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  1. bump... Great vehicle security, and being ex-police/Section 5, should not raise any objections if used for similar items again
  2. Phone message/PM received. Will take it - I'll sort out collection for Friday if convenient - will contact to arrange this. Thanks
  3. M261 10-rd magazine inserts (Bremmer)

    May take Black Dog magazines at the right price too.
  4. .277 bullets

    Payment sent. Thanks! Anyone else with lighter .277" bullets?
  5. Propellant delivery charge!

    I used to uplift powder from RFDs for other club members when I was on my travels for different events. Saved on HazMat shipping costs... Totally legal - just make sure you don't go above your holding allowance, and you possess one of the free to issue RCA Pomster documents that the HSE in Bootle provide. Have you tried the local stockists? (Not just the High Street RFD's, the smaller independents? I can think of one near Consett & another near Birtley)
  6. Question to all ex forces snipers out there (if any).

    Ask him what part of Hartlepool he was born in....sounds like a right monkey-hanger If he's local to the Toon he'll have had his slide rule upside down & all his feats were performed on a 1000-inch range.
  7. .277 bullets

    PM sent
  8. Nice knife... How much collected?
  9. .277 bullets

    Will have a think...as the Barnes were one of the BULLETS I was wanting to try. I'll get back to you shortly.
  10. XLR evolution chassis ?!

    Keep us posted. Hope the Holland option was a better buy for you - at least being within the EU it'll save on duty/VAT Keen to get a chassis for one of my 70's at some point, but none of the others out there had the layout I was after until I saw the XLR models. The ability to add a folding stock conversion further down the line is a bonus too.
  11. Many thanks to Reecy for the stock & buttplate. STILL after a spare second (or third) buttplate set if anyone else has some old M14/M1A kit gathering dust. Also after a set of the sling swivels from the M14 stock (rear is the same as the M1 Garand) - plus the screw sets for the rear/front swivels
  12. .277 bullets

    After a few .277 bullets to try in the 6.8 now that the previous restrictions have been lifted. Anyone have any odd part boxes or similar from .270 loads ? Bullets in the 80gr to 130gr range would be of interest - and very keen to try some monolithic types, as well as SP & similar.
  13. PM sent re the sling posted to you 6 weeks ago.

  14. THIS Got a couple of pairs of Steiner binos - great optics & a great firm. Would go with Steiner over a good few newly emerged "brand leaders"!
  15. Zero rewards for the effort spent reloading shotgun ammo, ever Oh, apart from making slug cartridges for around 20p-25p ea; what's the factory stuff selling for these days? (NRA Armory still doing theirs for 35p each, are they?) That's for 12-bore...what is the RRP for 20-bore slugs, or 10-bore slugs? Anyone even seen 10-bore slugs in the UK? Federal make some, GMK refuse to bring them in. Ditto for buckshot loads. Or black powder loads. Or chamberings other than 12....no point making 410 ammo, it's so cheap; 8-bore...they give it away with a gallon of petrol, 16 bore....no point, terrible guns 16's IF you're only using clay loads day in day out, buying the cheapest brands you can, then I totally agree, no point reloading. Want a different type of shot, or shot load, or a non-clay type ammo, or wad type, or cartridge length, or a non-12 bore cartridge? Then you'll make big savings reloading...same as with rifle ammo....and you can tailor your ammo to the gun, same as with rifle ammo

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