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  1. meles meles

    Berdan cases

    We've a buckletload of 7.62x54R, 7.62x39, both in steel, and plenty of brass for 7.5x55Swiss, some GGG 7.62x51 and a few other odds and sods of Berdan
  2. We just purchased the aforesaid ten did us, and can vouch for them being worth every penny. The seller is a delight to deal with too.
  3. meles meles

    6 Creedmoor

    We can state, from original research rather than plagiarism, that 6mm is exactly 0.44 mm bigger than 5.56mm. Whether the fox would appreciate the difference could be a topic of further research if there is enough interest in the subject and a grant to fund it.
  4. meles meles

    Pierced primer! Trip to the gunsmith?

    Keep calm and reload, ooman.
  5. meles meles

    Pierced primer! Trip to the gunsmith?

    Both a vindaloo and a pierced primer can cause those symptoms...
  6. meles meles

    Pierced primer! Trip to the gunsmith?

    A minor thing...
  7. Any results in from the Flatliners yet, ooman ?
  8. meles meles

    Choice of 6.5

    By that argument, Pops should be focusing on a buying a Rarden. Go for the 6.5x55 AI, Pops, you know it makes sense. We may even let you try our CG63 to sharpen your appetite.
  9. meles meles

    King of 2 Miles in France

    In a word, "WOW."
  10. meles meles

    Choice of 6.5

    6.5x55 Norsqueagian, Pops. A proper Viking cartridge with over 100 years of pedigree behind it. We have several rifles chambered for it, some of them now in their third century, and all capable of knocking that young Creedmoor whippersnapper into a cocked hat. Slightly greater powder capacity will allow you to use a slower burning powder to prolong barrel life whilst still matching or beating the velocities available with the lesser cartridges.
  11. We generally tend just to neck size our brass and keep a separate batch of cases for each rifle. Ought we to be doing differently if we go down the .300 route?
  12. Hmm, it's beginning to look like .338 is still the way to go. The .300 may have potential but at the moment is still a partially unknown quantity with a few bugs that need to be worked out.
  13. Are these monometal bullets? What's the purpose of the nasal circumcision ?
  14. Ikea are doing flat packed bullets ?
  15. And what might this dedicated ELR rifle comprise? Any particular action and barrel make stand out above the others? Stock type?

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