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  1. Hi, First and final reduction on this amazing bit of kit which is surplus to requirements! Now £1,750.00 including Special Delivery. All the best, joejoe
  2. joejoe

    7.62 Elcan or ACOG

    Hi Mac, I have a brand new Elcan Specter Dr 1 - 4X Dual Role optical Sight 5.56 with BDC reticle. It has never been in the field. With box and papers. An amazing bit of kit. A bargain at £2,000.00 All the best, Joejoe
  3. Hi, A brand new Elcan 5.56. Never been in the field. With box and papers. An amazing bit of kit! Grab a bargain: £2,000.00 Pictures on request. All the best, Joejoe
  4. joejoe

    6mmbr Norma neck die

    Hi, Sold to Kaduflyer. Many thanks! All the best, joejoe
  5. joejoe

    6mmbr Norma neck die

    Hi 1066, Kaduflyer has not replied... To be fair maybe I should give him another couple of days. But by next Tuesday 5th June you can have it. All the best, Joejoe
  6. joejoe

    6mmbr Norma neck die

    Hi Kaduflyer, I sold my Sako 6mm BR a while ago and was left with a 'Wilson 6mm BR Rem Bullet Seater Die (WIL40317), a WilsonStainless Steel Interchangeable Bushing Neck Die (SNR-BR), a Wilson Case Holder (Fired Cases, CH-BR) and a Redding Seater Plug For BR Comp Die, RED55044). All in good condition. If interested £50.00 for the lot + postage. All the best, Joejoe P.S. Send me your email if you would like pictures...
  7. Hi everyone, This is the last reduction at £575.00 including U.K. Special Delivery. If it doesn't sell then I will simply put it on my 1301. A bit indulgent but that's life! All the best, joejoe
  8. Hi again everyone, Last reduction for this brand new brilliant bit of kit! Now £600.00 including U.K. Special Delivery. All the best, joejoe
  9. Hi again, Another reduction! £625.00 including U.K. Special Delivery. All the best, joejoe
  10. Hi everyone, This formidable bit of kit is now reduced to £650.00 I will also advertise it elsewhere. All the best, joejoe
  11. Hi everyone, Brand new EOTech 512.LBC/552.LBC, red laser and smallest aiming dot in the industry for extreme precision. Never used. With case, wrapping and paperwork. Including two AA provided batteries. Awesome bit of kit but surplus to requirements. £670.00 including UK Special Delivery. All the best, joejoe PM for pictures.
  12. Hi, Many thanks to everyone for looking at my post. The scope has been sold to m_merodio. All the best, joejoe
  13. Hi everyone, Last reduction! The Vortex is now £850.00 If it doesn't sell I will keep it and get an Accuracy International for it. All the best, joejoe
  14. Hi, Bumb. A bit too dear? £900.00 This is a brilliant scope!!! I know, not cheap but new it would around to £1,400.00 All the best, joejoe

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