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  1. Jay Foxing

    Vihtavouri factory announcement

    That is sad news indeed.
  2. Jay Foxing

    Show your varmint/target rifle

    My Winchester in .243 wssm
  3. Jay Foxing

    Our Foxing2night is famous

    Our own foxing2night is famous, after breaking the 3 600yd benchrest records in a day with his 6.5x47 Accuracy International AW he is appeering on the forums over the pond. http://bulletin.accurateshooter.com/2012/02/10/ Jay.
  4. Anyone had their hands on the new Tikka T3 Sporter yet, also wondering on what the RRP would be. http://www.tikka.fi/t3models.php?sporter
  5. Vince, Email sent to you. You can count on me for that one, good chance to try out my new .308 All the best, Jay.
  6. Jay Foxing


    My deepest sympathy for your loss. Jay.
  7. Just downloaded STRELOC for my LG android phone. Free to download, looks promising. Will let you know when i've had chance to try it out.
  8. Jay Foxing

    UKV T Shirt

  9. I may even show my face again at the Diggle for that one.
  10. I do a lot of mountaineering and some mountain marathons and use the same boots for my shooting. Asolo, they are light, warm and waterproof. They are around the £120 mark depending on what model you choose, I'm using the Fugitive GTX model at the moment. Perfect for hill, forest and dale. All the best, Jay.
  11. Jay Foxing

    Minimum calibre for fox control

    In my opinion the sensible choice for the fox controller is the centerfire, and all calibers have their limitations. After saying that, i have shot many a fox (cubs and adults) out to 50 yds with the .22 lr and have seen the 17 hmr drop foxes with out fuss out to 120 yds. I guess it depends on where and how you shoot foxes. The 12 and 10 gauge shot gun can't be beaten for short range work in my book, though to noisy and dangerous to use in built up areas (which is why i say where and how you shoot your foxes). I think you need to tell us why you have ask the question, giving us the chance to answer your question more accurately. Jay.
  12. Jay Foxing

    Happy Birthday Varminter

    Happy Birthday, hope you had a good one. All the best, Jay.
  13. Your right Lee, my Warn rings at the moment have a split top vertically not horizontally. But lets be honest, most are split centrally. And out to 500yds (i don't shoot much further) a .5moa rifle, balistic programs are not going no notice if you have got your mesurement out by a couple of mm. But saying that, your program is only as accurate as the information you feed into it. All the best, Jay.
  14. I have always measured from the scope ring split to the firing pin on the open bolt, i find this accurate enough. All the best, Jay.
  15. Jay Foxing

    Bored. Need shooting related links!

    When i'm bored i tend to look at some of the tv shows on here. www.fieldsportschannel.tv All the best, Jay

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