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  1. v-max

    Rifle stock

    Have a look at the German gunstocks they look no bad for the tikka T3 action
  2. Tidy well done I’ve not pushed out to the 1000m yet got out to 605yrd with the 6.5x47 with 123g bullets. This looks fun think it will be on the cards some day & see if I can do it
  3. Hi I have an estate nightmaster 800 & like it but would like my own also. I just got my own nightmaster adjustable scope mount & like it for the nights on my own or on our NV unit. I fancy getting my own torch but just looking for folks recommendations on what my options are or out there. Looked at the advertisers to this site & looked at the T50 or the bundal deal T67 but unsure on what else is out there or go to just now. I would use it as a torch also in general night time forays.
  4. v-max

    6.5x47 with 120gr amaxs

    Hi I did play with 120g A-Max but can't find my targets. I do how ever shoot 123g A-Max with the only powders that really work for me is H4350 & N150 & cci 450 primers. I also use 120g Nosler also with 41.5g in H4350 in the 123g A-Max its 41.4g H4350. For N150 with 123g A-Max 37.5g I did get to 37.8g but in spring/summer I got pressure signs so just work 37.5g or 37.4g all the time. All these loads cluster 5 shots in .2-.3
  5. Hi I'm still very undecided but testing water here as I'm looking at going down 284 route now. i have a Borden alpine action right hand right port repeater stainless bedded in a McMillian A3/5 adjustable in olive/black/tan with extra flush cups in left hand side at front & back. Fully bedded with third eye bottom metal with flush mag release & 5 shot AI mag. Tub lug & true-flite 1-8.5 s/s ultra match flutted 24" long with 5/8th thread & SL5 mod & invisible thread cap. Have a 20MOA on rifle with a 0MOA third eye picatinny rail spare for it. Done say 1000 rounds loves 123g A-max sceners or 130g vld with either N150 or H4350. I have 300 brass with it some loaded 2000 cci-450 primers Fosters micrometer seater & FL die set with the neck bush & bump die kit also with 3 bushes. Looking to maybe sell job lot as in bare rifle not the bipod-scope or sling & cheek rest. I could easy keep primers & swap them with my rfd for what I need. This rifle is very accurate .2 easy & even after a clean is same poi £4000
  6. v-max

    H4350 substitute for 6.5x47L

    Hi I watch with interest on this to as a 6.5x47L user & my rifle likes the slower stuff. All I use is H4350 in 123g bullets but I do also use N150 & have done for years & it is outstanding in 123g & 130g vld. I think I may just stick with the N150 route for now as I have two great loads for it. At 500yrd I had the same drop dilled in as an exact same rifle but run on RE15. I highly rate the N150 & think my answer is already in front of me rather than chasing other powders. Ok mine is Borden alpine action true flite barrel at 24" long in contour 4. Loads for N150 are 37.4g for 123g A-Max & 36.5g for 130g vld all primers are cci-450
  7. Hi i got my 22.250 rebarreled a few years ago by Grant Taylor in Dundee as my family new him rather well & he was local to me. He got a true flite ultra match barrel in 22 cal 1-12 twist. Did a basic blue print on a remmy 700 action with tub lug. Skim bedded into an h-s stock & this rifle has proved with 50g52g/55g/60g & 64g bullets to be unreal accuracy as in .2 for 5 shots. It cleans so easy & shoots bang on zero after a clean it dose not move. First year I had it I went to SGA Rifle shoot at Blair atholl & come second with 52g A-amax. I did win but they took points off me that put me to second. I then got a Borden alpine action & got Grant Taylor do build me a 6.5x47 again he said true flite barrel so I went with it in 24" ultra match contour 4 & it shoots .2/.3 easy for 5 shots & again it shots bang on after cleaning & can with both rifles on a good day have 3 shots at 500yrd cluster to hold within a inch & half of each other. My shooting has let me down at rifle shoots with no rear bag but that's down to my technique I need to do more practice. I'm looking at a 284 now & Grant still pushes the true flite ultra match barrels & with my results I'm happy to. I would like to try others but happy for now with the true flite
  8. Very nice rifles there Dave lovely work. I'm very much liking the 284 & like the stock with A5 pistol grip & really like my Borden alpine action that I have. I've picked up a T3 stainless action & always had a thing for 284 so this will be what I rebarrel the T3 into. It defeats the caliber but I'm looking to make it my deer rifle for open hill hinds odd stags with a bit of blinking to have fun on gongs.
  9. v-max

    CZ527 22 Hornet | 146 Yard Rabbit

    Hi I use 40g or my favourite 45g Speer with 13.5g lil gun with pistol primer. I have a 18" barrel on mine & can do 200m quite easy it's a great little round got rid of my .17hmr for reasons. I have used 35g v-max they are great but very explosive with same load of powder but really like the 45g Speer or 40g Speer.
  10. v-max

    6.5x47 lapua

    Hi never run any lighter than 120g bt in my 47. My rifle likes slower powder as in H4350 & N150 all I use. I have tried varget as I have it for my 22.250 but just could get my 47 do do better than .7 groups compared to .3 quite easy with slower powder. With 100g Berger Manuel lists N140 & varget for you to try N140 start 35.5g max 39.7g & varget start 36.5g max 40.5g this Manuel can be lower than I can get with my 47 but try this & work your way up
  11. v-max

    Hornaday ELD Match

    Has anyone tried these bullets in the 123g bullet in the 6.5x47 at all. What do u make of it & at what ranges & results any users had please
  12. v-max

    Hornaday ELD Match

    Looked the hornaday site & the ELD-X is 142g in 6.5 cal. The ELD Match do quite a few with 100g/120g/123g/130g in 6.5 cal just wondered if they here yet & anyone used them in 6.5x47 cheers
  13. v-max

    Forster bushing/bump die

    Hi I rate the neck bushing bump die very much. I have two in 22.250 & 6.5x47 & both dies are very consistent in its bump on headspace neck bushing is good like it lots. I also have the ultra set with micromiter seater & bench rest FL die in both calibres. How ever the 6.5x47 FL die has been nothing but trouble with a stuck case on second case. I removed case & contacted Forster to which I returned the die. Forster admitted that it had not been finished correct & returned to me. I got hit again for custom with a hassle to try get my money back but to me the die still ain't right. I lost faith in the bench rest FL die in 6.5x47 but the mic seater & bushing bump die are great. My 22.250 bench rest FL die is great no problems but it would appear on this site alone that the Forster BR FL die in 6.5x47 has serious quality problems. I am now looking at a redding type-s FL die now hope this helps.
  14. v-max

    forster fl sizer problem

    Hi tgp I only did a couple cases using the bench rest fl die & tried more lube when setting up. The third case on a coax press & the case stuck. I removed the case & took pictures I called spud with not much other than he could send it back or me so I did. I emailed Forster saying my concerns & my pictures but I new the die was not right I've set up a few in my years & this was just not right. I have the horaday headspace gauge kit. All my fired cases have the same size headspace I even did some buy just de capping the fired cases. I used this kit to set my 22.250 Forster ultra die set & neck bush bump die that I have had 2-3 years before my 6.5x47 came along. My 22.250 dies are great so got the same in 47 but the fl die stuck a case within 2-3 cases that I removed. When I sent the die back Forster they emailed me stating the die had not been finished right did it & sent it back but I still don't like it. I have cleaned it out & tried to set it up again with diffrent head space readings it worked ok on the first few & I'm thought it was sorted. I fl sized 100 cases & loaded them to find fl some will chamber & some are tight & over the headspace of my rifle. The neck bushing bump die is amazing to me & same every time but the fl 47 die I have is defo not right & it's been 2-3 years ago.
  15. v-max

    forster fl sizer problem

    Hi I have the ultra set of 6.5x47 Forster dies & neck bump die set in 6.5x47 & in 22.250 too. When I used the 47 fl die I had problems with a stuck case. I new in all my years of experience some thing wasn't right. I emailed them & sent the bench rest fl die back to be told it ain't been finished right by Forster. I got hit again for import duty on return but to me it still ain't right. The headspace on the 6.5x47 fl size is all over the place & I have lost faith in the die so sacked it off the 22.250 die set is spot on with no faults & the 6.5x47 micromier seater & neck bushing bump die is great but the 6.5x47 fl die is wash to me. I'm going to buy a redding type s 6.5x47 fl die. You may have a die like I had that was tight & so out dimention it's mad. I won't buy Forster again now as the fl die is all over in headspace sizing its just unreal.
  16. I'm sure these are the same as the sauer ones think garlands sell them quite cheap
  17. v-max

    .22 Hornet, Liking It Already.

    Hi I have a cz527 cut down to 18" with an SL5 on it. I use it a lot with 13g lil gun & 40g-45g Speer sp with cci pistol primers. I can get all 5 shots within a 5p coin it's unreal for accuracy. The 35g v-max with same load was same unreal. Love my hornet but would like to restock it & scope it but it's a joy to have. I use it at hound days for a rifle at the foxes
  18. Well Dave if I'm one of them I'm sorry but I was shocked at your response regards this topic from a fellow shooting man. I ain't no farmer & have spent some time in my life protecting lambs for farmer shooting foxes with endless hours of unsocial time spent at it. These Ravens are a whole new level & I see the impact as a keeper that Ravens do they strip a lamb in minutes alive. I've seen ewes still pushing a lamb out & Ravens have had the eyes out of the lamb. I find this destruction very disturbing to witness & I think the vast majority of townsers were to stand there & forced to watch Ravens strip a new born lamb I think you find very disgusted people. Seen ewes on there back being eaten alive it really makes disturbing viewing. Our biggest problem is the lack of knowledge of these type of subjects & us country folk that live it are so out numbered but townies that vote with absaloutly no knowledge about it ever day a school day & like theses sites as it's amazing what I've learnt from them & long may it last. Sorry if anyone finds my response abroupt but it is heart breaking stuff to see Ravens at there worst.
  19. Baldie so are so far off with the numbers its a joke. Take a look at there rise since 1970's along with buzzards/goshawks etc look at the percentage that they have increased. Baldie come to Scotland & see it with your own eyes I have see 3-4 flocks of juvenile Ravens in 200-300 a flock at nights sitting out in the hill building up to head for woods to roost. Go visit the lamb fields it is gut wrenching Ravens are not rare up here. They are so smart to that even with a licence to kill your pair it is very very difficult due to conditions of license ie no rifle shotgun only no semi auto weapon etc etc. look at BTO counts since the 70's to today it's unreal there are places that struggle on stag stalking due to Ravens following the stalkers & the deer have learnt that they mean danger & are off. Before my time say 50 years ago stalkers in East of Scotland hardly saw a raven the odd pair come stag time that scavenged the gralloch but now there in flocks there is so many juvenile Ravens in flocks of hundreds at a time now it's unreal so go visit a lambing sight that is plagued in Scotland & see for your self. Even if they were open game again I think with legal practice they still be a night mare to control due to there very high intelagence. It is heartbreaking to see new born lambs & the ewe being stripped alive from Ravens
  20. Hi I haven't chrony any my ammo I fudge it in. I use H4350 & N150 both drop charts the same at 450 yard with 123g bullets & I find clean enough. I like Varget & have it but can not get my 47 to shoot better than 3/4" with Varget. I have just got some ramshot hunter to try but I rate H4350 & N150. I think N150 is faster than listed as I shot with a lad with the exact same rifle built with same reamer. We used 130g vld at 500 yard & they were on RE15 with the same dialled in MOA as me with N150 in the 130g vld at 500 yards. I plan to chrony just to see what my ammo doing & spread but it shoots .2-.3 easy & I only use cci 450 primers
  21. Hi I have a true flite No.4 profile at a finished 24" in an 8.5 twist with geometry lands. I ain't used any other barrels but rate this highly with every bullet I have tried doing in .2 at 100m if I do my bit I have used 120g nosler 123g A-Max/Scenar & 130g vld. I have just got an A3/5 fitted to my Borden action but no mounts yet to mount scope to try it with new stock. The stock before was an H-S precision skim bedded & got me by till I could afford a stock. Even out to 450yrd its holding 2" so far but I have heard very good of many diffrent barrels but for 1000yrd bartlein seem to be more common. I heard great reports on benchmark barrels more so just now but they all come with a very high standard & ability for it accuracy.
  22. Hi I thought the tag with 30mm med hight picatinny style below the title was more visible. Well there 30mm medium hight picatinny style mount
  23. Hi I have a basically new boxed set with trox bits in as above £100 posted
  24. Hi I'm wondering what mounts people are using in S&B PM2 in 5x25x56. I am luck to have bought said scope & looking at mounts I have third eye 30mm mounts already on other scopes & like them. I was looking at there tac rings & like them but looking at there uni mount too but not sure on what to go for. What do PM2 owners recommend or positive/negative for mounting said scope please.
  25. v-max

    john carr actions

    Very nice gunner love the nitrate bolt very nice

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