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    Rifles center fire for the deer & fox rim fire for the rabbits and the 12 gauge for the rest and not forgetting the ferrets. 260 Rem 17 Fireball 17 HMR & 22LR

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  1. Could you tell me what model the stock it is.
  2. Matt234

    223 dies

    Thanks for the offer but I think I'm sorted but I'll keep your offer in mind just incase. Cheers Matt
  3. Matt234

    Bringing dies back from the USA

    Thanks for the help I'll wait and pick them up on the USA
  4. Does anyone know if you can bring back reloading dies for the USA ?
  5. Matt234

    223 dies

    If anyone has any of the above mentioned surplus to requirements I'm looking for a set I'm not really interested in Lee dieds but anything else considered.
  6. Matt234

    Sako 85 stock

    Hi I've got a new sako 85 laminated stock that I removed from my 260 rem it's never been used I removed it the day it arrived new in the box and fitted my GRS stock I planned to put it on for stalking but I've just used the GRS for everything anyway the barrel on my 260 was a varminting barrel. PM me if you are interested
  7. Matt234

    GRS Bifrost

    One or two retailers are advertising them no mention about advanced orders so I assumed they are available! I'll have a look again. Cheers Matt
  8. Matt234

    280 AI brass

    Hi Anyone have any 280 AI brass for sale? It's for a possible build project anything out there. Regards Matt
  9. Hi Anyone using one of the above? Would you recommend them I'm looking at one for a possible project stalking/target. Cheers Matt
  10. All I can say is that I purchased an 8x32 NXS from onehole I was lucky enough to be able to collect it and it was exactly as described I was considering this for a build project but the wife would killed me. Cheers Matt
  11. Matt234

    Trail cam

    Hi Anyone have a trail cam that's surplus to requirements looking for one that's silent & no visible light in the dark! Regards Matt
  12. Hi Just a quick one how old is it and do you have the receipt? As I've a friend who's looking for one who doesn't use the internet asked me to look around for him. Cheers Matt
  13. Matt234

    Spare parts or a Lee challenger press

    I think I know someone with the parts you require I had the same problem I was fortunate to be able to make a new part using steel. Anyway I can ask him if you like? PM me if interested Cheers Matt
  14. Matt234

    Reloading press

    Hi I think I'm all sorted just waiting for someone to get back to me.

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