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  1. Nightforce BR 12-42 X 56

    Chris there is one just been listed on eBay at £820 if you are still looking.
  2. Diggle Benchrest Success

    Well done Alan, a fantastic achievement.
  3. FCSA leading the way!

    From reading the above letter it seems like the decision has already been made. As normal, we will ‘listen’ to your arguments....... but we’ve already made a decision! I hope I am wrong.
  4. 6mmbr which primer

    I have used both BR4 and the Murom KVB 223 primers in my 22BR, both work just as well as each other. The only difference I can see is the massive difference in price.
  5. ASE ultra

    I’ve only ever used Ase Ultra mods. Used them for over 10 years and never had any issues with any of them. I have 3 of them for different calibres, 2 of them have had several thousand rounds through them and have never rusted full stop. Maybe you have just been unlucky.
  6. Front Rest / Joypod for sale

    So you finally bought one Bob!........and just as they have gone out of fashion😂😂
  7. Yes I am indeed lucky enough to have that antipodean induction machine.........and yes it is both.....easy and perfect
  8. SWISS RS52

    It works very well in my 22BR (necked down 6BR) shooting 52gr bullets.
  9. K&M neck turner and Insizer gauge

    Stop bleating and get your wallet out.
  10. K&M neck turner and Insizer gauge

    Get yer short arms in yer extra long pockets Dashwood,.... you miser. Poor Old Spud's got a retirement fund to think about, and you are not helping him with that attitude.
  11. Scopes

    Most commonly used are Nightforce or March
  12. Full Length 308 Sizing Die (Sorted)

    Spud’s got them mate. They are lovely.
  13. Full Length 308 Sizing Die (Sorted)

    The new Wilson ones are very, very nice mate. Only £90 new as well. Very shiny....very you. 😁
  14. Another Arbor press wanted + .308w dies

    Got a .308 Wilson de capping neck bushing die if you still need one Bob.
  15. 22 br load info

    Nothing wrong with the 52 AMax for foxes. I have never had one run when hit by one of those...ever. I use a 22BR with the 52AMax. Tuned down for accuracy at 3750fps. If you zero an inch high at 100yds then you can point and shoot to around 275yds.

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