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  1. I have an ASE SL5i mod on my .204 and after only a handful of shots,the heat haze off it makes it difficult to carry on shooting. Do neoprene covers help,or any other methods? It's driving me mad.... thanks
  2. Hornady 32 gr ammo

    Have you chronographed them at that speed? What is the speed limit at Bisley,anyway?
  3. AT LAST

    That's a whole lot tidier than my space. Looks great....
  4. SWARO 8x50

    I have an 8x56 Kurtz illuminated. It's away at Swarovski for a service but should be back in a couple of weeks. Excellent condition. I'm wanting £575 for it,a little more than you'd pay for a non illuminated version though.
  5. 95gr Sierra TMK for 6br

    Ah,thanks Al. I'd googled 95TMK and found very little information about them considering they've been around a while,hence my post,that explains why.... I'll persevere with the 105s thank you off the help
  6. 95gr Sierra TMK for 6br

    Thank you chaps. To be honest, I have a fair few 105 Amax,but I've not been overly impressed by their accuracy. I bought the rifle 2nd hand and it came with load data and ammo for both 105 Amax and 75 Vmax,which I don't dispute. I've tried varying the charge weight and seating depth,with no noticeable difference,but the 75s shot tighter groups,which leads me to believe,rightly or wrongly, that the 95 TMKs may perform quite well. I'm not sure of the freebore,but I believe it was cut for the 105s. I also use n140 for my .204,so would give that a try. I also can't help fiddling with my loads, all part of the obsession,I expect..... cheers
  7. I've been shooting 105 Amax,but as they will soon be impossible to find, I thought I would give the 95gr TMK a try. Realistically,I can't see myself shooting past 600yds,so they may in fact be a better choice than the Amax. Faster,flatter,but how about wind drift and would Varget be a good powder choice? Thanks.
  8. Cerakoted black in excellent condition £40 inc postage
  9. Sako Optilocks

  10. Tier one

    Absolutely,fantastic customer service
  11. 6mmbr which primer

    Thanks for all the replies and Laurie's article on primers is,as you would expect,both exhaustive and very informative. I'm going to try some BR4s and see if I can tighten up my groups cheers
  12. 6mmbr which primer

    Ok Dave. I'm shooting 105 Amax, for a while anyway,out of an 8 twist,which powder would you try, or should I buy up all the Varget I can get my hands on?
  13. 6mmbr which primer

    I currently use Fed Match primers for my 6br,along with Varget. I'll be looking to develop a load using N140 and this may be a good time to try a different primer. Ive heard of groups/ES tightening up just by changing primer,anyone experienced this with a 6br, or any suggestions as to a preferred primer for this chambering. Thanks
  14. .204 Ruger fl sizing die

    Now sorted,thanks

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