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  1. I will take these if still available.... pm me details
  2. Have a savage in 17H and using nosler varmageddons can make a round for under 30p per pop.....stunningly accurate with foxes up to 180 yds and rabbits to 340yds. using strelok helps calculate my windage etc and I love the round. Anything more than that I use my very capable remmy 700 in 223 or others I really wouldn't bother with the HMR as there are still issues with the rounds and crack necks...which is why I swapped to 17H in the first place. People seem to hate the savage and yes its a bit of a marmite looking thing, generally its a tool which I don't particularly like the look of but it gives no feed issues and everyone I know who has one shoot extremely well indeed once you have your load worked out.
  3. As above, I'm upgrading to one box just to eliminate the number of keys and secret places to store them all... I have the following for sale, however I'm not actually removing them till the other box is installed on Friday 26th Jan. My new box will be delivered Thursday and I will be doing the install Friday. So I have the following for sale.... 1 - BOXX 4 rifle cabinet with top locking ammo box and 2x keys to the main door....dimensions are 265w x 255d x 1500h 1 - Brattonsound RL5+ rifle cabinet extra high and deep for large scopes. There is a separate key for the top lock and one key to open main door. Here`s a link dimensions are in the link There are minor cosmetic marks and a bit of dust but other than that they are in very good condition. I have taken a couple of pics in situe but I don't think they do them justice tbh..... I am willing to deliver within a reasonable distance to me (West Bromwich) or we could come to some arrangement for a little further.....Thanks for looking pictures on request as cant get em on here..oh and these are advertised elsewhere
  4. Huasken md45 bout £130.....very light and compact. no louder than a moded HMR....

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