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  1. Has it really been 20 years?! Actually longer since the days of Safari and Stone Lodge. Ive even bought one of your old rifles from Adam!! Best of intentions and all that....
  2. Thanks chaps. As I thought, proving problematic....
  3. A dear friend has the following that are now surplus to requirements. GRS stock for a Howa short action, heavy barrel. Nigh on mint condition in mountain green laminate. Will obviously fit Weatherby and Smith and Wesson also. £320 including shipping. Secondly is a Bushnell Elite Tactical 4.5-30x50. Again nigh on mint, boxed. £600. If interested PM me and I’ll give you his number. Solid bloke to deal with.
  4. Posted here as I imagine it fits into the “Anything else”! I’m looking for a cerakote applicator with a s5 authority. I know of a humane dispatch handgun that could do with some TLC. Needs to be in the South East of England as well, given the logistical nightmare, never mind cost, of getting something delivered... any ideas? thanks.
  5. Tyre kickers have gone to ground, so a little bump.
  6. simgre

    Remington 700 LTR magazine conversion

    Yes, still have it. Was this posted after the same question in the sales thread? ?
  7. Yes. A couple interested, but nothing firm. If needs be, I can PM you a telephone number. Cheers!
  8. Weekend bump. Lots of PMs and interest. Open to offers.
  9. Weekend bump. Lots of PMs and interest. Open to offers.
  10. Cases, dies and bullets included.
  11. £750 without the glass and mod.

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