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  1. saddler

    Parker Hale PH5E

    PM me about the rings, may be after some, as not long had my 1200TX either, so tweaking the set up....
  2. saddler

    Wanted spent brass / live surplus

    Also looking for the above...
  3. saddler

    Old .303 / .50 brass

    Looking for .50 brass too. Anyone have spare cases?
  4. Hi Photos sent last nite, but not brilliant quality so I'll take more in daylight later today.
  5. saddler

    Parker Hale PH5E

    Norman Clark in Rugby may be able to supply as he has most of the PH spares
  6. Still available for trade if anyone jhas the 1720 model?
  7. Still for sale.... If not gone soon it'll get put into RFD storage or deactivated as I need the slot/cash for another rifle
  8. BTT Also have spare hammer/trigger that's been honed/polished to 3lb, stock hardware, sling swivels, etc. If interested I'll take photos, & list them
  9. saddler

    stuff from US of A

    Wrong. 100% legal. Magazines of 10-rd & under can be exported, as they are specifically exempted from ITAR control/restrictions. The problem may be more related to the dealer/seller only having a trade agreement/contract to sell a firms product within a specific market area or geographical region, so they may refuse to export. As its a CZ you're after, go to the source. Less drama that way: www.czub.cz
  10. "£55 per tub plus what ever if required for postage " I'm more concerned that you are offering to POST powder...which would be illegal It can only be sent by special courier Powder should be collection only or F2F sale

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