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    mainly foxing and occasional deer, collecting wood for my stove shooting in general and my dog ghyll.

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  1. dave thorniley

    H S Precision stock uk importer?

    what stock are you after? dt
  2. dave thorniley

    modified case

    hi anyone got a modified case 6.5x55 swed cheers dave t.
  3. dave thorniley

    Spotting scope

    if i had a £1000 budget i would go for a s/hand swarovski dave t
  4. dave thorniley

    site not secure

    cheers nicklock, im not very good at pc stuff, and i noticed the not secure sign, but you have put my mind at rest cheers dave.
  5. dave thorniley

    site not secure

    just noticed that it says this site not secure ?, and why dont you make it easier to upload pictures, its a pain in the ass, on other forums its so easy to add pics. dt ps we are not all pc techy,s
  6. dave thorniley

    1 inch patches

    hi, does anyone know where or who has any 1 inch cleaning patches,pref in 1000 count, cant find anyone doing them, cheers dave.
  7. dave thorniley

    ammo ,the stolen dog found

    fantastic news
  8. dave thorniley

    Chassis system for Remington SA

    hi matey, lost boy on here, had a mdt lss chassis for sale last week for a remmy 700 s/a, great price dave.
  9. dave thorniley

    rcbs 505 scales

    yes sorry they have been sold bob 57 above has one for sale cheers
  10. hi matey yes there yours, can you do bank transfer please. dave.

  11. dave thorniley

    The Shooting Show

    hi do they fit like a harris or just a piccatiny rail
  12. hi i have for sale a set of rcbs 505 scales £40 i dont think ive used them mint pm me dave
  13. hi i have for sale a set of rcbs 505 beam scales, in mint condition, i dont think ive used them, £40 plu postage
  14. dave thorniley

    Wanted Scope: Leupold Mk.4 or similar

    hi matey it makes you mad when that happens, i have 4 mk4,s they are a great scopes keep looking one will turn up. dave.

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