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  1. for sale at £28 per 100 box posted 6mm/243 55gr sierra blitzking. 600 available. £25 a box 100 collected pm if interested for sale elsewhere <henry krank sell these for over £34 a box!>
  2. for sale at £45 posted is my cz 527 20 moa scope rail <19022> made by DIP in the usa
  3. SOLD SOLD.500 123gr amax 6.5 same batch £40 100 posted
  4. damn too late that was a good price too.
  5. for sale is my lightly used cz 452 rifle stock ,looks to be walnut but not sure! this wooded stock came of a cz452 sporter rifle with a 16" barrel. i do not know if it will fit any other cz rifle.£80 plus £12 posted or collection is free
  6. good evening ,no problems sent a pm but it got lost! sorted now though .
  7. has any one who send the money actually received any of these mounts?
  8. banus02

    VN160 WANTED

    i found n160 difficult to find and when i did find some it was £95 a kilo very expensive.
  9. for sale snipercam,includes extra lenses,pebble charger,battery cables etc bag it came in. £300.< this is a rear add on unit and you will need a rifle scope to suit>
  10. looks like that took a few months of pressure off you and you enjoyed your self ,well done for getting out and shooting.r
  11. cant stand dishonest people and as you say one to avoid/put on the ignore list,shamefull behaviour☹️some one will crawl out of the wood work and say he,s a brilliant guy,best thing since sliced bread but i speek as i find
  12. simon ,i sent you my mobile number five pms and messages on the forum,you said you were on holiday until the 1st of march so i did not bother your holiday,very underhanded and i expected a lot more from a forum member. obvious your word is not your bond if you did not want to honour the agreement you should not have said you would.honesty and trust are a prime consideration on the forum for all members😐
  13. good morning any up dates at all ? not heard from you reference the 5+kilo n150 and 215 large rifle primers and one full tub of varget
  14. if you go cheap it will let you down! harris will last a long time

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