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  1. gonna be away for a week so will try and get online if I can but if you get no response you know why....thanks
  2. no I am using my legacy on another rifle stock..
  3. Price drop just to see it gone to good home......
  4. I have the above rifle stock for sale..... It comes with additional spacers and cheek riser and has the M-lok bipod stud fitted. It originally had 2 bipod studs in before the mlok and I removed one for my bipod (see pic) if I can find it I will refit it. There are a couple of marks on the stock but it has been used for hunting. It is without shadow of doubt a very comfortable and usable stock and if I hadn't jumped at a fully adjustable stock (was bought for my coming birthday)I would be using it still. I even looked into adapting it for another rifle, that's how much I love it. All the description etc can be found here for the stock and stud.... >>HERE<< it is for a short action btw I would like £210.00 inc delivery for the above.....thanks ps all the grey streaks are reflection of the bed clothes....
  5. will take the 22 nosler BT for £20....pm me your details
  6. I will take these if still available.... pm me details
  7. Have a savage in 17H and using nosler varmageddons can make a round for under 30p per pop.....stunningly accurate with foxes up to 180 yds and rabbits to 340yds. using strelok helps calculate my windage etc and I love the round. Anything more than that I use my very capable remmy 700 in 223 or others I really wouldn't bother with the HMR as there are still issues with the rounds and crack necks...which is why I swapped to 17H in the first place. People seem to hate the savage and yes its a bit of a marmite looking thing, generally its a tool which I don't particularly like the look of but it gives no feed issues and everyone I know who has one shoot extremely well indeed once you have your load worked out.

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