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  1. Swiss Load Data

    good afternoon ,if you have any load data for the 6.5x55 20" and 308 using rs powder could you send me a pm please
  2. wild britain

    wild britain,2100 tonight channel 5.wild boar
  3. opinions

    thank you gentle men
  4. opinions

    falcon menace i am interested in a ffp + 5x25x50 but can only find advertised or the richard uttings paid for views,i am asking for views from regular users, the good /bad/ugly dont want to have to buy again.thank you.
  5. Lapua 308 brass

    i read on here a while ago that some one was offering to anneal cases for 10p each plus postage.cant find it now though
  6. Hornady bulletts

    new box of 6.5 100gr amax?
  7. good morning chaz,below minimum charge weight you can get flash over caused as said bY the primer igniting the powder instantly ,i e detonation,massive pressure spike.can destroy you rifle/face/fingers/eye sight.DONT LOAD BELOW MINIMUM! USE THE CORRECT POWDER TO DOWN LOAD.be carefull
  8. for sale once fired 223rem cases deprimed 112remington cases £27 price includes 2nd class signed for post.pm if interested
  9. i have used trail boss in 223rem for subsonic loads and if i use a slightly higher load i get super sonic at 2200fps.even with varmeggedon bullets get no expansion with subsonic but expansion at 2200fps and resonable accuracy.with trailboss i can go safely from 800fps to 2200fps.could go higher. but i was working down.hodgdon has a good load section on this. n133 is too fast to try reducing load below minimum listed and may be dangerous !
  10. 6x42 mk2 photon

    good evening clive,i have just had a look at the three allen screws and they were indeed loose,not falling out but not tight,so i have tightened them about 11/2 turns do they require lock tight or just checking now and again? the photon has been on a 17hmr and a 22 so nothing with heavy recoil! i will venture out and set the zero tomorrow and see how it goes.i assume yukon photons are normal reliable units.many thanks.
  11. 6x42 mk2 photon

    i have a three year old photon on a 22lr and it is constantly losing its zero.same rifle/ammo/moderator scope has not been removed from the rifle.zeroed at 50 yards 2/3/4 shots zero moves left and up,readjust fired another 5 rounds same thing.up untill last week it has been fine ,nothing has been done to the scope or rifle and it has not been knock or dropped,bought from main dealer new but been told its out of warranty not interested!
  12. 30" barrel on Tikka T3 6.5x55

    out of interest ,wont the 20"tikka 6.5x55 with 140gr bullets reach a 1000 yards ? i dont shoot past 300 but do use tikka t3 6.5x55
  13. Torque wrench driver

    i bought a push bike torque wrench with 7 fittings and it sets fro 2nm to 25 nm so does and thing on my rifles,amazon amongst others £42
  14. Nosler 6.5 Creedmoor Ammunition

    good afternoon,is it possible to buy direct from europe? and take a day trip to france to buy you max allowance and bring it back
  15. Sellier and bellot 6.5 creedmoor

    if we could get them in the uk at £9 a box of 20 ,i would buy a 6.5 creedmore,but that will never happen!

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