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    mainly foxing and occasional deer, collecting wood for my stove shooting in general and my dog ghyll.

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  1. dave thorniley

    Pulsar xq38f

    +1 what spanner said
  2. dave thorniley

    Another use for thermal

    i was out with the other night, and while taking a break i had a qiuck fag and a brew, then carried on and found out i,d lost my zippo hand warmer, my mate who was on his thermal said no worries i can see it, it was about 150 yds away . modern technology is great dt
  3. dave thorniley

    UK Distributors too greedy?

    +1 above
  4. dave thorniley

    UK Distributors too greedy?

    +1 what baldie said, baldie bradders and all the great gunsmiths over here, are making top quality bespoke rifles for the shooters in the uk, without them shooting would be dead, support them, they are just like us, they have a living to make and mouths to feed, stop whinging and moaning about prices in the uk. ive heard it all before it only costs $25 in the states. well if it does go and get it. but i for one will always support uk business/dave.
  5. dave thorniley

    Changing factory ammo

    it would be nice if you could buy a few of each brand ammo like in the states thats what i did over there
  6. dave thorniley

    Changing factory ammo

    +1 what 17 rem said , nobody can answer your question, you will have to check differant ammunition for your rifle, to see what suits ,in general your point of impact would change with other ammunition, unless your a lucky bugger.
  7. dave thorniley

    Kinetic hammer

    nice 1 gandy top man
  8. dave thorniley

    Sunny Hill bottom metal, stainless steel

    i think one of the forum members j c cambell has one for sale
  9. dave thorniley

    17 calibre powder funnel

    hi tony get a satern 17 powder funnel from spud they are the best
  10. dave thorniley

    .223 Reloder 15

    yes viht powder is a very clean powder ive used it for years
  11. jeez is that how much they cost £250 new?
  12. dave thorniley

    Vortex scope caps

    hi conorj i have a set of brand new vortex flip ups i bought and never been used obj 0-44 and standered eye piece £24 posted
  13. dave thorniley

    Plucking machine

    just googled plucking machine WOW!
  14. dave thorniley

    Rifle Cases

    my rifle fell off my roof, good job it was in an aim bag, didnt check zero on rifle, took a fox at 240 yds, god bless aim bags.dave.

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