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  1. saddler

    Schmidt & Bender turret markings

    thanks for the input everyone looks to be .308 graduated. Phoned sporting services, but no joy with other turrets, so pinged an email off to S&B; no joy yet. if needs be I'll possibly try looking into options from American suppliers, but I'll hold out for a factory option first
  2. saddler

    .357 bullet mould

    got some spare Ideal & Lyman molds, possibly some RCBS too.
  3. will take the Case Guard boxes please (both .357 & .45 sizes) will also take both sets of .17 dies too. thanks
  4. Anyone know of a way to fit a Harris bipod to the drilled/tapped rail of a Parker Hale 7.62? I'm also looking for the adapter for the above rail, to fit the PH bipod. (having both options will be handy)
  5. Trying to see if there's a way to work out what cartridge this scopes turrets may be calibrated to. Also, who are the best source for extra engraved turret rings? (scope is going on a 5.56) Thanks.
  6. RFD? Section 2 moderators take the same conditions as other S2 parts, so can be shipped direct to the buyer (as long as the host gun is also Section 2)
  7. Looking for bullet moulds, in four or six cavity sizes, to allow casting of .357 & .45 bullets. For both types I'm only after RN FP profiles. Standard lube grooves, not tumble lube designs. .357 around 158grn to 180grn .45 around 220grn to 255grn Prefer Ideal/Lyman brand but Lee will do as well
  8. 105 Nosler 55g ballistic tip £15 + postage 98 Nosler 55g ballistic silver tip £15 + postage 263 Sako 50 g FMJ £20 + postage WILL TAKE THE ABOVE IF STILL AVAILABLE, THANKS sms sent too
  9. saddler

    Parker Hale PH5E

    PM me about the rings, may be after some, as not long had my 1200TX either, so tweaking the set up....
  10. saddler

    Wanted spent brass / live surplus

    Also looking for the above...
  11. saddler

    Old .303 / .50 brass

    Looking for .50 brass too. Anyone have spare cases?
  12. Hi Photos sent last nite, but not brilliant quality so I'll take more in daylight later today.
  13. saddler

    Parker Hale PH5E

    Norman Clark in Rugby may be able to supply as he has most of the PH spares

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