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  1. good afternoon ,if this is the case contact who ever your shooting association is and get them to have a word/look into this as it is not normal procedure. chef which police force issued your fac?
  2. contact your feo and ask them,sounds bogus to me!
  3. banus02

    Norma .22

    good afternoon,i have just bought some rws as the winchester are not very accurate in my rifle although they have been for over 10 years up until the change the rws seem to be ok but are more expensive😣.i have not seen any norma though
  4. good evening re-pete, approx £32 per 100 for the 105 amax 243 and £27 per 100 for 75gr 224 amax.plus postage .but like every thing they are worth only what some one wants to pay! just checked and spud 1967 has them advertised at £44 per 100!
  5. flip up butler creek type lens cover for 56mm scope lens actual external size is 64mm £10 posted each < 4 available >
  6. banus02

    25x45 sharpes

    good afternoon,do any of you use a 25x45 sharpes rifle ,if so is it a bolt action and did you have it rebarreled or new? if rebarrelled may i ask who carried out the work.i have a 223rem cz527 that i am informed will take this caliber with minimum changes. thank you
  7. good morning stumpy,my parcel arrived this morning,many thanks.
  8. banus02

    rifle bolt jewelling

    good evening david,thank you for your reply.
  9. good afternoon can i buy the 85gr varminter £60 posted,pm payment details for bank transfer.
  10. banus02

    rifle bolt jewelling

    does any one know the approximate cost of having a rifle bolt rejewelled
  11. banus02

    MTC Taipan sunshade

    good evening,mine was held on by three small screws and plastic screw in sections inside the objective but just be aware when you get them out there are shims that hold the two sun shade sections in place and if you wish to refit the sunshade sections you will need them.the scope looks bad with them on or off but mine works fine with them of!
  12. just recieved one i bought from a member on here,this is my second delta scope and to my old eyes is brilliant.you wont regret buying one.😎
  13. cz 527 223rem varmint grey laminate stock,5 shot metal magazine,24" threaded 14x1 varmint barrel.this is the mini mauser action.1 in 9 twist.the rifle has not had a lot of use so is tidy BUT as it was used for foxing it has been out in all weathers and the barrel is pitted but still shoots moa with 40gr up to 70gr.i have some 40gr and some 55gr factory ammo that can go with the rifle. £300 ono.no pictures sorry

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