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  1. I have a 6.5x55 T3 and looked at chassis systems, but only came up limited options when I looked: GRS Bolthorn - expensive, requires (easy) bolt stop swap MDT - requires use of specific 3.56 MDT mags and perhaps feed lip modification There are now many options in off the shelf chassis type rifles if you went for 6.5 Creedmoor (and to a lesser extent 6.5x47, .260) instead - Tikka, Ruger, Howa, Bergara, Sabatti... but ammunition options are limited vs 6.5x55 if you don't handload.
  2. This is the "Mag"-sized version, with which I've sized and seated .308 and 6.5x55. Ideal for portable use. £135 including UK postage.
  3. Bought new in 2013. Have mounted it to test it fits but unused since, therefore zero round count. £200 face to face. FAC with relevant free slot required of course. Thanks
  4. Bamboo

    Any "Java" experts out there?

    Ah that's unfortunate - it sounds like the installer itself is designed to run on a later version of Windows. But I think you might be right that Java would need a later Windows as well.
  5. Bamboo

    Any "Java" experts out there?

    There does seem to be an "offline" version of the installer? https://java.com/en/download/help/windows_offline_download.xml
  6. Bamboo

    scam e mail ????

    Looks like they have a notice about it on their own site? http://www.verticalscope.com/about-us/notice-of-data-breach.html
  7. Bamboo

    Sako trg 22

    Thanks Sandy - food for thought.
  8. Bamboo

    Sako trg 22

    You can get a factory trg22 in .260? Might be interest in getting one myself if so. Can I ask what the lead time was please?
  9. Bamboo

    Tikka T3 Scope Setup

    Flashman, I have the same rifle and scope. I opted for a Mountain Tactical Performance Series 20moa rail. At the time the only version available extended beyond the receiver a little, but now I see they offer receiver length rails. As the Bushnell is quite a 'short' scope, I would opt for a rail that did not extend beyond the receiver in case you can't get the right eye relief when using low rings (the rear of the objective bell hitting the end of the rail would restrict how far you can move the scope rearwards). Fitted a one piece mount (Sphur SP-4001) which I think was excellent quality, but put the scope about 5mm too high for me to get consistent cheek weld. Now I have Farrell 34mm low rings which puts the scope at just the right height with minimum clearance between the objective and barrel (with a flip up cover on). My advice would be to get the rail first (maybe the one with the lowest height you can), then experiment to get the right scope height and eye relief when you're on the rifle. You can place two stacks of coins between the rail and scope, using masking tape if necessary, in place of rings. Then measure the height of the stacks and order rings that match this.
  10. Bamboo

    Unimount wanted

    Spuhr do one for 40mm tubes, but it has a 20MOA cant..
  11. Stead Hall RPC is the tunnel range near Burley in Wharfedale - as Richard says it is 100m and I think you can shoot as a guest (though contact John in advance to check).
  12. I looked at Third Eye Tactical, EGW HD, Recknagel rails but decided to give the Mountain Tactical one (from tikkaperformance.com) a try, mainly as it has a recoil lug that slots into the recess in the top of the receiver. Note that if you get a rail that extends forward of the receiver you might have issues with clearance / eye relief if your scope is short with a large-ish objective lens (unless you switch to taller rings).
  13. Bamboo

    My new web site

    Looks good Danny. You could maybe add a latest news/ blog section? Then you have somewhere you can quickly update with what you're working on, pics, links to other stuff you find interesting. This is only really if you have time to do this regularly, but would keep it fresh..
  14. Bamboo

    rem 700 recall

    I'd already replaced my X Mark Pro trigger with a Rifle Basix one before the recall announcement. If I still had the original trigger I'd probably just get an aftermarket replacement rather than wait on getting it checked/sorted - would also mean no question marks over the trigger when I come to trade it in..

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