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  1. Hi, How much for the .243 W brass if unsized, & still with factory primers please. Steve.
  2. .243

    Looking for around a hundred once fired ( unsized & factory primer still in place ), Either Lapua/Norma/RWS headstamp. Steve.
  3. tikka 595 mag conversions

    I have a suspicion it was my new foxing rig in the vid, almost ready to go test, just waiting on a brass neck pilot,.. Struggling with the tech to get pics C:\Users\finnb\Pictures\2017-09-14
  4. Neck turning (how too)

    Ta for that, I will be making use of this on a stock of fired .223 later this year.
  5. tikka 595 mag conversions

    Might be seeing piccies for me here soon,
  6. Testers wanted for new Tikka T3 accessory

    Maybe it fell off one of these?https://www.searchlock.com/search?safe=&start=0&qn=&tbm=isch&sr=sb&rescnt=&q=stealth+bomber#
  7. Tunnel range

  8. Tunnel range

    Or you could build a hut at the catcher end, one range I have been to has exactly this set up, the tube is around two feet in dia.
  9. Sako 75 6.5 x 284

    I would be scared to put a turnscrew anywhere near that blacking, deep enough to drown in!, the reflection of the photographer is pretty good.
  10. British made Annealing Machine

    A great read thru, It's heartening to see such good feedback & even better to see excellent equipment can still be made in the UK, with realistic time scales being kept to.
  11. LEM Case Cleaner

    I too have the cheap Harbour Freight jobby, works for me, I'm not shooting off buckets of brass, & I can source the belts at the local hoover mechanic shop.
  12. Buying a custom built rifle.

    A reply from an obviously experienced rifleshooter, & I can only agree with it.
  13. Calton Moor Range

    Went as a spare seat rider to this range a couple months back, was well satisfied with the place.
  14. Nosler

    If you want to play at the high end , buy Nosler brass!
  15. mcavoy guns

    A solid well founded family run shop, but as is normal in todays world, profit margin is the top priority, having said that I have shopped there & will continue to do so if the need arose, plus I like the dog with the Laccy band!.

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