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  1. BFD

    BMA and medical checks

    If only police Scotland's own guidance said the same thing,no response from GP no certificate.
  2. BFD

    Gun cabinet Dundee/Angus area

    Anything really from a breakdown to a five gun. Cheers.
  3. BFD

    EU Directive on firearm

    That is the stock reply from any labour mep,chances are the met hasn't even read what you sent.
  4. BFD

    Sparc /sparc 2

    Before I buy a one new wondering if anybody has one they'd be willing to sell. Thanks.
  5. BFD

    Ruger Precision Rifle in .308

    Mmmmm nice looking bit of kit.
  6. BFD

    Scone Pallace?

    Naw I'm in turkey at the moment but got a mate picking stuff up for me.
  7. BFD

    Brownells USA

    Can't say I'm surprised.
  8. BFD

    Ruger 10/22 Reliability Mods

    Neither of my 10/22's have any problems feeding winchester subs though an Erma M1 carbine i had hated them but fed everything else without problem.
  9. BFD

    Midway UK now Brownells

    I wonder how long this will last,i can't see the UK agent being too chuffed at being side stepped.this is from Brownells site. Part 2: Brownells European websites Weve designed websites in several European markets to make doing business with us internationally a much easier process. Not only is there a Brownells website dedicated to these countries, with the local language and currency, but there is also a Brownells representative locally that help you with any need. Customers in these countries should direct all orders through the local website or representative. www.brownells.no (Norway) www.brownells.es (Spain) www.brownells.it (Italy) www.brownells.co.uk (UK)
  10. What make is the tumbler? Thanks.
  11. BFD

    Mossberg 500 barrel 12bore

    On the look out for a slugster barrel or one with a bit of choke on it say 1/2 upwards. TVM.
  12. BFD


    Yeah just a variation,practical or target shotgun would cover it.Remember to add slug as well.
  13. BFD

    .22 shotshell

    In short there pretty much a waste of time,ideal for popping balloons.I made up some .44 ones to try in my marlin hoping for rat action,in reality you'd be better off with a spade.Still there even better for popping balloons.

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