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  1. If it’s free I’ll have it, if you want some cash for it then it might be an idea to post a price.
  2. justin credible

    22-250 with 53gr and N140

    I have just looked and I can’t find my old load data for the 22br and can’t remember the actual load, what I do remember though was that around 3800 was max speed but that wasn’t the accuracy node. I used to run it at the accuracy node and it was bench rest accurate. The 22BR will perform just as well as a 22-250 but does that using much less powder.
  3. justin credible

    22-250 with 53gr and N140

    RS52 is what I used to use for this bullet in a 22BR with same barrel length. You will achieve around 3800fps.
  4. justin credible

    Factory Ammo.

    Yes but it would be custom made. HPS can load you whatever you wish.
  5. Hi Surplus to requirements 5 x 100 count boxes of Berger 185 Juggernauts, all same batch number. £325 collection from Ringwood or Bisley. Can be posted but buyer pays the cost.
  6. justin credible

    .204 data

    That should be fine, Viht’s figures are generally on the conservative side.
  7. My personal experience of using a Landmarc range was with Dorset Rifles when they used to use one just North of Winchester. The experience, month in and month out, always seemed to me to be, “Give us the hugely expensive range fee....and just hurry up and f@ck off” Personally I begrudged going there and was immensely happy when the club secretary finally saw the light and decided that Landmarc were just taking the pi&& with the cost and the sheer amount of bullsh&t paperwork required just to even turn up on site.
  8. If you do decide to apply to join Dorset Rifles you will find yourself in at the deep end as the standard of shooting is extremely high, in fact most of the GB F Open and FTR Team are members, they are a very friendly bunch but take no prisoners in their monthly comps.You will learn an awful lot very quickly.
  9. justin credible

    20BR / big 20

    Yes a t3 and yes it’s one of Dave’s converted mags.
  10. justin credible

    20BR / big 20

    I used to shoot a 22BR and still shoot a 6BR, you will get reliable feeding if you use AI mags converted to feed the BR case.
  11. justin credible

    6mm bullet choice

    It was done on a custom action in an AI stock. All I did was send the AI mags to Baldie, I can’t remember the cost but it wasn’t much, ask him directly I think the conversion that he does is only for AI mags so you would have to put bottom metal on your Tikka that takes AI mags. It is certainly a worthwhile conversion, I’ve done it on a Tikka .204 that I own.
  12. justin credible

    Which Calibre to start CF target shooting?

    A 6BR would be a very good choice for the distances you would be shooting. A 6BR is very difficult to beat at ranges up to 300yds.
  13. justin credible

    6mm bullet choice

    Baldie does a mag conversion for a 6BR. I have one and it feeds beautifully and reliably, well worth the money.

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