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  1. justin credible

    Load for 6mmBR

    30.6 gr N540. 20inch Lothar Walther barrel @ 2800fps.
  2. justin credible

    Clothing recommendations

    Without doubt, Harkila Pro Hunter. I have had a pair for 10 years they have never leaked and are that hard wearing that they still look brand new. Buy once cry once.
  3. justin credible

    F class open debut

    Good shooting Neil. Great result for a first time shoot against a lot of very competent shooters
  4. justin credible

    No. 50 pilot for AMP annealer

    It’s for a 6.5x47. Its pilot number 50. If you have one, that would be fantastic. Cheers
  5. justin credible

    No. 50 pilot for AMP annealer

    Hi guys I need to ask a favour. I have ordered a number 50 pilot for my AMP and have been waiting several weeks now for one to arrive in this country. I desperately need to anneal some cases using this and it is not looking likely that the pilot is going to arrive anytime soon. If there is anyone who has one of these pilots that I could borrow I would be very grateful. I am more than happy to cover postage costs and the pilot would be sent back in the post the very same day that I receive it. Thanks in advance. Justin
  6. justin credible

    Drone pro mount onto a BSA Super 10

    Brilliant, just looked, that’s exactly what I need. Cheers🍻
  7. justin credible

    Drone pro mount onto a BSA Super 10

    Hi guys I have a drone pro that is normally mounted onto my 22BR. It clamps directly to the picatinny rail. I need to put the drone onto my super 10 to sort out a rat problem. Would love to use the 22BR but I think the neighbours would complain😩 Does anyone know if anyone makes a picatinny rail that can be fitted to the Super 10 rail as I cannot fit the drone atm as the super 10 rail is too slim and not a picatinny. Thanks Justin
  8. justin credible

    Edgewood rear bag

    I knew you were looking at what you could have away out the back of my Jeep when my back was turned😁😁
  9. justin credible

    zeroing problem

    I think you may need to give a bit more info for someone to comment. What rings are you using, what rail and what scope.
  10. justin credible

    Nightforce BR 12-42 X 56

    Chris there is one just been listed on eBay at £820 if you are still looking.
  11. justin credible

    Diggle Benchrest Success

    Well done Alan, a fantastic achievement.
  12. justin credible

    FCSA leading the way!

    From reading the above letter it seems like the decision has already been made. As normal, we will ‘listen’ to your arguments....... but we’ve already made a decision! I hope I am wrong.
  13. justin credible

    6mmbr which primer

    I have used both BR4 and the Murom KVB 223 primers in my 22BR, both work just as well as each other. The only difference I can see is the massive difference in price.
  14. justin credible

    ASE ultra

    I’ve only ever used Ase Ultra mods. Used them for over 10 years and never had any issues with any of them. I have 3 of them for different calibres, 2 of them have had several thousand rounds through them and have never rusted full stop. Maybe you have just been unlucky.
  15. justin credible

    Front Rest / Joypod for sale

    So you finally bought one Bob!........and just as they have gone out of fashion😂😂

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