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  1. saddler


    There's a CSR Forum??
  2. saddler


    This season, I ar bin mostly wearin, ALDI Ski-Wear
  3. Anyone manage to attend this on Saturday? Shot there once before - cracking facility - though my little Fiat was not keen on the final leg of the drive up
  4. saddler

    Peli 1750 Case

    Sorry. Side-tracked getting the photos to you. Will send them over today....
  5. saddler


    Mate near to Alnwick was telling me of proposals to open a private range in the area. Supposedly a 600m affair. Not heard from him for a year or so, plus not sure if it was crossed wires. Next time I am passing I will swing by & see how he is and get updates. I am in a club near Bishop Auckland - we shoot at Catterick every two weeks or so depending on time of year, etc. A mate near to me shoots at the outdoor range in Alnwick but its only about 100m There is the tunnel range at Braidwood but again only 100m Lived in the Belford area for a while. Nice part of the world and the best chippy in the county.
  6. The threads can be changed for about £65 or so by the importer, Jackson Rifles ...though that may take the total past what you are looking to spend Great mods though - got one in .30 with a 5/8-24 thread (not for sale) An alternative is to look for an adapter bushing - or have one made
  7. saddler

    Barrel import

    Barrel? The thing you describe is "a barrel blank" - not a problem, or shouldn't be = no paperwork this side until it has had the chamber cut
  8. US GI Issue carry pouch for the 2-litre canteen. Cheap and easy to use....
  9. saddler

    grab bag knife

    Ah. Makes sense, I was getting worried there....
  10. saddler

    Playing with subsonic.308 win

    Nice Still need to do this myself - though neither of my 308's are moderated - so looking to do subsonic loads for the 6.8SPC, possibly for the Mosins too. Has anyone made a clone of the Lapua Subsonic .308 factory ammo?
  11. saddler

    grab bag knife

    Appalling that they charged you - the knives have a lifetime warranty - I've sent loads back to the UK agents and never been billed yet, even for postage! Ditto with a lot of the US knife firms - BUCK have a lifetime warranty, and I have had my Leatherman Wave fixed for free - but they did a free exchange for the new version, so I swapped it with someone who had the original Wave instead The SAK lock-knife is a nice design, picked one up at a department store in a mall in Bali a while ago - and as the assistant didn't read English, she picked up the wrong box so it cost me a lot less than sticker price, which was nice!
  12. saddler

    F Class Tikka

    Yeah - having such neighbours breathing down your neck is a great motivator The main issue bullet for the Mosin during WW2, was the Lapua D46 - still in production & still a very capable and accurate projectile. I have a lot of reference books in Finnish, regarding their small-arms, ammunition, etc. Luckily, most photos have English captions & a lot of the chapters have English translations. Hope to get there next year to visit some museums & shops & such - still thinking about a M91 .22 trainer I have seen for sale IF you get a chance, the TamArms gun show in February is well worth a look around...
  13. Interested it know if anyone knows of an RFD who can parkerise a rifled action? Alternatively, I know the chemicals are sold in the USA, but never seem them in the UK. Is there a UK supplier/stockist? Thanks for any advice
  14. saddler

    RCBS .308 FL die

    😁 Asking someone in the a.m. Will update you by sms if he has one - or a mms if ya got £1.50 to burn?

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