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  1. If for any reason the sale falls through,I’ll take it. Thanks
  2. Vortex Razor in excellent/as new condition except for slight wear to the elevation turret cap. EBR-C2 reticle in ffp. MOA Vortex Defender covers and sunshade £1500 + postage
  3. Woodlander

    Drag bag

    Thanks for the info. I’ll put one on my Santa list.
  4. Woodlander

    PM2 12-50x56

    I know,it’s taken a while to get here. 👍
  5. Woodlander

    Drag bag

    Great,thanks. I had assumed that,but nowhere in the description did it actually say so. I have a hard case and a leather gunslip,,neither of which accommodates a full size rifle and scope. Cheers
  6. I’m looking for some information on ‘dragbag’ type gun cases,AIM seem to be popular. My largest rifle has a 26” barrel in a GRS stock,with a big scope. Do the AIM bags take a scoped rifle, I can only imagine they do,but can find no information on that. Any recommendations would be most welcome. Thanks
  7. Woodlander

    M&P15-22 magazines wanted

    How much for both?
  8. Woodlander

    M&P15-22 magazines wanted

    BamBam,what capacity mags? I may be interested.
  9. Woodlander

    PM2 12-50x56

    Pm sent CheshireLad
  10. Woodlander

    PM2 12-50x56

    As title,I’m looking for a PM 2 12-50 sfp with a fine reticle,P4f etc. Either 1/8 or 1/4 MOA adjustments Must be excellent/v good condition, with perfect lenses thanks
  11. Price reduced to £1525 + postage
  12. Woodlander

    Rebarreling cost

    +1 for Alan Maughan (Big Al)
  13. Woodlander


    Riflescope expert UK(Optics Trade EU?) compared the Terminator to the big PM2 and were surprised how poorly it stood up,especially in regards to its optical quality. Do these professional reviewers have a vested interest?,maybe,so probably best to listen to those who have owned and used one for a while,as they are best placed to offer advice. What does surprise me is the varied opinion of these scopes, for some it’s the best they’ve looked through and others are very critical. Is it personal,or is there a variation in quality. If you’re still undecided,there’s a lot of other good scopes out there....
  14. Woodlander


    I would read as many reviews as you can find,I’m not sure whether they vary in quality,but some report of mushy turrets,slightly disappointing optics and the lack of a true zero stop. Still tempting all the same.

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