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  1. Big Al

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    Maybe someone from the management might think it wise to remove this thread?
  2. Big Al

    UKBRA Round 4 - 7th and 8th July 2018

    Nice one Dale, well done!
  3. Big Al

    Foam for gun cases?

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? Im looking to replace the foam in an SKB iSeries case, internal approx 42" x 14" x 5"
  4. Big Al

    Twist rate

    You can't read a gusty wind with any level of precision in a field situation, what makes you think you could learn this or that others reliably can? Its one thing doing this at man size targets but at a crow its something entirely different. We can usually cope with steady winds quite reliably up to 6-8mph if the topography of our ground is forgiving but if your ground is very undulating and the wind starts to gust all bets are off! Theres a limit to what we can realistically achieve with the rifle you have or even a faster twist barrel, a 1mph wind change is enough to miss your head on crow at 200yds, side on rabbits are a lot more forgiving. I think places like Youtube give people an unrealistic expectation of what can reliably be achieved as they usually show only the hits and not the many misses. Dont get me wrong, Im not trying to say you can't better what your doing but keeping it in the real world helps
  5. Big Al

    Twist rate

    There is no magic bullet, at the ranges you are shooting there will be little in it between any of the bullets your barrel can properly stabilise. To make a noticeable difference you need to really go to the 75/80gr class of bullet and a factory 12 twist wont do it. Sometimes you hear of people shooting the heavy bullets from a twist that isn't fast enough yet they are accurate. It might happen occasionally but they miss a very significant and relevant point. If your barrel did manage to stabilise a 77TMK the BC would be severely compromised by it not being spun fast enough in such a slow twist barrel. The compromise on the BC (when its not fully optimised by the right twist) then puts the heavier bullet in the same ballistic window as the lighter but more optimally stabilised lighter bullets. There isn't really an answer for what you want unless you get an 8 twist or learn to read the wind a bit better. At 200-300yards speed is just as important as BC in dealing with wind, its in the 400yds + range when a heavier bullet with a better BC comes into its own.
  6. Big Al

    UKBRA Round 3 - 16th and 17th June 2018

    Great result yesterday Darrel. Very well done for winning the day outright and finishing first heavy gun. With two wins and one third place so far this season you are looking like the man to beat. Keep it going
  7. Give them a different assignment. ☺️ The permutations of things that would need to be covered is almost endless. Every barrel tested would need to be load developed with a huge range of different components to be certain you have the barrel as fully tuned as it could be before it would be fit to be compared to the others. Multiply that by a big enough sample size from each barrel maker invited to test and you have a project so big it would be a monster. Its not a test I feel is necessary as barrels are not the weakest link, load developers and shooters undoubtedly are.
  8. I haven't compared the barrels at 1000yds as I never felt the results for the cheaper buttoned barrels at 100yds showed me enough promise to do that. Typically my benchrest rifles need to agg under 0.250" as a minimum over 4 x 5 shot groups and that has always been quite easily achievable with a cut rifled Bartlein or Krieger and good quality components. The cheaper buttoned barrels were agging in the 0.375" region under the same appraisal conditions and the same level of load development. Groups at 1000yds can vary depending on conditions but again if we were to shoot in similar conditions the factory sporter class will usually have groups sizes about 2/3rds bigger than the top light or heavy guns, that would all be running premium cut rifled barrels. Im going to chamber a cheaper button rifled barrel as a fire forming barrel for my 6BRA's, I was thinking about doing some 1000yd load development with it just for fun and to see how it performs.
  9. When setting up a barrel in the lathe to chamber, it is possible to clearly measure differences in land/groove dimensions and I feel the more expensive brands of cut rifled barrels certainly measure up better against the cheaper brands of button rifled barrels, I see these poorer dimensional tolerances regularly, the differences are not huge but they are measurable. To what extent this matters to Average Joe and his 400yd field gun Im not sure. From my own testing at longer ranges I feel I can get better results from the likes of Bartlein and Krieger barrels barrels than the cheaper buttoned or factory spec barrels at the highest level. Im no barrel snob, if I could get what I wanted from the cheaper button rifled barrels I would certainly use them. Ive spent quite a bit of time testing them and considering testing is expensive in terms of time and high quality components I reached a point where it made no sense to continue further. My own results over a number of barrels showed me they were not capable of the accuracy or consistency I need. Im sure many other competitive shooters have found his, hence why we are were we are. Dont get me wrong, these cheaper button rifled barrels are still very good and will do the job for many people if used in the appropriate type of application and expectations are realistic. There is a place and a price point for them all although the water does get a bit muddy when people start charging cut barrel prices for buttoned - a case of caveat emptor Im afraid! In all walks of life, things that cost more generally have a good reason for it, not always but most of the time Ive found - the old saying "buy once cry once" springs to mind
  10. Yes it is far fetched to say Krieger are the top dogs when it comes to the most accurate barrel making. Think about this logically, how would you test for the maker of the most accurate barrels in a way that was scientifically acceptable and thoroughly conclusive? Krieger certainly have lots of championship wins to their name and world records but so do other companies. If someone breaks a world record with an "XYZ" barrel you can be sure there will be a lot of interest in those barrels, if soon half they field is using them then the good results grow and it spirals. A few years later someone else wins with an "ABC" and those barrels become flavour of the season. Competition shooters can be a funny breed when looking for that competitive edge but who can blame the, them? at the highest level these are the people pushing the boundaries of accuracy and load development understanding . Without doubt Krieger make excellent barrels as do Bartlein, Douglas, Brux, Pacnor, Benchmark and Shillen to name only a few. I could easily name another half dozen if pressed, I might not have used all of them myself but there is plenty of people who will have and had excellent results with them. Interestingly and probably not by co-incidence the vast majority are cut rifled barrels. The plain reality of highly accurate barrels is that most shooters do not possess the load development understanding and/or shooting skills to be certain they have got the best from their barrels, as such how can the majority of the opinions you hear have any real meaning or show any kind of meaningful results with this level of 'Regular Joe' testing? I have yet to see a bad cut rifled barrel from any of the makers I have used. I have seen plenty examples of guys who couldn't get there barrels to shoot as well as they expected only to see someone more experienced at load development and a better shooter achieve the results they wanted for them. Making a high quality rifle barrel is a fairly straightforward and well known process, many companies do it and they all achieve great results. Developing a highly accurate and repeatable load is something entirely different and in most cases its left to guys who have little experience or are just not as thorough or good at it as they think they are , yet they seem to do the judging when it comes to who makes the best barrel? - something doesn't seem quite right there I think? If your happy with Krieger barrels then stick with them, they are indeed very good and Im always happy using a Krieger myself. However, if your next rifle builder suggests trying a Bartlein or any other barrel he feels confident in then dont be afraid to try one, you probably wouldn't be disappointed in one of them either. If it doesn't shoot as well as you hoped then go back and tell him, if he's reputable I expect he will have a system in place to determine if the problem lies with your load development and shooting skills or the barrel.
  11. Big Al

    Glass wearers

    It depends on your reading glasses prescription Paul, most ocular diopters on scopes will only do +/- 2 at best which will only cover those with a prescription within that range, otherwise you will need to wear glasses while shooting. A trip to the optician again for some glasses and to explain to them what you do with telescopic sights should solve your problem.
  12. Big Al

    John Carr/ apex ZENITH action

    John told me he has stopped making actions for the foreseeable future. He is too busy with other aspects of his business.
  13. Big Al

    Borden BRM - 6BRA

    This will be my next benchrest rifle for 600 & 1000yds The action is a beautifully timed Borden BRM - right bolt, left feed, right micro-eject, 20 MOA rail. The barrel is a Bartlein 8 twist chambered in 6BRA, its 28" long with a 0.9" muzzle with my own brake. The trigger is a Bix & Andy 2oz benchrest model and its all sat in a prototype 42" Long Dog v2 stock. This set-up will make benchrest light gun with most scopes. Once the action has been bedded and the barrel tested I will send the stock away for a nice high gloss finish of some kind, maybe a candy colour metallic, haven't decided on that just yet.
  14. Big Al

    Surgeon XL action

    The advantage of Bighorn is they are very current with some great features, high quality and readily available in the UK.
  15. Big Al

    Borden BRM - 6BRA

    I guess with rifles like these we hope they are quite individual, it would be a shame to copy yours but it will be interesting to see it.
  16. Big Al

    Font Colour

    Is there an option to view in the old theme?
  17. Big Al

    Surgeon XL action

    Have you considered a new Bighorn action, the interchangeable bolt heads are very good value for money.
  18. Big Al

    Borden BRM - 6BRA

    Yes Paul, the stock will make light gun with an appropriate barrel profile. Ive no idea when it will see a competition, it just depends on when I get the time and conditions to do a load, hopefully sooner rather than later though.
  19. Big Al

    Borden BRM - 6BRA

    Not quite finished yet Vince, Ive still got to bed it and sort a load as well as getting the stock done. Ive been looking at the different colour cars on the road today and Im thinking something subtle and understated might suit my personality - bright red maybe
  20. Big Al

    6.5 re-barrel options

    You wont go wrong with a Bartlein, I would also say Krieger would be a safe bet as well. As for rifling types, Im not sure it really matters and much of the 5R stuff falls into the category of hype. I order my Bartlein's with 4 grooves as I prefer working with them and they seem to break records just as well as any other
  21. Big Al

    6.5 re-barrel options

    The 6.5x47 is highly competitive at 1000yds running 140gr bullets around 2800fps or so. There doesn't seem to be any evidence yet to suggest a Creedmoor has the inherent accuracy that a 6.5x47 has demonstrated the world over. There are some cases that just do it better than others, 6PPC is one example in its respective field, 6.5x47 Lapua could easily be another. At best the Creed will give an extra 100fps and in the real world that matters very little and even less so if its not sent with the precision we know the 47 can send them.
  22. Big Al

    George Balfour

    A sad loss to many of us, rest in peace George.
  23. Big Al

    6.5 re-barrel options

    Because we already have 6.5x47 Lapua I personally just can't get excited about 6.5 Creedmoor. By all means change for changing sake but as Catch-22 says, you already have the reloading gear for 6.5x47 and in the real world 6.5 Creedmoor shows no real improvements over the 47.
  24. Big Al

    Tikka 260 T3x odd groupings

    Looks like its worth changing the ring Mick and giving some feedback. The split group pattern certainly looks more like a hardware problem than a shooter or load one.
  25. Big Al

    Amazing group!

    No regrets here, its a great little round and has done well for me so far. Im waiting on an action for my next long range BR project and again it will be chambered in 6BRA πŸ‘πŸ₯‡

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