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  1. You do know it's illegal to post ammunition, primers, powder, etc.?? Put me down for the: 2x full box of speer 224 spitzer 45 Gr £ 15 box 1× box of 70 speer spire soft points 224 40gr £10 ...please Ta
  2. I'll check this against my other mags. (for Rem 700)
  3. hi saddler - did you get a chance to send the p14 pics?

  4. saddler

    Bullet sizing dies

    looking for a few different sized dies to use in sizing cast bullets. not fussy on type/make = Lyman H&I/RCBS L-A-M or the push through Lee version need .224, .280, .325, .340 & possibly a few others
  5. saddler

    Barrel Vice & action wrench

    Just missed the one in the sales section! After a vice, with a few different dia. inserts ideally.... Also after an action wrench for a Remington receiver
  6. It's "Rem 870 Black" you heathen.... Sad to see this up for grabs, but a stunning 870 for the money
  7. Little Crow Trimmer & 2nd dibs on AIM mat
  8. What condition are the "5.56 magazines metal HK x 4 - £7.50 each" ? (will take them if vg+)
  9. Looking for one of two things: 1. A Rem 700 trigger guard/follower/box/spring, etc. to fit a standard HS Precision (Police) stock OR 2. A magazine conversion unit for the above stock, so I can use magnum length AI magazines in said stock.
  10. saddler

    .338 moderator

    I've got a couple of possible makes to look into, but thought it'd be worth seeing who has what available in .338 (thread 5/8"x24)
  11. saddler

    AICS (folding) for LA Rem 700

    Ideally looking for someone with one of the above interested in a trade for a non-folder (with cash to make up the difference) OR a good used condition folder. Not after the AT or AX version
  12. If you can edit that to "collected Durham" I'll take them!!
  13. saddler

    Selling privately via RFD rules

    Me neither, which is why I thought it very strange! I always ship RMSD or similar
  14. saddler

    Selling privately via RFD rules

    last time posted, about £19 The stipulation is MINIMUM by First Class, surprisingly....no mandatory RMSD or NEXT DAY!

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