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  1. I visited one of the local engineers, they’re a bit rough and ready, but he had a couple of aerosol cans, one freezes the metal, shrinking the bolt, the other contains an oil that penetrates the thread. He then advised using a left hand drill, which may grip and turn it out. He didn’t have an ‘easy out’, but I’ll see if I can buy one, if the drill thing doesn’t work. Thanks again and fingers crossed, I may get to shoot this before Christmas.....
  2. Managed to obtain a die nut locally, a lot more swarf came off than I had imagined. Now my mod threads on nicely and tightens up well. Thanks for all the advice. Now just have to remove a broken off rail screw. Unfortunately it’s sheared off below the level of the action, so not an easy fix. It’s the rearmost one, on a Remmy, so I believe the thread is straight through. Any advice regarding extraction, would be most welcome.
  3. Woodlander

    Cheap tactical scope

    I did end up getting a gen 1 pst 6-24x50. Before I mounted it, I felt the eyebox was very fussy, but once mounted, isn’t an issue. I’m more impressed with the glass than I thought I’d be, and I like the ret.
  4. UNEF has 28 threads per inch, mine definitely has 20, which I’m sure means it’s a badly cut UNF. I took the thread protector to be checked and they confirmed it was a loose UNF, yet very tight on my barrel.
  5. The barrel thread seems on the large side. I took the thread protector along to an engineering company, The thread was apparently very loose fitting on a 1/2 in UNF thread, yet it screws on very tightly to the barrel thread. I think I’ll carefully run a die over it and see what happens. If I’m gentle, it should follow the thread and remove a small amount of material, that’s the idea, anyway.
  6. Do these have ASV turrets on both elevation and windage?
  7. Yes, first step would be to take the thread protector along to get it identified. Being 1/2 in diameter and 20 tpi, it has to be UNF, maybe just badly cut?! Would running a 1/2 in UNF die over the thread tidy it up? Wondering if this is a possibility? Of course I wouldn’t leave it with anyone, I’d have to be there.
  8. I’ve just bought a used rifle, unseen,(first mistake) which should have a 1/2 in UNF muzzle thread. My ASE SL5 mod screws on just shy of 3 threads, then jams. Diameter is .501/2 and has 20 tpi, so seems correct. I’ve used the ASE on a previous rifle and screwed on fine, so I suspect the barrel thread. Id have to send the rifle away as there are no gunsmiths locally, should I attempt, or get someone more adept, to carefully re cut the thread? There are many good engineers on the island, but they’re not gunsmiths, by any means.
  9. Woodlander

    6mmbr N150

    What would be a good starting point, or indeed sweet spot? Shooting 105 Amax Fed 105m Lapua brass thanks
  10. Woodlander

    .243 bullets

    87gr Vmax?
  11. Woodlander

    Sad news: Bradders.

    UKV will be the poorer without you, Mark Bradley.
  12. Woodlander

    Wildcat Evo bits esp 1/2 in UNF bridge

    Will do Adam, thanks.
  13. From the photos it looks anti clockwise.

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