RL7

    Looking for an alternative to RL7 loading for a 222 40g bk
  9. Bigkev1

    Best fibre cartridges for driven duck

    Wouldn't put steel through a full choke
  10. John Carr was making them last time I was in
  11. Bigkev1

    Primercatcher for rockchucker

    Do you make them for RCBS jr2 or would these fit ?
  12. I would be interested in 3 round mag
  13. Bigkev1

    CZ 452 Pictinny Rail

    John Carr makes them
  14. Bigkev1

    243/ 95g sst

    Settled on 42g v160 shoots bang on thanks for replies
  15. I had my vartarg built on a Remington 17 fireball action had to wait a while until I found one but feeds great Steve kershaw builds a lot on Cz 527

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