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  1. We'd think it better to consult the Attorney General rather than the Proof Master on matters of law. 😉 We accept your withdrawal from the debate: thank you for your contribution.
  2. Bear with us Bradders and allow us to benefit from your inestimable knowledge: Sequence of events Gun owner takes gun to RFD to have barrel replaced RFD removes barrel RFD cuts barrel in half, longitudinally, thus rendering it incapable of being used or 'bearing pressure' RFD gives a steel trough, for such it now is physically, to a scientist for examination Does the barrel not cease to be a barrel at stage 3 ?
  3. Slotting it along its whole length - in fact cutting in half along its whole length - would be a pre-requisite for a metallurgical section...
  4. meles meles

    sabatti mrr

    The basic concept used by MRR was 'invented' by Armstrong back in the 19th century and served well enough in naval rifles...
  5. If and when these barrels eventually die and are replaced, we'd be interested in having the old ones (suitably rendered unusable) to examine in our metallurgy laboratory...
  6. meles meles

    Pistol shooting abroad

    We'd recommend Dave's cztacticalpursuits most highly ! We've been there several times and think the things that set it apart from other similar enterprises are: Flexibility - your interests are paramount, whether you just want to sit at a bench and shoot a wide range of pistols / carbines and rifles or indulge in some Ninja tacticool training Knowledge - they really do know what they are talking about Variety - on our last visit, Dave provided a choice of 23 handguns, half a dozen carbines, shotguns and half a dozen rifles Friendliness - they really do go the extra mile to make your stay a great one ! Nothing is too much trouble for them. They'll provide airport pickups, help arrange accommodation, recommend restaurants, re-start your camper van when it has a flat battery... Cost - way cheaper than the stag party oriented rivals in Prague ! We plan to go back again.
  7. meles meles

    An Afternoon on the crows.

    Badger ? *frowns*
  8. It most certainly is, and run by excellent people
  9. We believe LW use a PH grade stainless steel from Boehler for their premium barrels and this reported performance would accord with that. It's about as wear and erosion resistant as you can get without resorting to exotic (expensive) alloys
  10. meles meles

    .22 tracer rounds

    Looks like fun to us !
  11. meles meles

    DTA SRS rifle

    What make and length .338 barrel did you settle on ?
  12. Indeedy: we've been there a couple of times and endorse all that's been said above. David provides an excellent service at great prices, and can be very flexible to meet different requirements. If you're thinking of trying pistol shooting or carbines, don't hesitate to give him a call and see what package he can tailor to suit your desires !
  13. We've just returned from a foray to Eskdalemuir and thought we'd give you the benefit of our opinion on the trip and the range. We drove up the previous evening from God's Own County and stayed overnight in Langolm. The Eskdale Hotel provides excellent accommodation, food and beer at very good prices. They don't bat an eyelid when they see bags of sporting equipment being unloaded and secured in their rooms either. In fact they'll happily hold the door open for you as you try and manoeuvre long items through the hallway, past the library and up the staircase. (There is no lift) The range itself is about a half hour drive from the hotel through some very scenic countryside. We understand that not everyone sees naked girls frolicking in the river en route but it is worth keeping your eye out for just in case. The range is up a bumpy track so those of you with low slung sportscars on inch thin tyres might struggle a little over the last thousand yards but you could consider that to be getting you acclimatised to what is to follow. Marc and the range staff are very welcoming, explaining the rules very clearly and providing an excellent RCO / spotting service for shooters. At the firing complex there is a very comfy room to relax in complete with kettle and comfy chairs. That, and the log burner, might be very much appreciated for those of you bald monkeys venturing there without fur coats in winter. Beyond this is the covered firing point replete with sturdy wooden benches. Out front of that is a level area where, weather permitting, the aforesaid sturdy wooden benches can be positioned for those who like to shoot from a table, or mats deployed for those who prefer prone firing. Beginning at 100m and stretching out to 1,000 m are steel gongs at 100m intervals. Beyond that are targets at a mile and then at a few intervals out to 2,000m and then a few more out almost to the horizon. We may recall incorrectly, but we think Marc said the current farthest target is just over 3,000 m. We shot from around 10:00 until almost 17:00 in some glorious weather - apparently that was a special order for us and not guaranteed to all. Advice and suggestions were very forthcoming as we struggled at times with judging the wind tumbling down the neighbouring valleys and having a good scrap with itself right where the 1 mile target is positioned. Did we say Marc is a proper tricksy ooman who likes to set a good challenge ? In summary, an excellent range, a mix of easy and challenging targets, awesome potential and very friendly hosts !
  14. Could you do some for square bullets, like the Pope authorised for shooting at heathens ?
  15. meles meles


    More beer

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