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  1. saddler

    6.5 questions

    Not as on-trend fashionable as newer chamberings, but the 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser cartridge has a lot going for it = pushes out the same bullets as other 6.5's, with cheaper brass costs/easier availability
  2. saddler

    Dillon RL550B

    maybe ask on the forum part of the Dillon website? they have technical staff answering technical problems
  3. Thought they were £110 before?
  4. My ASE Jet Z Compact is 5/8"-24 Prefer US threads as it makes shopping for accessories easier Will dig it out tomorrow for photos
  5. saddler

    Berdan de-capper

    Already got the old Wamadet "hydraulic" unit that uses water. Zero success with that one, so looking for an RCBS Berdan De-capper set. Had thought I already had one, but it's either been sold or borrowed & not returned. Other types considered as long as no water is involved. Thanks
  6. saddler

    AICS (folding) for LA Rem 700

  7. saddler

    .338 moderator

  8. Did a couple of searches without success. I'm busy restoring an HS Precision Remington 700 LTR stock. Removed the old layers of camo paint, so back to the factory black...so can now see a few smoother spots in the original finish where it's worn through handling, etc. Any acknowledged ways to give the stock a bit more texture in such areas? Not decided yet if I'll keep the stock black or go for another colour....so suggestions there welcomed too. Thanks
  9. saddler

    Berdan cases

    Mainly after steel cased 7.62x54 Brass cased acceptable as well Also after NATO cases in 5.56, 7.62 & 9mm.....plus .303, 8x57, 6.5x55, etc.
  10. You do know it's illegal to post ammunition, primers, powder, etc.?? Put me down for the: 2x full box of speer 224 spitzer 45 Gr £ 15 box 1× box of 70 speer spire soft points 224 40gr £10 ...please Ta
  11. I'll check this against my other mags. (for Rem 700)

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