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  1. Woodlander

    Load for 6mmBR

    N135 is more suitable for the lighter bullets,I have a load for 75 Vmax. N140 would be suitable for the heavier bullets. I'm running low on Varget and shall soon be trying 140 with 105 Amax. I'd be interested to hear how you get on.
  2. I have an NXS 5.5-22 with the 50mm objective? NP-2DD ret
  3. Woodlander

    Premier Optics 5-25

    Personally,I'd discount the Minox,could be an expensive gamble. There are plenty of reviews of the Vortex and nearly all good and with a lifetime warranty!!!! Heavy though.
  4. Unlikely,I know. But does anyone have a Little Crow trimmer in .204. I have one in 6br and it makes trimming so easy. Thanks
  5. Woodlander

    Lapua 6br brass

    Looking for new/once fired Lapua 6br brass. Thanks
  6. Woodlander

    Your favourite Nightforce reticle

    I've always found it difficult to have both the crosshair and target in perfect focus,a dot for me works better somehow.
  7. Woodlander

    95gr Sierra TMK for 6br

    Thanks,I've not tried these yet,but hearing that they shoot well in the 6br,they will probably be my next choice. What powder would be a good choice for these?
  8. I use mine for 300-500 yard target/varmint and have an NXS with the NP-2DD reticle. I've used other Nightforce rets but find a dot type ret easier to use than a crosshair. I always dial rather than holding over. What're your favourite Nightforce reticles and why?
  9. I'll take it if the deal falls through.
  10. Woodlander

    3-12 x 50 OK for 300 yard rabbits?

    Personally,I would want more mag for 300 yards,but my eyes are getting dodgy.
  11. Woodlander

    Rebarrel from 223 to 204

    My .204,with a 24" barrel is averaging around 2575 with 39gr Blitzkings. I'm using 27.2 gr of N140 in a 1:10 Sassen barrel. 3900 does sound mighty quick even with a realatively fast powder,what twist barrel does your friend have and what does your new rifle have? Im interested as I have a load of N130,but was advised it was probably too fast for the 39s, especially with a 1:10 twist.
  12. Excellent,thanks for the replies. I did think neoprene covers were to protect them against knocks and reflection. Off to look for one now.
  13. Woodlander

    Hornady 32 gr ammo

    I think you'd struggle to get a .204 below 3281fps,you may with 50gr bullets,but then you might need a faster twist than your barrel,if you've been shooting 32s up until now.
  14. I have an ASE SL5i mod on my .204 and after only a handful of shots,the heat haze off it makes it difficult to carry on shooting. Do neoprene covers help,or any other methods? It's driving me mad.... thanks

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