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  1. K&M neck turner and Insizer gauge

    Stop bleating and get your wallet out.
  2. K&M neck turner and Insizer gauge

    Get yer short arms in yer extra long pockets Dashwood,.... you miser. Poor Old Spud's got a retirement fund to think about, and you are not helping him with that attitude.
  3. Scopes

    Most commonly used are Nightforce or March
  4. Full Length 308 Sizing Die (Sorted)

    Spudโ€™s got them mate. They are lovely.
  5. Full Length 308 Sizing Die (Sorted)

    The new Wilson ones are very, very nice mate. Only ยฃ90 new as well. Very shiny....very you. ๐Ÿ˜
  6. Another Arbor press wanted + .308w dies

    Got a .308 Wilson de capping neck bushing die if you still need one Bob.
  7. 22 br load info

    Nothing wrong with the 52 AMax for foxes. I have never had one run when hit by one of those...ever. I use a 22BR with the 52AMax. Tuned down for accuracy at 3750fps. If you zero an inch high at 100yds then you can point and shoot to around 275yds.
  8. Walter Mitty Foxing.

    Does the winner get a prize? Its tricky not knowing what the object actually is that you are shooting at, but Iโ€™ll kick off with 60 yds.
  9. Walter Mitty Foxing.

    I use a drone pro with a 22BR shooting a 52gr amax zeroed an inch high at 100 and its pretty much cross hair on target to around 270 yds. Furthest one I have shot was ranged with a mates military night vision with built in rangefinder to 348yds and that was definately NOT a cross hair on target job.......so as we all know, cross hair on target at night at 450yds is big Billy Bullsh&t.
  10. I have 3/4 of a bottle of this that I don't use anymore. ยฃ12 posted Now sold subject to me posting tomorrow
  11. Tempilaq 750 Wanted

    I've got some that I never use if you still need some.
  12. 6mm calibre choice

    6XC?, now I wasn't aware that you could get factory brass for that. I'll look into that one,.... cheers.
  13. 6mm calibre choice

    It's a Nesika action shooting .308 George so a 243ai will easily feed from the AI mag.
  14. 6mm calibre choice

    Thank you everyone for your input, and offers of reamers๐Ÿ˜ Yes George, 'see the show' was indeed reference to the bullet strike.....not some West End musical. The 6mmai and the 284 were going to be a toss of the coin however a problem arose. Having shot single shot rifles for ages now I forgot that the donor action is a short action fed by an AI mag. So I guess this now narrows it down to a 243AI.
  15. 6mm calibre choice

    Cheers Guys I currently use a 22BR with a 52gr bullet, so I know the ballistics and end results Never having used a 6-284 I wasn't aware of whether you could see the show. From comments above it appears that this is unlikely. I wanted to have a 6mm that would be 'deer legal' when the need arose, as both my .308's are 18pound ftr rifles and not something that I would wish to carry around. I am aware that the 6br has hardly any recoil but really wanted something that could launch an 87gr bullet at the max velocity possible whilst still being able to see the show. Dave, did you find that to be possible with your 6mmAI?

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