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  1. Novice1

    Hog Saddle Technique

    Thanks for posting. That's exactly the sort of input I was hoping for.
  2. Can anyone using a hog saddle give me some pointers on the technique they use while shooting with it? I've always been brought up with not resting a gun on a hard surface as it can affect consistency and accuracy, so the idea of placing a rifle in a clamp is a little alien. However given that they have a following amongst long range shooters and in the military, I'm guessing they work ok. Is it the case that you just let the rifle recoil back on the tripod with minimal contact from yourself, or do you have to load the tripod in some way, sort of like some do when shooting off a bipod? Cheers
  3. Can anyone give me some pointers on a suitable maintenance regime for a trigger mechanism? Looks to be a little crud building up in my t3 trigger housing. Cheers
  4. Novice1

    Tikka M695 to T3

    Does anyone know if it's possible to alter a stock currently inlet for a tikka m695 to take a tikka T3? If so, how much work is involved and which smith would be a likely candidate to take it on? It's a McMillan stock if that makes a difference. Hopeful that as they're both long actions from the same manufacturer, it might just be possible. Cheers
  5. That's a nice piece of wood. Good luck with the sale.
  6. Purely out of curiosity, not knowing anything about these things, how would he have gone about putting that lot together? Would it have been issued like that? A personal bit of kit or is there enough flexibility for a member of the sas to put in a shopping list of what they want?
  7. Novice1

    Stock Milling

    Would it be worth approaching a cnc milling company who offer one-off work? Given that it's simply the stock, I don't see any issues re rfd status etc.
  8. Novice1

    Stock Milling

    Thanks for the honest replies gents. Would a laminate stock be an easier proposition? Just finding it a little difficult to source an off the shelf inlet for a left hand heym sr40...
  9. Novice1

    Accuracy International Nitride Barrels

    Ah balls. Wish I'd not been so polite and accepted you need time off like the rest of us over Christmas!
  10. Novice1

    Stock Milling

    Can anyone recommend someone to inlet a flat topped McMillan stock? A rough steer on the price for the work would also be welcome. Cheers
  11. Novice1

    Convergence of tech

    If there is no push from a military perspective, which seems to be the source of many innovations and progression in shooting sports technology, I'd suggest that the target market may be too small for manufacturers to bother with. Some of the technology you refer to, mobile phones and cameras, have huge markets and the r&d budgets to go with them. I don't know enough to understand how easily such technology can be applied to other tasks but, putting IP issues aside, if there's a decent level of work involved to adapt it then I can only see things remaining niche and expensive. And anyway, where would the fun be in it all 😊
  12. Could you please clear your inbox. Interested in torque wrench. Cheers
  13. Has anyone any experience of this piece of kit? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rifle-saddle-mount-Rifle-clamp-Tripod-mount-adapter-Precise-tripod-shooting-rest/183252302277?hash=item2aaab039c5:g:0P8AAOSwMD5a1xNe It could suit my needs as looking for something to hold a lightweight .222 on top of a set of primos trigger sticks at night. I've a feeling a proper hog or monkey saddle may be more than I need.
  14. Novice1

    Pig Saddle

    Cheers. Not sure I could stretch to a new monkey clamp, but I'll see what santa says.
  15. Novice1

    Pig Saddle

    Has anyone got a Pig Saddle they'd part with? Pm me if you have. Cheers

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