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  1. Blaser lrs2

    View new content button not working ?

    Thank you Andy it's working now
  2. Blaser lrs2

    View new content button not working ?

    Hi just seen this pinned post I have all them ticked still not working
  3. Blaser lrs2

    Re new posts

    Hi when I click on View new posts since last visit There is nothing in it no new content found any ideas
  4. Blaser lrs2

    Death from above: ravens slaughter newborn lambs

    In the last week Ravens have killed and pulled apart 3 ewes on a farm beside me as soon as a ewe goes on her back there on it ripping the anus and gutting them out . On one dead ewe this morning there was 17 Ravens along with a few in the tall trees watching out there becoming a big problem for farmers over here in Ireland
  5. Hi I will take Leupold prw mounts
  6. Hi I have a set of nightforce medium if your interested in swapping
  7. Blaser lrs2

    Walnut stock

    Hi there is a good stock maker down in Wexford down south http://www.gunstocks.ie/
  8. Blaser lrs2

    a nice wee bambi

    Fine stag Chris what rifle ,scope ,bullet combo were you using
  9. Blaser lrs2

    Remingtion 700 bolt body

    Still looking for the above bolt body
  10. Blaser lrs2

    Remingtion 700 bolt body

    Thank your for the reply pc
  11. Blaser lrs2

    Remingtion 700 bolt body

    Hi .22-250 pork chop
  12. Blaser lrs2

    Remingtion 700 bolt body

    Hi looking for a remingtion 700 short action bolt body if any one has one spare
  13. Blaser lrs2

    Want nightforce low rings

    Hi looking for a set of low 30 mm nightforce rings please
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