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  1. Novice1

    More scottish bans being proposed

    Wow. I'd love to hear your opinions on some of the "magic eye" images out there. Quite a vivid picture you've managed to create. Clearly you have some strong views on grouse shooting, I'm not privy to how you've got to that position. What I will say, and not interested in getting into further protracted dialogue on the issue, is arguments tend to fall down when they're based on the perception that sporting estates are some sort of lucrative money spinner. A lot of estates, especially in Scotland, have cancelled most grouse days this year. I'm not sure that's the most productive of business models...
  2. Novice1

    More scottish bans being proposed

    I find this a particularly odd attitude. What exactly is the issue here, particularly given the lack of information behind the image? Any idea of the acreage that number of hares was taken off? Any idea of the actual population on said acreage and the percentage reduction those numbers would achieve? I'd suggest not. Without that information, aren't you just falling straight into the intended trap set by the antis? What that image shows to me is keepers sorting the hares at the end of the day for storage prior to entering the food chain. If the likes of Rith Tingay were to be believed, they should be loading them into a dumper bucket for tipping onto a midden or into a hole somewhere. Blue hare culls have been taking place for a long, long time on scottish estates. I'm not saying that some estates are trying to reduce the population to low levels in a (mistaken in my view) belief that to do so will noticeably reduce the tick population. What is happening here is a confusing of that with wider culling. I'm always interested in a comparision of blue hare populations on upland areas not managed for grouse compared to those that are. I'd suggest there's a big difference. The heather habitat maintained on grouse moors is more suitable for blue hares also. Taking a crop off in the same way as the grouse isn't an issue in my view. The antis seem to be hanging their hats recently on a paper released by Dr Adam Watson (a very respected name in terms of Scottish wildlife) not long before he died. I'm certainly not going to denigrate his wider work, but I did find that paper a bit lacking. Seemed to me that he'd been recording hare numbers incidental to other work in particular areas over a period of time. I couldn't see any real consistency in terms of time of year, date, weather conditions etc to try to keep variables consistent. I recognise that these things can't be maintained as they could in a lab, but that to me is the achilles heel of a lot of wildlife based study, there are no absolutes. However, where something fits with the narrative of those opposed to something like culling blue hares, then all of a sudden a lot of that is overlooked and it's preached as gospel.
  3. Novice1

    T3 Bottom Metal

    Now sorted.
  4. Novice1

    T3 Bottom Metal

    Anyone got an aftermarket aluminium T3 replacement bottom metal that they'd part with? Want one to take the standard t3 magazine. Cheers
  5. Novice1

    Calling All M595 Owners

    I think they will. Pretty sure the McMillan stock on mine came off a 590. Around the £120 mark I think.
  6. Just a heads up, Adrian at Surrey Gunsmith is now offering a straight aluminium replacement for the m595 bottom "metal". I provided him with an original bottom metal to work from, but had no involvement beyond that. Good to see a UK based company trying to solve this longstanding issue with the m595 action, so hopefully he'll be well supported in the venture. I hope his initial run will sell quickly. Cheers
  7. Novice1

    Hog Saddle Technique

    Thanks for posting. That's exactly the sort of input I was hoping for.
  8. Can anyone using a hog saddle give me some pointers on the technique they use while shooting with it? I've always been brought up with not resting a gun on a hard surface as it can affect consistency and accuracy, so the idea of placing a rifle in a clamp is a little alien. However given that they have a following amongst long range shooters and in the military, I'm guessing they work ok. Is it the case that you just let the rifle recoil back on the tripod with minimal contact from yourself, or do you have to load the tripod in some way, sort of like some do when shooting off a bipod? Cheers
  9. Can anyone give me some pointers on a suitable maintenance regime for a trigger mechanism? Looks to be a little crud building up in my t3 trigger housing. Cheers
  10. Novice1

    Tikka M695 to T3

    Does anyone know if it's possible to alter a stock currently inlet for a tikka m695 to take a tikka T3? If so, how much work is involved and which smith would be a likely candidate to take it on? It's a McMillan stock if that makes a difference. Hopeful that as they're both long actions from the same manufacturer, it might just be possible. Cheers
  11. That's a nice piece of wood. Good luck with the sale.
  12. Purely out of curiosity, not knowing anything about these things, how would he have gone about putting that lot together? Would it have been issued like that? A personal bit of kit or is there enough flexibility for a member of the sas to put in a shopping list of what they want?
  13. Novice1

    Stock Milling

    Would it be worth approaching a cnc milling company who offer one-off work? Given that it's simply the stock, I don't see any issues re rfd status etc.
  14. Novice1

    Stock Milling

    Thanks for the honest replies gents. Would a laminate stock be an easier proposition? Just finding it a little difficult to source an off the shelf inlet for a left hand heym sr40...
  15. Novice1

    Accuracy International Nitride Barrels

    Ah balls. Wish I'd not been so polite and accepted you need time off like the rest of us over Christmas!

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