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  1. Hi, First and final reduction on this amazing bit of kit which is surplus to requirements! Now £1,750.00 including Special Delivery. All the best, joejoe
  2. Hi, A brand new Elcan 5.56. Never been in the field. With box and papers. An amazing bit of kit! Grab a bargain: £2,000.00 Pictures on request. All the best, Joejoe
  3. joejoe

    7.62 Elcan or ACOG

    Hi Mac, I have a brand new Elcan Specter Dr 1 - 4X Dual Role optical Sight 5.56 with BDC reticle. It has never been in the field. With box and papers. An amazing bit of kit. A bargain at £2,000.00 All the best, Joejoe
  4. joejoe

    6mmbr Norma neck die

    Hi, Sold to Kaduflyer. Many thanks! All the best, joejoe
  5. joejoe

    6mmbr Norma neck die

    Hi 1066, Kaduflyer has not replied... To be fair maybe I should give him another couple of days. But by next Tuesday 5th June you can have it. All the best, Joejoe
  6. joejoe

    6mmbr Norma neck die

    Hi Kaduflyer, I sold my Sako 6mm BR a while ago and was left with a 'Wilson 6mm BR Rem Bullet Seater Die (WIL40317), a WilsonStainless Steel Interchangeable Bushing Neck Die (SNR-BR), a Wilson Case Holder (Fired Cases, CH-BR) and a Redding Seater Plug For BR Comp Die, RED55044). All in good condition. If interested £50.00 for the lot + postage. All the best, Joejoe P.S. Send me your email if you would like pictures...
  7. Hi everyone, This is the last reduction at £575.00 including U.K. Special Delivery. If it doesn't sell then I will simply put it on my 1301. A bit indulgent but that's life! All the best, joejoe
  8. Hi everyone, Brand new EOTech 512.LBC/552.LBC, red laser and smallest aiming dot in the industry for extreme precision. Never used. With case, wrapping and paperwork. Including two AA provided batteries. Awesome bit of kit but surplus to requirements. £670.00 including UK Special Delivery. All the best, joejoe PM for pictures.
  9. Hi again everyone, Last reduction for this brand new brilliant bit of kit! Now £600.00 including U.K. Special Delivery. All the best, joejoe
  10. Hi again, Another reduction! £625.00 including U.K. Special Delivery. All the best, joejoe
  11. Hi everyone, This formidable bit of kit is now reduced to £650.00 I will also advertise it elsewhere. All the best, joejoe
  12. Hi, More refinement to my little cabinet. Vortex Razor HD Gen II 1-6X24, JM-I (MOA) BDC Reticle, Second Focal Plane with Vortex Cantilever Q-R Ring Mount 2 inch Offset for 30mm Tube and Vortex Flip-caps together with boxes and all paperwork. No scratches to glass or body. Excellent as new condition. £950.00 including Royal Mail Special Delivery. All the best, joejoe PM me for pictures.
  13. Hi, Many thanks to everyone for looking at my post. The scope has been sold to m_merodio. All the best, joejoe
  14. Hi everyone, Last reduction! The Vortex is now £850.00 If it doesn't sell I will keep it and get an Accuracy International for it. All the best, joejoe
  15. Hi, Bumb. A bit too dear? £900.00 This is a brilliant scope!!! I know, not cheap but new it would around to £1,400.00 All the best, joejoe
  16. Hi, Sold to glenb pending payment. Many thanks to all who viewed my post. All the best, joejoe
  17. Hi, Nightforce NXS 2.5-10x32, .250 MOA, Mil-Dot, Illuminated, 30mm tube, with flip-caps, box, DVD and all paperwork. It has spent most of its life in the cupboard so in excellent like new condition with no scratches at all to glass or body. £850.00 including Royal Mail Special Delivery. All the best, joejoe PM me for pictures.
  18. Hi, It would be nice to see the condition of your scope... Could you send (pm) me some pictures? Many thanks, Joe
  19. Hi, Nice rifle! Is it 14 or 18" barrel? Are you prepared to sell without the scope? I have a lovely NXS - 2.5-10x32 for my next .22 LR so your Nikko Stirling would not be needed. All the best, joejoe
  20. Hi, Very nice rifle! I just don't like SAK mods and got a Wildcat already for a .22LR. Are you prepared to keep the mod and sell the rifle only? Many thanks, joejoe
  21. Hi everyone, Ultrec Carbon Fibre Sticks Quick-change Tripod with "V" and "U" brackets and Pan Head Mount (for spotting scope or camera) with original bag and Allen keys. As new. £75.00 including Special Delivery. Ridgeline Torrent Euro II jacket, size Large, Teak, brand new, never worn, labels and tags still attached. £60.00 including Special Delivery. PM me if you would need pictures. All the best, joejoe
  22. Hi Ajessop, It would be nice to see some pictures. PM if you like. All the best, joejoe
  23. Hi Everyone, The Ultrec Tripod is sold to Mudlark. Many thanks! The Ridgeline Jacket still for sale and is still brand new. It comes with its own hood. Very good quality and guaranteed to keep you toasty!!! All the best, joejoe
  24. Hi Mudlark, If still interested in the sticks send me your mobile or email. Many thanks, joejoe 07904457061

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