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  1. paul o'

    280 AI brass

    Selling a rifle package in 280 ack imp inc brass new and used, dies ect, aswell as another standard stock.
  2. paul o'

    tikka 695

    Are you still looking for a syn stock 695 I have a few
  3. paul o'

    223 Bullets

    If my sako 75 SS varmint go's ill have well over 200 bullets as iv got three boxes but would need to count to make sure they have 100 in each .
  4. paul o'

    My DIY annealing machine!

    Thanks for the heads up Lobo mines on its way just got to try and not destroy to many 280 ack case's now
  5. paul o'

    My DIY annealing machine!

    hope ones mine
  6. paul o'

    Tempilaq 750 Wanted

    I just got the pencil type for £13 off ebay if that helps only as its only just going to be used to set up the timer i felt i did't wish to pay out for the jar full at £££££ ?
  7. paul o'

    My DIY annealing machine!

    Hi can you tell me if the payment got to you feller . Paul o'
  8. have you the rings ? any pix mty of your scope pm me if you wish for email info.
  9. hi is it this one thanks and have you got rings to fit a P/Rail. Paul IOR-Valdada 4-14x50 30mm SFP SF MIL/MIL Tactical Scope Illuminated MP-8 Dot Reticule
  10. paul o'

    6.5x47 Lapua Build.

    mine runs on v140 and 130hpbt
  11. paul o'

    scope rings urgent

    Hi I have a set of Maxima ultra high warne QD rings in 1 inch Code # 204 LM, i did post them before but i did't put down a set price anyway so they cost me way over a £100 for my St/scout rifle i used them a week then sold the rifle, so they are as new used back in the plastic packaging , i was requesting a fair price but iam unable to say that, ,so lets say £90 if thats to much then pm me for my email info and we can deal that way . paul o'
  12. Hi are the 6.5 Sierras #1740's still for sale atvb paul if so yes please

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