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  1. meles meles

    Northern Shooting Show at Harrogate.

    It's a little smaller than the British Shooting Show, but very much focused on shooting rather than more generic associated pursuits. No stands selling dogfood, cuckoo clocks or tartan blankets. It occupied 4 halls but the organiser chose to space the stands out and use wide aisles and so it was actually easy get around and see stuff without being crushed. A very pleasant experience for visitor and exhibitor alike in our view. Highlights to us were: 1. Seven police forces present on site and issuing on the spot variations. If you saw something snazzy, you could go get a variation and buy it there and then. 2. Very focussed on shooting rather than generic country activity 3. Opportunities to try shooting on the site: clay pigeons, air rifles, firearms All in all, an excellent show and growing every year.
  2. meles meles

    Amazing group!

    Maybe it was a zombie badger on his way to a shoot... What car was he drivin' ?
  3. meles meles

    Northern Shooting Show at Harrogate.

    Oh indeedy ! We were there on a stand too and think it's developing into a great show ! Saw some crackin' kit from Devon Custom Rifles amongst others...
  4. meles meles

    Amazing group!

    Ah Ah, in that case we'll need a Krumlauf rifle then...
  5. meles meles

    Amazing group!

    Gun Pimp: we'd love to shoot at Diggle ! It could be bad for your health though: you might die laughing at our groups !
  6. meles meles

    Amazing group!

    We clearly stated that we couldn't do better, and tried to make it clear that we weren't denigrating the shooter. We merely observed that there was still scope to gild that particular lily. A problem with t'interweb is that it doesn't convey a wry smile very well, even when we adds of them ikkle emoticon thingies to our post.
  7. meles meles

    Amazing group!

    Oh we appreciates the skill involved in getting such a precise group, from the gunsmith that made it all the way through to the person that squeezed the trigger. It's a better group than we have ever managed, or are likely to. It's just that to us, hitting what we are shooting at matters too. It reminds us of another image that went around a while ago - a nice tiny group in the kill zone of a hostage and not a shot on the assailant in a police type training target.
  8. meles meles

    Amazing group!

    Ah, we sees. Best to miss the target precisely than hit it accurately ?
  9. meles meles

    Amazing group!

    Precise, but not accurate...
  10. meles meles

    .338 Deviant...

    Wow !
  11. meles meles

    New barrel

    We were thinking of them in their former incarnation as "Border Barrels". We always found them to be very helpful people.
  12. We're wondering: what's the consensus (if there is one) regarding the best moderator currently available? As we know that's rather like asking the length of a piece of twine, here are our terms of reference: We don't mind the weight We don't mind if it is an over the barrel moderator We do want maximum possible noise reduction We do want corrosion resistance We are looking for something that can tame high velocity medium calibre shots, e.g. 7mm Magnums It would be nice if the same moderator could be used on several different rifles of the same (or smaller) calibre We currently have an ASE Utra on a 7.62x51 and find that okay but would like something even better if possible for our 7mm Rem Mag We also would like something to moderate a 9mm calibre rifle... Were currently looking at Schultz and Larsen but are happy to consider other options.
  13. meles meles

    New barrel

    We're impressed ! We generally favour hammer forged or, better still, cold swaged rifle barrels but we know Sassen make pretty good cut rifle barrels and that one seems to be up there with the best of them.
  14. meles meles

    Metal to Metal Glue / Adhesive recommendations please

    There are several good glues that would work, epoxies of the "Araldite" type and cyanoacrylates ("superglue") being among the better adhesives. The keys to a successful bond are: Make sure the mating surfaces ( A and B ) are scrupulously clean. Degrease them well - an alcohol based solvent is good. Use the minimum amount of adhesive possible. You want the adhesive molecule to have one end attached to part A and its other end attached to part B. A thick glue layer means part A is attached to an adhesive molecule, which is attached to an adhesive molecule, which is attached to an adhesive molecule...... and eventually to Part B. Not so good...
  15. meles meles

    Countryman of Derby: Great service

    We've always experienced excellent service from knowledgeable people when shopping there.

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