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  1. Tyre kickers have gone to ground, so a little bump.
  2. simgre

    Remington 700 LTR magazine conversion

    Yes, still have it. Was this posted after the same question in the sales thread? 😉
  3. Yes. A couple interested, but nothing firm. If needs be, I can PM you a telephone number. Cheers!
  4. Weekend bump. Lots of PMs and interest. Open to offers.
  5. Weekend bump. Lots of PMs and interest. Open to offers.
  6. Cases, dies and bullets included.
  7. £750 without the glass and mod.
  8. A very rare beast indeed. A Remington LTR in the usual guise of HS Precision full aluminium block bedded stock, with a medium heavy, fluted barrel. This is completely standard as it came from the factory. The scope, rings and mounts are not included as that’s no longer on the rifle, nor is the KRG bolt lift. A mate who used to work for Edgar’s reckoned there’s less than a dozen of these so chambered LTRs in the UK. The 6.8 Rem SPC is an interesting little cartridge, but in a bolt rifle n the UK, it’s probably more of a really interesting curio. It will make deer legal with 110gn V-Max. I’ve shot some really nice groups well below MOA out to 300 with 115gn SMKs and with Relcom bullets and H335 burn rate powders, it’s cheap and accurate enough to to bang fig 11and 12s out to to 600 on an ETR and falling plate. But I suppose the real beauty today is its potential. With simply a barrel change, this could become one if the new “wonder cartridge” platforms, for .224 Valkyrie! Bolt face, magazine all remain the same and then allegedly it’s a 1300yd Mouse Gun! The Rifle is in really nice condition having done less than 700 rounds. £875 plus shipping.
  9. A little bump up for a great general purpose rifle ready to go on the range or excel in the field! Off to the selling sites imminently....
  10. Should have said, in .308 Win flavour.
  11. A rifle that should need no introduction! Steyr Scout Tactical. Two mags, Ching sling with Millet flush fit swivels. Burris 2-7x variable Scout Scope in Warne rings. Screw cut 1/2” UNF with a Hardy GenV moderator. Also has an adjustable cheek piece and butt pad for fitting large objective scopes or NV. Real nice condition. The cheapest on that particular selling site is £995 without optics, mod or accessories! A lovely deal at £990. RFD shipping I’ll split.

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