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  1. banus02


    good afternoon all, perhaps this can now be closed as the powder has been sold and further comments would have no value.
  2. banus02


    good evening, , what are people replacing them with?
  3. banus02


    thank you ,i will move on now .
  4. banus02


    the op never replied
  5. banus02

    PRL video

    certainly some thing to think about.
  6. banus02

    PRL video

    looks really interesting and food as well, can some one tell me the cost of the day. experience needed etc etc
  7. banus02


  8. vortex pst2 excellent warranty if you ever needed it, s+b best choice but pricey nightforce,had lots of issues with an shv so that went back i own a. 8x25x50 leupold never had an issue but look through the scope before buying,good luck
  9. banus02

    Remembrance Sunday 

    thats one of the problems with this country ,no one has any respect for anything.
  10. banus02

    Remembrance Sunday 

    good afternoon ,find out who carried on firing and get them banned bloody shower as you say SHOW SOME RESPECT
  11. banus02

    Bradders’ Funeral

    good evening,the forum seems strangely empty with out bradders comment and advice/input 👻 gone but not forgotten,we will all join him one day
  12. who is selling it now,bertie bee or op?
  13. good afternoon,buy a delta 3x15x56 illuminated titanium hd and you wont go wrong
  14. banus02

    small quantities

    good morning martin-b, blueboy69 ,s offer is best grabbed with both hands! he has a wealth of knowledge and will give you all the help and information you will require,

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