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  1. saddler

    Gardners Extreme Target Shoot - New Competition

    An excellent range facility, with very welcoming hosts and facilities that some established clubs would be green with envy over! I hope this goes the way that the organiser wishes it to - he's put a LOT of effort into this - so get a few mates together, get a team entered to shoot and make a weekend of it.
  2. screws still not here, but rifle still is...
  3. saddler

    7.62x53R or 7.62x54R once fired brass

    Found a few S&B among my brass stash - which is predominantly steel/berdan Keen to find more S&B or other brands of boxer primed brass in 7.62 Mosin
  4. saddler

    Military surplus ammo. Post-war.

    Hi Arrived safley last week, then promptly mislaid by the youth!! (I was out at the time) Now relocated - many thanks - nice clips & the cardboard box will find a nice home too! Bump for anymore?
  5. Interested in the Burris Scout Scope if any buyer just wants the bare package as above. (Need it for an 1892)
  6. Not HTG ? Pity, looks like a piece may be missing Not too bad otherwise
  7. As per the title I've seen talk of a modification to the Parker Hale bipod, where a locking lever from a Bren bipod is fitted. Anyone have such a lever or know of a source?
  8. saddler

    Military surplus ammo. Post-war.

    Nice....though my main aim is to find post-war stuff that I can use. Funds sent for the stripper clips.
  9. saddler

    Military surplus ammo. Post-war.

    Hi No message yet
  10. Looking for any odds & sods really, that are connected to the above two firms/makers. Cardboard shipping boxes for the guns, t-shirts, advertising literature, spare parts, accessories, scope brackets, etc.

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