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  1. Little Crow Trimmer & 2nd dibs on AIM mat
  2. What condition are the "5.56 magazines metal HK x 4 - £7.50 each" ? (will take them if vg+)
  3. Looking for one of two things: 1. A Rem 700 trigger guard/follower/box/spring, etc. to fit a standard HS Precision (Police) stock OR 2. A magazine conversion unit for the above stock, so I can use magnum length AI magazines in said stock.
  4. saddler

    .338 moderator

    I've got a couple of possible makes to look into, but thought it'd be worth seeing who has what available in .338 (thread 5/8"x24)
  5. saddler

    AICS (folding) for LA Rem 700

    Ideally looking for someone with one of the above interested in a trade for a non-folder (with cash to make up the difference) OR a good used condition folder. Not after the AT or AX version
  6. If you can edit that to "collected Durham" I'll take them!!
  7. saddler

    Selling privately via RFD rules

    Me neither, which is why I thought it very strange! I always ship RMSD or similar
  8. saddler

    Selling privately via RFD rules

    last time posted, about £19 The stipulation is MINIMUM by First Class, surprisingly....no mandatory RMSD or NEXT DAY!
  9. saddler

    Selling privately via RFD rules

    I've taken guns into several different Post Offices in the past to ship to the buyers RFD, myself. Normally not a big problem, as long as you ONLY ship by Royal Mail and NOT ParcelFarce. Only had a problem once, when even the manager refused to accept it "...coz its illegal to send guns...!!!" They had me escorted out by the police (who then checked my paperwork & the guns, checked the Royal Mail website, helped me box it all up again, escorted me BACK INTO the post office & tore the staff a new arsehole for not knowing their jobs & wasting police time.) HINT when wrapping: Boxes have to be within a specified length for Royal Mail, but TUBES can be a good bit longer...so get an old carpet roll inner or similar tube. The leaflet on Prohibited & Restricted Goods has full details of sending guns yourself....
  10. saddler

    Cheytac bullets

    With thanks to Incisor, a suitable 375 bullet has been sourced. Just looking for a 408 bullet now.
  11. saddler

    Cheytac bullets

    Managed to get a couple of Cheytac cases....a 375 & a 408 I'm looking for a bullet for each case, as a mate is making up a cartridge display & he's not got either of the above. Thanks
  12. saddler

    Wanted MDT chassis LA

    how much you selling it for?
  13. saddler

    Lapua 155gr scenar empty box

    No problem
  14. saddler

    Lapua 155gr scenar empty box

    Retrieved one from its hiding place. PM me your address, will mail it off as soon as I have it.
  15. I think I saw a video about that....

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