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  1. Reloading solutions

    and if you dont show prices every time you get new stock you raise the prices on all stock ,win win for the seller not so good for the customer.
  2. T3 stock spacers

    you can get them direct from tikka BUT they are about £25 each.
  3. 223 1-9 twist custom/factory

    nothing wrong with rem police but a bit old hat and you can spend a lot of money improving a remington,look at tikka// sako/cz/savage.all good rifles.i would avoid straight pull /ar look alikes but it depends on what you want to use it for.range use if you are looking at a rem 700 police as its a heavy beast,had one for a few years not a hunting rifle and normally comes with 26" barrel .lots of good rifles out there,i think the tikka is 1in 8.so will shoot heavy for caliber bullets. 223 should be good for 4000 rounds if looked after.i have a cz varmint in 223 less than 1000 rounds and the barrel is badly pitted even though it was looked after,get new if you can but if not get a GOOD gunsmith to bore scope anything you want to buy.good luck with your search.
  4. silverstone range

    good evening,just to let any one who may interested .i called john at silverstone rifle range on wednesday to arrange an afternoon for me to to check rifles etc.every thing was very easy,nice set up, john was very good and explained the range rules and what was expected ,safety and arc of fire,do,s and dont,s.etc . my good lady came for a drive up and she was able to sit by the fire inside the warm cafe/shop.i spent the afternoon setting up a recently fitted scope and another rifle and was able to check differing loads etc. the range is nice and clear with good shooting position and tv monitors<it did take me a few shots watching and checking the target through the scope > the tv screens are very clear and were very easy to see as were bullet holes.i had a short break for a hot drink and chat to john.i was a bit unsure about leaving rifles in the range but john can see the range with his cameras and the door is monitored so all very secure.i returned after my hot drink and continued untill 1645 at which point i could not see the center of the target through the scope but could easily see them on the tv monitor. very enjoyable afternoon and very good set up.john made every thing very easy and i will be going again.well worth a visit.
  5. can you post a photo of the ear defender battery compartment with out batteries in please.
  6. that will be the talk of the range office
  7. 4x4

  8. sales section

    for some reason the for sale section has repeated my bullets for sale four time when only one was posted ,i have noticed many double postings is there a fault with the system?
  9. 224 bullets boxes of 100,each 100 count is £25 plus postage,postage £3.90 up to i kilo royal mail signed for. 1 box 40 gr vmax, 1 box speer 70gr semi spitzer.. , one box of mixed 224 bullets,idea for testing your rifles likes/dis likes. post updated. SOLD
  10. cz 527 223rem 24" varmint barrel laminated stock set trigger ,threaded 14x1 good external condition but barrel is pitted.1in 9 twist,£350 or with ase utra jetz compact moderator £500
  11. good evening between newbury and oxford off the a34
  12. mossberg new haven pump gun this has an adjustable length of pull stock and synthetic hand grip.was sprayed green but has been used as a truck gun so some paint rubbed off , looks tatty but works fine. £130. fixed choke

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