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  1. I’d like the Sako 2 piece bases and how much is the power trimmer?
  2. Woodlander

    IOR Terminator or Delta Stryker 5-50

    I’m looking for a high mag sfp scope. Anyone selling one of the above. Thanks
  3. Woodlander

    6mm Berger VLD 87Gn Hunting

    I’m sure when I first checked it out, it stated “in stock”. I tried again to order online and got through to point of payment. Thought it might’ve notified me before that point that they weren’t in stock. Tictac,you could just order them online and see if they turn up, don’t see why they shouldn’t.
  4. Woodlander

    IOR problems?

    Do problems with these scopes arise fairly soon after purchase? I wonder whether a used one would be a better prospect? Not that I could afford a new one....
  5. Woodlander

    6mm Berger VLD 87Gn Hunting

    Spud’s website says he has them in stock. How do they compare to Vmax?
  6. Woodlander

    IOR problems?

  7. Woodlander

    75 gr vmax in 6mmbr load

    Neither of those powders,but 31.5gr of n135......
  8. Woodlander

    IOR problems?

    I've been looking at reviews on IOR scopes,especially the Terminator(unfortunate name)and came across a piece written by Ilya Koshkin,the self proclaimed Dark Lord of Optics and well respected optics expert. He stated that he would no longer be writing reviews on IOR scopes,due to the high rate of failures,or some such thing. The article was written earlier this year,so the problems he is alluding to,I assume will be current. Has anyone any idea what problems he encountered or any other issues,for that matter. I'd heard the early models had a few niggles,but I thought they'd been sorted. Thanks
  9. Woodlander

    IOR Terminator

    I'm looking for an IOR Terminator. I'd prefer MOA THANKS
  10. I've seen the reviews online,but these are usually done by guys with a vested interest in showing them in a good light or someone that's only shot with it for a few days. Wondering what long term owners of these scopes think of them a year or so down the line? thanks
  11. Woodlander

    Scope rings screw NM torque

    Tier One recommend 2.5nm for their rings.
  12. Woodlander

    Load for 6mmBR

    N135 is more suitable for the lighter bullets,I have a load for 75 Vmax. N140 would be suitable for the heavier bullets. I'm running low on Varget and shall soon be trying 140 with 105 Amax. I'd be interested to hear how you get on.
  13. I have an NXS 5.5-22 with the 50mm objective? NP-2DD ret
  14. Woodlander

    Premier Optics 5-25

    Personally,I'd discount the Minox,could be an expensive gamble. There are plenty of reviews of the Vortex and nearly all good and with a lifetime warranty!!!! Heavy though.

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