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  1. Woodlander

    6br specific mags

    Matt,did you buy and fit it yourself and are they available in the UK?
  2. Woodlander

    6br specific mags

    Looks great and I assume roomy enough to load 105s. Thanks Rib
  3. Woodlander

    6br specific mags

    Baldie makes a conversion kit to make the AICS mag reliably feed the 6br. I think it simply pushes the cartridge further forward,to avoid it flipping. Has anyone seen it in action?
  4. Woodlander

    RPA quadlite into rem 700 stock?

    Yes,I can see why. Probably more bother than it’s worth. Ta.
  5. Woodlander

    RPA quadlite into rem 700 stock?

    Dave,would this be the case if you were attempting to fit a Barnard in to the XLR Evo chassis? Thanks
  6. Woodlander

    115 gn DTAC

    I thought they sold,may be wrong though.
  7. I don’t,only the inch rings. I’m sure Recknagel make them though.
  8. Heckler and Koch HK05 claw mount,with 1” rings. It fits H&K 660/770/SL6/SL7 The rings can be changed for 30mm. £175 ono
  9. Is there any way you can find out the barrel thread,I have a .223 mod that may fit,also are they AICS mags that come with the rifle? Thanks
  10. What part of the rifle did Roger at South Yorkshire Shooting build?

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