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  1. icdeer

    22 Rimfire Ammo

    I've been occupied with other things for a few weeks..... but have now called BWM Arms. They confirmed production of the 40gr version ceased 12-18 months ago. This has now been superseded by the 42gr. Thanks for your suggestion David.
  2. icdeer

    22 Rimfire Ammo

    For bunny bashing I use a 22 Rimfire and I’ve always used the same 22LR Winchester subsonic round with a 40gr hollow point head. I recently tried to buy some more ammo again and was told the 40gr head has now been replaced with a 42gr head. Further investigation revealed that the 40gr version is still available from some places. The question is… Does anyone know if the 40gr version is being phased out completely and being replaced with the 42gr? or Is the 42gr version just an addition to the range?
  3. If you want to buy be quick to reply!!!
  4. Sold to bunus02 pending the usual. Thanks
  5. Price drop and just to be clear..... £12 for both trays including postage.
  6. Two Lyman reloading trays. Used twice so as new condition. £13 posted.
  7. I use an ASE Utra on my TRG.... good attenuation.
  8. With reference to the comment by banus02, the 8x50 scope I am selling does hold zero.
  9. The reply from Swarovski.... The scope was made in August 2003.
  10. I'll contact Swarovski with the Serial Number and find out it's manufacture date. It's not been serviced by anybody, there's never been and there still is nothing wrong with it.
  11. In excellent condition with the exception of a few slight marks where the tube widens up to the eye piece. Comes in original box with instructions and covers. A Nightforce now sits in its place. Not sure where to pitch the price, I've only had a well know auction site as a guide. I guess I'll know by the response I get! £450 including courier.

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