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  1. Logged out/Locked out

    I've cleared my cookies and changed my passwrd, seems to be OK so far ... ... ... touch wood. Matt - awaiting some dies. Thanks again.
  2. Logged out/Locked out

    It's definitely not typos or double entries, as I said before this has happened I've been extremely careful. It could be cookies - I followed the instructions on the "You've been locked out" e-mail and changed my password etc. I'll try re-setting my cookies.
  3. There certainly shouldn't be any changes post-Brexit as CIP is not related to Europe, there are CIP member nations outside the EU.
  4. Logged out/Locked out

    I have been locked out most of today and have only recently managed to get back in - can an Admin please look at this. I haven't had a single day of easy access to UKV since the upgrade. HELP!
  5. Since the UK Varmint forum software was up-dated, I have been regularly locked out of the forum - this is irritating enough, but over the past two days I have twice been locked out of the forum for supposedly trying to log in with false details three times in close succession despite entering my correct log-on/password only once . N.B. I am logging in from an iPad using Safari. Needless to say this is becoming rather irritating - Help!
  6. Log in

    Sorry to be a pain, but I'm still having to log in every time I visit the foum which is rather frustrating.
  7. Log in

    Yes, five times I have been logged out.
  8. Log in

    Same here on both MacBook Pro and iPad, I've cleared cookies etc. Plus ... ... ... I don't like the new appearance of the forum.
  9. T-handle torque wrench

    You might be cheaper buying direct from Fix-it Sticks in the UK - I did this and saved quite a bit. I'm not sure if Sporting Services sell individual Torque Limiters, or just the three-limiter set they advertise.
  10. You haven't said what calibre the barrel is.
  11. Is the forum broken?

    Difficulty accessing UKV for around a week now.
  12. Can you give the inside/outside dimensions of the case please.
  13. Blaser R8 .223 Barrel Wanted

    MacLeod's of Tain have two listed: Std. R8 .223 £735.00 R8 Match £1,134.00 http://rmacleod.co.uk/RIFLE%20PRICE%20LIST.pdf
  14. These are superb mounts with perfect return to zero every time. I've used mine for a couple of years on my semi-custom .308 T3. I intend purchasing another for my Sig Sauer SSG 3000.

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