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  1. I'll take the 7mm inside neck reamers please
  2. What contour? I'd be interested in 1.25in - .9in.....
  3. Jay1

    Delta Stryker

    Anyone get their hands on one yet?
  4. Jay1

    F-Open Stock

    Got sorted, thanks for replies!
  5. Jay1

    F-Open Stock

    Looking for an F-Open stock with Remmy 700 LA inlet.
  6. Is it a Timberline action? What profile and length is the 30cal barrel and price please?
  7. Jay1

    284 dies

    Looking for 284 dies!
  8. Its a 31in Blank, finished should be 30in or less. Postage to UK is £20
  9. Bartlein Barrel Blank 6.5 1:8twist 5r 1.25 straight. £500 plus Postage

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