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  1. I use 55.2 gr n160, 180gr moly bullets achieve 2950fps, 32” barrel.
  2. A bit further than a spud gun🙄
  3. justin credible

    Wicked Coatings

    If you want to use Wicked coatings Ian, they are 10 mins down the road from me so I could drop off and collect for you if you wish, it’ll save you the postage and we can meet at Bisley at one of the Dorset Rifle shoots.
  4. justin credible

    Anyone use a drone ? (flying type )

    It would certainly be useful to see what some of the markers get up to in Stickledown butts!
  5. Buy it and rebarrel it then Neil👌
  6. justin credible

    Forster Bench Priming Tool

    To stop any primers falling out when you insert the primer tube, simply depress the handle (which pushes the plunger forward and prevents any primers from dropping into the loading port of the tool) and keep the handle depressed until you are ready to load, that way you don’t have to do it slowly mate. Simples😁
  7. justin credible

    6mm Dasher/AW magazines

    I will stand corrected but I believe that you do have to modify the mags to get them to feed reliably. Baldy on here did the conversion for my AI mags to feed 6br. They work flawlessly.
  8. justin credible

    7mm 180gr ELDM load

    Neil, Don’t forget that I am running molyed bullets so that is possibly why I am not getting pressure signs but you are. My next barrel will be a 1 in 8 btw.
  9. justin credible

    Hornady 208gr BTHP in .308Win

    RS data is very conservative. Most f class shooters that are using 200gr bullets in a .308 are shooting them at 2700-2800fps. Most use RS powders, generally RS52. RS60 can launch quicker but barrel life tends to suffer. The rifle concerned showed no pressure signs at all and the load had been gradually worked up to. It was throated very long specifically for the 208 and was a 32” barrel.
  10. justin credible

    Hornady 208gr BTHP in .308Win

    I ran the 208’s a couple of years ago, a good dose of RS60 gave 2850fps through Lapua Palma brass. More than enough velocity to take advantage of the high bc at long range.
  11. justin credible

    To Neck turn .308 or not, is it worth the work

    Mandrelling the neck before loading the bullet and frequent annealing is the answer mate.
  12. justin credible

    Berger 185 juggernaut powders

    2800 is a 27” barrel btw
  13. justin credible

    Berger 185 juggernaut powders

    RS50, RS52, N150, N550. Take your pick they all exit at around 2800fps.
  14. You won’t find them on their website, Dave had a few sitting around on his shelf from a while ago. If you pm me your phone number I’ll send you a photo of it in situ on my AI.
  15. Mine isn't an anschutz rail, it is a key slot.

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