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  1. Are these 35mm tube or 40mm?
  2. Just sent a few. Getting wobbly about parting with it.
  3. I’ll do that tomorrow Adam. cheers Paul
  4. I’m thinking to sell my 6mmbr. It has a Barnard sm action with a 1:8 25 inch, fluted,Bartlein barrel, Jewel trigger in a GRS Sporter stock. The action is a repeater, but has a single shot adapter, barrel and action cerakoted Matt black, threaded 14x1 with a spigot and a Tier One rail. Shot count around 959-1000. Obviously very accurate and the action is very tight, but I’m selling to build a repeater. I’ll probably regret this. I’m looking for £1400 +rfd Thanks
  5. Woodlander

    Timney trigger for T3

    Now sorted
  6. Woodlander

    Timney trigger for T3

    It appears a Jackson trigger will be difficult to source, so a Timney would be my second choice. thanks
  7. .223 through to .308 uses the short action, 6.5x55 and the magnums use a longer action, I’ve been told..... But yes, more info needed
  8. Woodlander

    CG Jackson trigger for a T3

    Would also be happy with a Timney or a Jewell
  9. Woodlander

    Tikka T3 in 6mmbr

    Pity about the availability of Jackson triggers,. Thanks for your thoughts on the Timney, sounds as though I’ll have more luck searching for one of those. SH Timney 2 stage for a T3, anyone?
  10. Could I take this Pete. I’ll pm you later. thanks
  11. Woodlander

    CG Jackson trigger for a T3

    Im looking for a CG Jackson trigger for a T3. Anyone. thanks
  12. Woodlander

    Tikka T3 in 6mmbr

    Thanks for the heads up, Pete. If I can’t find a SH one, I may have to stump up for a new one. Another wanted thread coming up.......
  13. Woodlander

    Tikka T3 in 6mmbr

    I have a Jackson trigger on my .223 and it is very nice, I’d definitely keep an eye out for one for the T3

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