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  1. Novice1

    Best AICS mag compatible bottom metal in UK?

    I'm guessing no-one does a straight upgrade then?
  2. Novice1

    Best AICS mag compatible bottom metal in UK?

    Thanks gents. Guess I missed the obvious opportunity at the rebarrel stage. Having built up a stock of the standard 3 and 5 shot mags, I'd be interested to know if anyone does, or ever did, a straight upgrade for the standard plastic bottom metal?
  3. Novice1

    Best AICS mag compatible bottom metal in UK?

    Who did the inletting work if you don't mind me asking? Didn't realise these were still readily available for the m595
  4. Novice1

    Tikka T3x prone to rusting?

    I've experienced both an original t3 and an older m595 being absolute pigs for rusting.
  5. Novice1

    Toyota hilux mk5

    Seems a lot of vehicle for the money. Well done on tracking it down.
  6. Novice1

    Toyota hilux mk5

    Do you mind saying what you gave for it? Ballpark if you prefer.
  7. What coating has been applied to the metalwork and is that the normal wear levels for said coating? Looks a bit of a mess, unless it's had a really hard life!
  8. Mounts received with thanks. A doddle to fit and a big improvement over the apel mounts they've replaced.
  9. That's an excellent deal for someone. Thought it would be snapped up. Good luck with the sale. Novice1
  10. I'm dealing with Gary Hawkins at present regarding a Zeiss warranty repair. He can also be contacted at East Coast Binocular Repair. Novice1
  11. Sold subject to payment. Novice1
  12. I don't believe they've got a waterproof liner on them. Novice1

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