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  1. Delta Stryker

    Anyone get their hands on one yet?
  2. F-Open Stock

    Got sorted, thanks for replies!
  3. F-Open Stock

    Looking for an F-Open stock with Remmy 700 LA inlet.
  4. Is it a Timberline action? What profile and length is the 30cal barrel and price please?
  5. 284 dies

    Looking for 284 dies!
  6. Its a 31in Blank, finished should be 30in or less. Postage to UK is £20
  7. Bartlein Barrel Blank 6.5 1:8twist 5r 1.25 straight. £500 plus Postage
  8. I don't suppose you have any dies or brass your looking to offload?
  9. Would you break? I'd be interested in the Action, rail and trigger...
  10. Is it single or multi shot action?

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