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  1. Thanks everyone for the input, The new gun would predominantly be for target shooting with the odd trip to Africa for something like kudu/wildebeest. I quite like the sound of a .284 Winchester, need to look into it a lot more I think .Something like the attached would be what I would be after. I do already have a lightweight .243 set up that I use for UK stalking but would like a tad more power for the red stags in the rut or the ones that hug my permission boundary. In regard to budget the £5k was to include a scope, already have my eye on a Meopta ZD so most like £3.5-4k for the rifle.
  2. I am looking for an all round gun that I can use predominantly for long range target shooting (or get into it), UK large deer, Europe and Africa plains hunting. The calibres I have in mind are .308, 7mm-08 or .300 win mag. I am looking to invest up to £5k on the gun just want to make sure I get a calibre that I can use for a bit of everything. I do reload my own bullets. What do you guys recommend? I am looking at a tactical type build fixed stock heavy barrel large bolt kind of set up.
  3. I have been offered a free .270 Sako Finnbear that the barrel has been shot out, everything else in excellent condition considering its around 1975 when it was built by Sako. I was thinking to accept and rebarrel at some point next year. Has anyone built around an old Sako action? I will primarily be using it for reds/culling deer so want an barrel profile suitable for quick repetitive shots. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciate as I am a novice when it comes to custom builds. Thanks Tom
  4. WILL CONSIDER A SWAP FOR BOLT ACTION .308. .30-06 OR .300 WIN MAG. I have decided to part with my Valkyrie .223 Wylde, mainly as I have now moved back to Scotland and its not really practical for the Deer stalking and lamping. I bought it 6 or 7 months ago new from Dave at Valkyrie. Its fired around 300 rounds (can confirm later on bought a box of 500 Sierra 77gr heads at same time). Comes with a Vortex cantilever scope mount, Valkyrie muzzle brake, 4 x 30 round Pmags, 1 yellow safety mag/flag, remaining Sierra 77gr heads, full tub of N140, 100 lapua cases (fired three times), AR cleaning guide, AR cleaning Brushes etc and a Magpul MS4 sling. Note the bipod, case and mod are not included. Scope was bought shortly after the rifle for taking part in target shooting, not great in low light for hunting hence parting with also. £1,800 for the Rifle with all of the above £2,250 for the Rifle Incl Scope ( Vortex Viper PST FFP 4-16x 44) Was bedded in correctly, cleaned and looked after. A very accurate gun, well built and great fun but too much gun for hunting.
  5. would this be suitable for an AR style rifle?
  6. I am looking for one of these and have a slot ready on my ticket. Do you have anything available in 20" barrel with 1-7 twist? My budget is £2000.
  7. How much would you sell the bell and carlson stock for?
  8. Stirling_Tom

    Changing a .243 Howa 1500 barrel

    Tried to respond regarding the barrel you have for sale, it says you can't receive any new messages?? Thanks for everyones input, currently still trying to list the pros and cons of acquiring a better standard barrel than purchasing a new factory one. Even thought about changing the gun to .308 for a longer barrel life.
  9. Hi all, New to the forum and would like to get everyones opinion on my current dilemma. I am currently looking into having a gunsmith replace my factory barrel, as it is starting to open up on the grouping. Have had the rifle for around 5 years now and it has had at least 3000-4000 rounds through it. Mainly used for Deer culling and Fox control with the odd target shooting session thrown in. Stupidly I left the mod on and it has corroded the crown and there is pitting in the barrel for the last inch or so. Its going to cost me around £6-750 to have a new begara varmint type barrel fitted, blueprinted, screwcut and cerakoted. Of which I think is extremely reasonable but they think I would not be able to use my current stock ( Bell and Carlson Carbelite which is pillar and full length bedded with Devcon). As I am new to customising my own guns, would the inletting be quite extensive to accommodate a begara varmint barrel? and would this affect the structure of a stock? The cost of a new stock for my rifle means I would not be able to afford the entire build, as a new stock + mod would push it upward of £1500+ I have thought about ordering the necessary tools i.e. barrel vice, action wrench, no go gauge and go gauge etc to change the barrel myself. But unsure as to how easy it is to be done, watched numerous videos and read directions on it and it seems pretty straight forward. What are your experiences with changing your own barrel? And does it work out cost effective to purchase the tools i.e. how many barrels am I likely to change in my lifetime? ( Currently 24) My other thought is to purchase a new .243 or .308 Varmint Remmy 700 SPS or the likes, so in the future when I can afford a gunsmith build I have an action that has more readily accessible parts, stocks etc than the Howa 1500. The new rifle either way will be used primarily for Deer and Fox control with the view of venturing into long range shooting. Any advice welcome! Thanks Tom

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