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  1. JDBenelliM1

    34mm cantilever mount for pic rail

    Hi Eric, how much are you wanting for it?
  2. JDBenelliM1

    34mm cantilever mount for pic rail

    As above, Many Thanks JD
  3. JDBenelliM1

    FFP scope wanted

    Hi all, I'm looking for a FFP scope for my BAR22. Anything considered. Many thanks JD
  4. Hi, Is this ffp or sfp? Thanks JD
  5. JDBenelliM1

    15" Samson handguard wanted

    As title, 15" samson handguard for AR wanted. Cheers JD
  6. Hi Mark, Please can I have the 15" rail, 1x CMMG receiver plate and a phase 5 lever. Please PM me with postage cost. Cheers, JD
  7. JDBenelliM1

    Gazz,s .243

    Really tidy rifle. Keep toying with the idea of a 6.5 but then I think sticking with .243 is a better idea, especially with a fast twist. Cant wait to see what it can do!
  8. JDBenelliM1

    Youtube Varminting !

    Great vids! I had my fingers crossed that the magpie was going to get it ?. Good shooting
  9. JDBenelliM1

    Another Deviant......

    Stunning rifle. I prefer straight fluting though
  10. JDBenelliM1

    50 today

  11. JDBenelliM1

    Ergo tactical deluxe grip wanted

    As above, not bothered about the colour but needs to be in good condition. Thanks, JD
  12. JDBenelliM1

    Top Gear

    Was looking forward to a good old fashioned drag race or head to head round a track. This stupid idea that they need a quirky angle to make it interesting is broccoli. It's all setup for great video clips but I can't stand fake bullsh!t. They need to listen to the population and change it back to basics pretty rapidily
  13. JDBenelliM1

    Top Gear

    The second they put guns on cars they lost it ?

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