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  1. DW58

    Fat Bag

  2. I have used EAW swing-off mountsto excellent effect for thirty years, and if set up correctly they certainly offer perfect return to zero, but in my opinion there are better options out there which I also use: Good conventional mounts and a Picatinny rail. Good quality QD mounts used with Pictanny rail. Both of the above will offer full return to zero if the following rules are followed: Buy top quality mounts and rail (I use Recknagel rails and either Tier One conventional mounts or Innomount/Recknagel QD mounts. The mount is always attached to the rail in exactly the same place, and attached using the same procedure (e.g. butting the mount against the front of the rail slots before locking down). If you follow above you will achieve return to zero. As for re-zeroing each rifle - you could record sight settings and adjust from rifle to rifle, but again you'd need a top quality optic to be sure of this, e.g. Nighforce, Kahles, Swarovski, March etc. Don't try to do this with inferior quality hardware and optics, it won't work.
  3. DW58

    Full bore range in north east scotland

    If you're prepared to travel a bit, Speyside Fullbore Gun Club have their own 50m range near Keith and use the military rangeat Binn Hill monthly or thereabouts. Cawdor Rifle and Gun Club have a 600m range near Nairn and have a very full program Mar-October.
  4. DW58

    Logged out/Locked out

    I've cleared my cookies and changed my passwrd, seems to be OK so far ... ... ... touch wood. Matt - awaiting some dies. Thanks again.
  5. DW58

    Logged out/Locked out

    It's definitely not typos or double entries, as I said before this has happened I've been extremely careful. It could be cookies - I followed the instructions on the "You've been locked out" e-mail and changed my password etc. I'll try re-setting my cookies.
  6. There certainly shouldn't be any changes post-Brexit as CIP is not related to Europe, there are CIP member nations outside the EU.
  7. DW58

    Logged out/Locked out

    I have been locked out most of today and have only recently managed to get back in - can an Admin please look at this. I haven't had a single day of easy access to UKV since the upgrade. HELP!
  8. Since the UK Varmint forum software was up-dated, I have been regularly locked out of the forum - this is irritating enough, but over the past two days I have twice been locked out of the forum for supposedly trying to log in with false details three times in close succession despite entering my correct log-on/password only once . N.B. I am logging in from an iPad using Safari. Needless to say this is becoming rather irritating - Help!
  9. DW58

    Log in

    Sorry to be a pain, but I'm still having to log in every time I visit the foum which is rather frustrating.
  10. DW58

    Log in

    Yes, five times I have been logged out.
  11. DW58

    Log in

    Same here on both MacBook Pro and iPad, I've cleared cookies etc. Plus ... ... ... I don't like the new appearance of the forum.
  12. DW58

    T-handle torque wrench

    You might be cheaper buying direct from Fix-it Sticks in the UK - I did this and saved quite a bit. I'm not sure if Sporting Services sell individual Torque Limiters, or just the three-limiter set they advertise.
  13. You haven't said what calibre the barrel is.

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