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  1. sold hornady 6.5 interlock 140gr 200 , per 100 including postage sold
  2. ruger precision rifle mk1 308 20" barrel fired less than 50 rounds comes fitted with a leopold mk4 8.5x25x50 scope ,an ase utra 30 cal moderator,two 10 round magazine and one 5 round magazine ,atlas style bipod,all bought in 2016 <shoulder injury forcing sale> all the above £2000. for sale else where. or rifle on its own £900.
  3. i have for sale 200,6.5 nosler 129gr accubond long range in sealed factory wrapping £65 per 100 posted
  4. i have for sale a t3 stock ,black fibre glass/synthetic, super varmint stock ,adjustable length of pull two spacers, adjustable height cheek piece,front and rear sling swivels and standard t3 recoil pad.the stock has had a small amount of material removed to allow the barrel to fully float up to the recoil lug,nice condition but is used with a couple of small marks,<no photos >selling for £110 or offers above ,postage is £15.does not come with bottom <plastic>metal.
  5. tube size please ,looks to be 1" but could be wrong and the age of the scope and warranty.
  6. SOLD tikka t3 super varmint stock,black fiber glass/synthetic ,two sling swivels,two length of pull spacers,recoil pad and adjustable cheek piece SOLD
  7. good afternoon ,yes it was from me.thats ok .i hope your treatment is going well and we will have a few more year out of you 👍
  8. bradders can you send me an email address and i will send photos
  9. good morning,i will try and get photos done asap,as far as i can see there is not a date on it.i will double check though. i have checked the ferrule and can not see a date but it does say QUIS-SEPARABIT on a scroll if that means any thing?
  10. for sale,four antique military embossed ferrules,silver coloured. one is sunderland fusiliers, two is the royal irish rifles ,three is the border regiment and number four is south lancashire regiment. looking for £50 each. < no swagger sticks i am afraid >
  11. for sale one webly xocet air rifle and moderator,very good condition .£85 and one gamo air pistol .177 black plastic stock £60
  12. banus02

    D-Day recollections

    the people of this country have a lot to be thankfull for, the men and women 75years ago. i know that if something like that happened today most of the uk would say no i am not getting involved and watch it on the mobile phones /laptops etc.we will never ever be prepared to do what these men and woman did.
  13. good evening,you say that this rifle is a pss? but the stock is different or did some models come with a different stock. mine is fitted into a bell and carson stock with twin swivel studs at the front and a flat wide forend. the box mag holds 5 308 rounds and you can have one extra in the chamber. good luck with the sale.

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