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  1. Wanted carbon Armeria Masip Stock

    1 carbon Armeria Masip stock to suit Barnard S action.
  2. FTR Build

    Check out Dolphin Guns Mik builds Excellent F-open and FTR Rifles very happy with my Dolphin FTR rifle.
  3. Reload Swiss Powder choices

    Thanks for info Laurie, PM sent.
  4. Reload Swiss Powder choices

    Laurie would i be correct to think the velocity spike is start of next node and the 47.1g charge would be optimal at that speed range & probably offer best accuracy & tighter vertical for long range.
  5. My DIY annealing machine!

    Received my Annealer from Lubo today very impressed with quality and build of this Annealer and would recommend it to anyone thinking of buying cheers Lubo.
  6. My DIY annealing machine!

    Lubo you have PM, cheers.
  7. My DIY annealing machine!

    Hi Lubo, Just placed an order for 1 Annealer with .308 Disc, cheers.
  8. My DIY annealing machine!

    Hi Raptor calls you have pm.
  9. Sinclair Gen 2 neck expander die

    I currently use an expander die before neck turning taking off high spots only then use a redding competition neck bushing die to size necks before seating however i wonder for bumping shoulder & sizing fire formed brass would using a redding type "S" bushing die with neck bushing for final neck size and a Carbide expander for inside neck sizing turnout brass with more consistant neck tension with less runout performing 3 functions with one Die.
  10. 210 grain Bergers

    I switched from shooting the 215G Hybrid to the 185g hybrid which i found a great alternative to the super heavy 30 cal bullets easy to shoot and when pointed & run at the 2,840fps node very accurate & flat shooting just doint know why the 185g hybrids not a more popular choice for FTR.
  11. 185g Hybrids

    Thanks for info Laurie must try loading both the 185g jugg and hybrid and compare results for 1000y seems a lot of shooters questioning the pros and cons with the heavier 30 cal pills for Long range e.g Less barrel life Increase with wind induced vertical, fatigue etc over the lighter flatter shooting offerings such as the 155.5 and 185g offerings, cheers.
  12. 185g Hybrids

    The 185g Hybrid doesnt seem to be used much for FTR in comparison to the 185g jugg and heavier bullets even though it has a higher G7 than the jugg is there any reason why its not a popular choice for FTR shooters.
  13. Bisley results

  14. Bisley results

    Could someone please give Link for 2016 Bisley results for FTR, Thanks.

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