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  1. lenteped

    New Tactical Tikka

    One is on order. When it arrives from faraway Finland, I'll post details and reaction.
  2. Thanks, now arrived. I'll get back to you. Jon
  3. lenteped

    Praise for Northants FLO team

    Cambs. are equally efficient. Really fast turnaround and a very good understanding of firearms generally. Credit where credit is due.
  4. Hi, pls send pics to jandsc@btinternet.com. Thanks. Jon
  5. That's really kind, thank you. I'd be grateful for anything they list for their 129gr bullet in 6.5 Creedmoor. Regards, Jon
  6. Thanks, I certainly might be. Pls send/post details and price. Regards, Jon
  7. Hi all, I am seeking advice please. I am looking for a Leupold 12-40 x 60mm spotter, either the GR or Mk 4 model. Apart from Uttings or Brownell's, does anyone know of a stockist or anyone that would like to sell one? Thanks. Jon
  8. lenteped

    Atlas bi pod

    It might sound poncey, but they just look better and work better. No springs sticking out, more easily adjustable and just pleasingly machined. If you can afford one, buy one, Regards, Jon
  9. You could try Sam at Sporting Services who sells TAB Gear covers--not cheap but custom-made and excellent. Cheers, Jon
  10. Hi, please tell me how to upload such clear photos to a thread! Oh, and if the sale falls thru, do contact me. Best regards.Jon
  11. I’ve moved from .243 to 6.5 Creedmoor so I’d like to sell remaining bits. 48 x Berger 6mm heads, 62gr FMJ Match £9 Lee Ultimate Die Set—4 dies, shell holder, scoop £37 Heads and Dies plus p & p at cost.
  12. lenteped


    I have one. Excellent glass, superb quality build, great value. Only criticism is that then manual is very basic and poorly translated. Regards, Jon

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