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  1. SOLDwo 30 mm scope bubble levels,one is a vortex anti cant and the other is an unknowm make with the bubble in the top center both very good condition £30 plus postage of £3.95 signed for.pm if interested.SOLD
  2. good afternoon,you are quite correct comment ammended.
  3. dauntsey guns are well known for over pricing .!
  4. 243 its all you will ever need,plenty of factory cartridges from 55 to 105 for a standard 1in 10 twist.get your self a tikka super varmint/decent scope and thats it .good hunting.
  5. why have you fitted another swivel stud in the rear stock?
  6. for sale a selection of heavy shot 12 bore cartridges at 50 pence each, gyttorp special paper cases number one shot 20 in total, game bore special load sg 10 in total, eley number 1 shot 7 total, eley bb 24 maximum ,9 eley grand prix bb, 3 winchester 00B., 100 number 1 shot and 100 number 3 shot steel cartridges. these are old cartridges but have been stored in a wooden box in a dry cupboard.
  7. for sale wildcat evolution moderator bridge section 1/2" threaded used once £50 posted.
  8. banus02

    6mm Berger VLD 87Gn Hunting

    mark is normally very quick to respond/post and as stated superb service
  9. 224 bullet clear out ,100 hornady 40gr vmax £25, 181 speer 70gr soft point £40, 54 sierra game king 65gr s.p. £15. 169 nosler ballistic tip 55gr £40. all plus postage @ £3.95 per box.pm if interested
  10. banus02

    Speccing CZ527 for Target shooting

    avoid the sniper system<global rifles > bipod they dont last long ,buy a genuine harris bipod and it will last for years.
  11. SOLD speer grandslam 6.5 140gr 50 count boxes <4> for sale new and unopened £30 a box posted SOLD
  12. looks like phillips321 has bought a bloody good scope,he wont be sorry.
  13. banus02

    Cz replacement stock

    i have a wooden stock that came off a cz452 american 16" barrelled 22lr
  14. good morning ,yes norma use hornady vmax bullets as do sellier and bellot,the only difference is s+b use green tips but they are made by hornady.i i am also informed that hornady supply bullets to winchester and federal and other ammo makers. nosler do the same thing.

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