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  1. Stiller Viper

    This action is sold
  2. Stainless Viper action by Stiller, it's a right bolt left port configuration, 473 bolt head size, this action is bedded into an Alex Sitman Masterclass stock, the trigger is a Jewel 2-4 oz.This sale is for the action trigger and stock only, the barrel is not proofed. I'm looking for £1450 ono. More pictures can be supplied on request.
  3. Donor action

    Pm sent regarding this action
  4. Remington 300 Ultra Mag

    The barrel is standard Remington
  5. Remington 700 PSS

    Hi, Yes Calum did the bumps
  6. A Remington 700 PSS which has had the action trued by Calum Ferguson of PRS fame, this rifle was bought new a few years back, it was given to PRS to true the action, fit a new Krieger barrel and bed into the PSS stock it is also has a jewel 4oz trigger and a Ken Farrell 20 MOA scope rail, the bolt has Borden bumps and fitted with a tactical bolt knob. The rifle has fired over 2000 rounds but there is still a lot of life left in the quality Krieger barrel. Looking for around £1200 for this one owner rifle. Forgot to add the calibre is 308 with a 1-14 twist and a tight .336 neck and the barrel is 28.5 inches long

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