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  1. Surly this happens when a bullet goes from super through trans to subsonic. This is why bullets can be awful once they have gone through this stage i.e. TR bullets at 1000yrds.
  2. Used but excellent condition in box with paperwork. Lifetime warranty. Cantilever mount. £115 + Postage. Description here: http://www.vortexoptics.com/product/vortex-strikefire-2-red-dot-with-red-green-dot-cantilever-mount
  3. PM's replied to. Apologies for the wait. Away with work last week.
  4. Hollow Point Boat Tail. No idea of manufacturer.
  5. Item Price Superformance £38.00 Superformance £38.00 Superformance (opened) £6/100g MDT Folding Stock Adapter Sold Nikon Monarch 7 8x42 Binos £235.00 Burris Fullfield II 6.5 - 20 x 50 £175.00 200gr ELD-X .30 (100) £49.00 200gr ELD-X .30 (100) £49.00 168gr .30 bullets (100) Sold Sako brass once fired .308 (100) Sold Nikon Rangefinder Sold - Muzzle Brake .30 (5/8 UNF) Sold ALL REMAINING ITEMS HEAVILY REDUCEDAll items plus postage.Please PM. It will be 1st come 1st served based on PM time. Advertised elsewhere.Best,J
  6. Foxing with 300wsm ?

    You should be able to push 125gr at circa 3400fps. That will be fairly emphatic.
  7. Left Handed Rifles

    We lefties pay more when buying new due to economies of scale. It also takes longer to sell 2nd hand at the same price as a r/h of comparable make, model and condition due to the smaller pool of buyers. That said, I will always buy true l/h rifles. I'm left handed and left eye dominant why compromise? The good thing is that it seems like the market is catering more for the l/h market. Tikka especially producing most models and most calibre choices in l/h. I have a l/h RPA Quadlock, Tikka T3X, 2 x Rem700 VS. I will say that I have an Annie .22rf in r/h but this will get changed when I can afford an new fortner action Annie. With regard to after market bits, the T3X is sat in a MDT HS3 chassis, the Rem700s are in HS precision and the RPA is in its factory LH adjustable stock. The market is really opening up for the Lefties. Long may it continue.
  8. MTc scopes

    I put a MTC Genises on my .22-250 replacing a Vortex Viper PST. It is not a patch on the Viper. Very soft target turrets, parralex is ok but moves on the "recoil". The only​ reason I swapped it was because it parallaxes down to 10yds which works really well with NV add-on. The illuminated centre cross also is useful with NV. Optically not too bad in the day. In short it is a budget scope and the results are budget. I only really use my .22-250 at night so not a huge problem.
  9. ***WANTED*** Tikka T3 Picatinny Rail.

    I have one, PM me your email and I'll send you pictures. It is a genuine Tikka rail 0 MOA.

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