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  1. Weatherby Vanguard 6.5 x 47

    Excellent work, as ever... Out of curiosity, why would the lugs require lapping? Just to smooth the locking action?
  2. Hmmmm, as it appears there is no magic solution in terms of equipment it looks like we're going to have to up our game and learn to shoot...
  3. For now, we'll stick with our 7mm Rem Mag, thus the question morphs: "What bullet and powder do you recommend ?" We have a 26" barrel and currently use: PPU Brass SMK 175 gn bullets (1975) 64.3 gn of Viht N560 3.267 COAL Federal primers Can we do better ?
  4. Schultz & Larsen

    We have a Traveller model in 7.92x57 ( http://www.greatdanerifles.com/classic-traveller.html ) and consider it to be quite superb. Accuracy cannot be faulted, though as it's a relatively thin barrel we do find it starts to string vertically after 4 or 5 shots fired in rapid succession. Not a problem in a hunting rifle where only 1 shot is likely to be fired. We'd imagine the Tacticool version, with its heavy barrel, will be just as accurate and won't suffer from POI shift as it warms up.
  5. The more we learn about this subject, the more we think we should stick with our existing 7mm Rem Mag ( A Remington 700 in an AICS stock) for longer range shooting and keep the DTA for sub 600 yards and sub sonic rounds
  6. We hadn't heard about .28 Nosler....
  7. *eagerly awaits pictures of the 7/300 WSM*
  8. HBN Powder

    We bought some a few days ago direct from the US distributor, Process Parts & Supply, L.L.C.- they were quite happy to ship to the UK and it only took 4 days to arrive.
  9. It seems the 7mm is the way to go, but now we have to decide which flavour of 7mm. Decisions, decisions... *Scurries away to swot up on 7mm Rem Mag, 7 WSM, 7 SAUM, .284 Win *
  10. We're thinking of getting a new barrel for our DTA SRS Covert, but this time it will be a long barrel for 600 and 1000 yard target shooting rather than a 16" stubby. We're torn between the 6.5 and 7mm calibres: which would you recommend?
  11. What bullets do you use in the 6.6x47?
  12. For the DTA we have barrels in .308 and .243, neither of which we consider suitable for 1000 yard shooting as they are the covert models, i.e. 16" barrels. If we added a new barrel we'd look at either 6.5x55 Norsqueagian or 7mm Rem Mag. We consider the advice to get a 20 MoA rail and carry on to be good. The x12 magnification on the Zeiss seemed fine to us at 1000 yards, it was just lack of elevation adjustment that was the issue, much exacerbated by the almost head on howlin' gale (gusting to 37 mph according to the weather thingummy at Bisley) and the added issue of temperatures being sub-zero and thus robbing us of a few more tens of fps at the muzzle. Generally, we prefer to spend our pennies on ammunition and practice rather than Gucci kit but have to confess the Dolphin / March combination was very easy to shoot well.
  13. Perhaps a pertinent question is "How much elevation adjustment is required in a scope for 1000 yard shooting ?'
  14. So, it seems a 20 MoA rail and a new scope are the way forward. We're thinking of either the Athlon Argos BTR 8-34×56 FFP or perhaps the Meopta 6-18x50 currently advertised on the classified forum here. Both are around the same price, and we have several fixed magnification Meopta scopes on our other rifles so we appreciate their optical quality but is x18 enough magnification for 1000 yard shooting? It's not that much of a step up from our existing Zeiss 12x scope. The Athlon is an unknown quantity to us but has almost twice the magnification, a good specification on paper and gets good reviews on the net. Anyone here used one?
  15. Meopta scope

    Is this the MeoPro model ? How much elevation adjustment does it have? Is it in Mils or MoA? It sounds as though it could be an answer to the problems we experienced recently... http://ukvarminting.com/topic/41587-1000-yard-recommendations/

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