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  1. Switch Barrel

    Hi Guys, some advice pls or what are your thoughts. Action RPA Quadlock and switching barrels, im looking at 110 ft lbs of a torque. I have been looking at some other forums and there seems to be right mix of thoughts on this.
  2. I've just got strelok pro, could find ae for android, just getting all my data sorted etc and rifle zeroed. Weather data, ive been looking at the sky watch xplorer 4 for this. Has anyone used this meter? Comments pls, it's a lot cheaper than a k estral, only really want it for wind speed, pressure & temp.
  3. RCBS Chargemaster

    Yes the THINGY, from Shooting Shed, saw the posts, got 1 and I now luv my Charge Master even more ,it's GREAT, load 150 rounds last night on 3 went back in the pot..... It's a must for every Charge Master owner, Great Product/Improvement Dave.
  4. Not sure if I've got this right, (replying....!) are you talking abt Applied Ballistic? Cheers Vince
  5. Thanks for all of that, the programs you've all mentioned are the ones I've been looking at. It's easy to go off half cooked....It's good 2 talk, thanks 2 all.
  6. Hi Guys, Im a new kid on the block re the forum.... To date been seriously paper shooting for a number of years now only exceeding 200m on a few occasions. This is with home loads. I'm waiting to for a .284 to be built and looking at all the reloading bits etc. Are there any comments / merits in the use of a BC Cal for iPad or Android, if so what do you recommend? Cheers Guys

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