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    mainly foxing and occasional deer, collecting wood for my stove shooting in general and my dog ghyll.

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  1. dave thorniley

    Calvin elite custom trigger rem 700

    hi lee ive used jewell triggers for years but 6 years ago i bought a remmy 700 and was after a jewell but at the time couldnt find one i was talking to a guy at diggle range and he said to try a calvin elite trigger i did and and i couldnt tell the differance and the are cheaper good luck dave
  2. dave thorniley

    wanted 17 rem 20 grain vmax load data

    hey up dell i bought them in the states but if your happy with the 2ogr bullets stick with em dave. ps i can give you some good tips on the 17rem
  3. dave thorniley

    wanted 17 rem 20 grain vmax load data

    hi del i use 24 gr vhit 135 with a 25gr berger i prefer the 25 gr bullets than the lighter ones good luck ive shot 17 rem for nearly 30 years i love it
  4. dave thorniley

    Sako finnfire varmint - stock req

    yeah mine is a mcmillan, phone jackson rifles they can get you one, take a look on mcmillan web sight dave.
  5. dave thorniley

    montana products

    does anyone know of any shops selling montana extreme products, e.g. bore solvent, copper killer, cheers dave.
  6. dave thorniley

    Sako Finnfire Stock Bolts

    any engineering works, can make up a set of stock bolts screws for you, i had a set done a couple of years ago, the guy charged me £2.50 each take your original screws with you dave.ps i wouldnt give brownells uk rip of merchants the time of day, they should be banned in the uk,or email sako direct good luck dave.
  7. dave thorniley

    Sako finnfire varmint - stock req

    hi richie if i was you i would put range stock up for sale they are like hens teeth to find sell that and get another custum stock
  8. dave thorniley

    17 hornet or 17 remington

    sherlock what wise words you speak of the mighty 17 rem, ive shot more foxes in nearly 30years with my sako vixen, i shot the biggest fox ive ever seen at 240 yds dont underestimate it, its a cracker and ive seen alot of people putting down the 17rem on ukv i wonder how many of them have shot one dave
  9. dave thorniley

    gotcha !

    i like your avatar cpt price? any way nice shot dave.
  10. dave thorniley

    Ruger 10/22

    volquartson 10 -22 ring roger at rimefire magic
  11. dave thorniley

    Yet another T3

    fantastic looking rifle mint but why do i have to wake up? am i missing something. dt
  12. dave thorniley

    Sako A11 Restoration

    i was drooling over this sako on friday, a classic factory rifle,its a cracker well done andy. dave.
  13. dave thorniley

    dog gone good bag

    many thxs ronin top bloke cheers dave.
  14. dave thorniley

    dog gone good bag

    hi anyone got a dog gone good medium bag for sale cheers dave.

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