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  1. meles meles

    bolt action .224 Valkyrie

    Now that a little time has elapsed, do you have any further thoughts on the.224 Valkyrie, Baldie? Which rifle do you prefer to use it with, this or the AR ?
  2. meles meles

    .22 Semi-auto ammo

    Our 597 was tuned by Baldie and now eats almost anything and spits it out very accurately. Ely Contact and CCI Standard seem particularly accurate in it and neither are too expensive.
  3. A few of us have engaged the 1000 yard target there with black powder Martini Henry .577s ! Cratered the ground all around it...
  4. We've never yet missed the hill there ! Even hit the 1 mile target when we had a go with Popsbengo's rifle...
  5. meles meles

    Fire Arms licence question

    'Tis the law that prevails, not the whim of Mr Plod.
  6. meles meles

    Origin 6mmBr

    Excellent as ever, and we rather like the subtlety of that paint job too...
  7. meles meles


    Creedmoor ? Raises ikkle snout and harrumphs. "Good old 6.5x55 Norsqueagian can use its extra case capacity and put that nouveau vite upstart in its place..."
  8. meles meles

    Fire Arms licence question

    The law requires the calibre to be stated, not the chamber dimensions.
  9. Depending upon which forum or reloading manual one consults, either neck sizing only is the bee's knees, or full length sizing is the best thing for accuracy since sliced bread. Our thoughts are to neck size (.338 Lapua Magnum being the case in question) with an occasional full length size if cases start showing a reluctance to chamber. From what we have read, the arguments for neck sizing being more kind to the brass, and giving more consistent results because the case is formed to the chamber firing it, sound reasonable.
  10. meles meles

    How many shots makes a group?

    Statistically, three shots are really just a loose association, and five just about constitutes a gang.
  11. It's a generally established fact that it's faster to go for the sidearm under such circumstances than try and reload, ooman. In places that let you have a sidearm, that is...
  12. We use Hawkes on our .22 Winchester Magnum and .22LR rifles and have been very satisfied with them... Not up with the Zeiss and Pecar scopes we have on our centrefires, but then nowhere the price either and certainly good enough for the ranges and light conditions at which we shoot .22 rimfires
  13. Bagsy ! 🙋‍♂️
  14. meles meles

    Jo West

    Dolphin Guns offer Joe West riflestocks on their rifles and very good they are too !
  15. meles meles


    In our M48 we prefer a gentler load as we tend to shoot it only at 300 and 600 mards. A 165 grain cast bullet with 18 grains of Alliant 2400 does the job nicely.

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