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  1. moderator bushing, to fit 5/8"UNF onto 1/2"-28 thread

    Hi Yes, they do make such things...BUT the only adaptors I see online are for the 5/8-UNEF for attaching to the US standard 1/2"-UNEF barrel thread...I already have one of this type for another mod. Not seen one that mixes UNF & UNEF, yet...but no rush. And I know what you mean about the not much room for thread; scares me the bore sizes I see in the UK from some importers, which are threaded 1/2" on arrival in country
  2. moderator bushing, to fit 5/8"UNF onto 1/2"-28 thread

    Hi Sorry, sidetracked on projects due to school holidays! The mod is an ASE made one, not sure of the model designation
  3. Are the cases still available? Also need some FMJ bullets if you know of a source
  4. Mateba .357 - Scope Mount & case

    Need the scope mount for the .357 Mateba carbine. (I can get these from Italy new, but looking for a used UK one first) Also after the dedicated/branded carry case.
  5. Norica 22 magazine

    OK The 5-rd & 10-rd BRNO Model 1 & Model 2 steel bodied magazines fit, or should. Same goes for the steel CZ 452 magazines
  6. Norica 22 magazine

    Had a look online - cannot even see that rifle listed anywhere Are you sure the model no is correct? ETA: found it - model JW15 - made by NORINCO
  7. Remington 700 SA .223 magazine conversion

    The Magpul unit seems to be easy to install and then lowest priced (designed for their Hunter stock as a direct drop in, but needs work to fit in non-Magpul stocks)
  8. One now SOLD to the man above One still available...
  9. prep tools still available

    1. saddler


      Posted about the tools in response to the query about their suitability for .270

  10. prep tools still available

  11. Google-foo must be broken... Been trying to find an adaptor to allow me to fit a 5/8-18(UNF) mod onto a 1/2-28(UNEF) barrel Search results are all in the USA where they don't do much/anything in 5/8"-UNF sizes. I'd appreciate any ideas/links for a supplier. Ta
  12. Will pm you about the N160 & H4831 powder & LR primers
  13. Can PM me what powder you have please? Also prices on the primers IF ANYONE NEEDS A HAND MOVING ANY OF THE MORE FRAGILE OR RESTRICTED KIT FROM THE SELLER UP TO THE EDINBURGH AREA, OR DOWN TO COUNTY DURHAM/N. YORKS LET ME KNOW, AS I CAN EASILY USE THE A68 INSTEAD OF THE A1 The case prep tools are not caliber specific so will do .270
  14. 303 british blank dies set

    CH4D are possibly the brand to read up on. Got a powder recipe in mind?

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