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  1. banus02

    .243 load

    you just have to love "long range shooters",much more useful to the anti,s putting this sort of thing on an open forum ! better to ask for a flatish shooting load for your steel plate /water jug etc out to 400 yards,think before you post .we are being watched.
  2. banus02

    6mm roe deer bullet

    good morning,can i ask why you dont use the berger bullets? have you tried them on water bottles/wet paper.i have some 80gr berger bullets that are excellent on roe ,the bullet mushrooms perfectly ,they are an older style flat base bullet and the box says target /varmint but the bullet stays together and does a very good job out of my 243 at 3180fps at the muzzle.i have used 85gr hpbt by sierra and they can be distructive/give a lot of meat damage /bruising on chest shot roe.
  3. banus02


    looking for some remington bullets in 6mm/243 80/90gr max
  4. banus02


    locking for some remington bullets in 264/6.5 or a uk supplier
  5. the op is in malta.

  6. banus02


    try fitting fresh batteries you may have shorted the old ones out.
  7. banus02

    wanted 243/6mm bullets

  8. banus02

    wanted 243/6mm bullets

    they have some 85gr sp but the varmint type so not any good for my use.thank you anyway it was worth a look.
  9. banus02

    wanted 243/6mm bullets

    still looking any 75/95gr sp /vmax/hp
  10. banus02


    we have to try ,this family want their dog back!
  11. banus02


    we have had 30 plus traveller caravans arrive locally today,parked on public parkland in didcot,i will have a walk that way in the week to see if they have any thing that looks like your dog.ifso i will call police.
  12. banus02

    Gun powder news ?

    it is 15 kg and does NOT need to be stored in a wooded box unlike black powder, depends how much you shoot but its a fair bit cheaper per kilo if you buy 3.5 kilo tubs.£220 to £240 on average against £85 per kilo.
  13. banus02

    wanted 243/6mm bullets


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