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  1. Biathlonjimmy

    WARD D700

    Sold pending funds
  2. Selling my .22-250.It is a Remmington 700 VS sat in a HS Precision stock and fitted with a timney trigger.Very accurate 21.5" varmint barrel screwcut 1/2UNF.£600 onoPhotos on request via email.
  3. Ward D700 for sale with shims, mains charger and 12v car charger. £350 Posted
  4. Biathlonjimmy

    rem 700 lh 308

    pm sent
  5. Excellent scope in very good used condition.CDS dialable elevation turret is marked in 0.25 MOA intervals. You can also have them custom made to suit your trajectory. Mine is coming off a .308 I'm selling. CDS was very useful as it was 1moa at 200 2moa and 225 and 3moa at 250. Quick and simple. Side focus down to approx. 50yds.Duplex ret. 30mm tube£495 posted RMFC tracked
  6. Biathlonjimmy

    Does anyone here use Prvi .22-250 for foxing?

    I carry privi 55gr SP along with my home loads (52gr Amax 3970fps) in case a see a muntjac when I'm going out on fox and corvids. Its poi is 1.5" lower at 200yds so marginal difference and I've found that the bullet holds together very well and will exit the muntjac. Not bad considering its leaving the muzzle at 3650fps. Never had a runner with deer or fox with the privi. It drops foxes just the same as my home loads but there is a much smaller exit wound. Plum/walnut size for the privi compared with orange/grapefruit size with the amax depending on range. Close range amax, there is no exit just a bag of jelly. If you hit them in the right place you've nothing to worry about

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