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  1. I have the BT-8 and the only downside to it is that the legs rotate on themselves, this makes loading the bipod on hard flat ground somewhat difficult. I think this issue was addressed in the later models though. very expensive bipod but very good. to be honest however, for traditional rifle stocks i prefer the harris.
  2. muzzzzz

    Pulsar HD38s Value

    Hello everyone, I am considering selling my HD38s as I am going to have to take a break from foxing for a while, I have not looked at prices recently and wondered if anyone had a rough idea what is a reasonable price would be second hand. The unit is 2 years (i think) old and is in perfect order, works 100% and all accessories are with it. I even have the original box. Only thing is I have removed the O ring from the front lense cap and filed the battery holders slightly as otherwise it was nigh on impossible to remove the batteries without damaging them. I was going to buy battery packs for ti as the hgolders are crap but they work and i never got round to it. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. muzzzzz

    Pulsar HD38s Value

    Sadly i have a feeling it is going to be an extended break. I will have a look around and see, if its only worth max £1000 i guess there isnt much point selling it!
  4. Yours sir, if you pm your address I’ll reply payment details
  5. For sale, boxes of the above bullets. 100 per box. New unopened. sticking with SBKs so these are surplus one box cost £26 the other £32!! £22 per box plus postage or £45 for both POSTED
  6. Due to a change I am selling my MDT LSS XL. It is a Right Hand Rem 700 SA model in TAN. I have decided to go back to a more traditional stock and so this is up for sale. It is just the bare chassis that is for sale but will come with the MDT action screws and it has an MDT picatinny rail section under the fore-end which is included. It is in excellent condition with no marks or damage. No buffer tube included. OFFERS? posted. Also for sale is a Magpul UBR in black. Excellent stock, i used it as a stock on a compact foxing rifle but have found that i cannot get a good cheek weld with NV so its been replaced. Fully working with no damage, just a few light marks from use. Gives you the feel of a fixed stock but with instant LOP adjustment. Buffer tube included. No buffer or spring. OFFERS? posted. Photos can be sent immediately if your interested just message me!
  7. muzzzzz

    Magpul stock and grip

    Not exacty what your after but I have a UBR in black?
  8. muzzzzz

    mdt lss xl

    I have an LSS XL for sale if it's of any interest?
  9. muzzzzz

    6.5 creedmore info

    Is it going to be a purely prone static rifle? or are you going to be mobile with it? Mine is a 24 inch barrel and I personally am struggling at the moment to see a comfortable 2700fps with 140 grain bullets. I have read of many other people comfortably exceeding this but so far i havn't been able to. Maybe it is because I am running the rounds through an AI mag so am a little limited on OAL but im not sure. This seems to be where the ballistic advantages are to be had. It would appear that a 26 inch barrel would give slightly better velocities. I am still experimenting though!
  10. Likewise, excellent service
  11. Another vote for Dunlop Purofort. I use them every day and they are disinfected multiple times every day, they live with waterproof trousers wrapped around them and i have never had a pair leak. They are comfortable enough to walk miles in and I don't get cold feet. They are as good as anything on icy concrete and great on soft ground. I cant fault them., the only thing you need to get used to when first using them is they do have a very thick sole. If you sweat a lot then you will need to pack them with newspaper from time to time as the neoprene will hold moisture. Eventually the disinfectant eats them and they go spongy but that is because the waterproof trousers hold it right next to them. I renew them about every 12 - 18 months as they get hard to clean. last pair were about £65 but likely available cheaper.
  12. muzzzzz

    Full length sizing problem

    Have the same problem. I put a thick sharpie line all the way down the case and then tried to chamber it, carefully but hard enough to smudge off the ink and you will see where they are tight. I would guess at the case head being too big. I.e your old PH chamber was slacker than the new one. I've ordered a small base die to overcome this problem but only because it is twice fired 6.5 Creedmoor brass and it's expensive right now. (I've changed rifles too it's not hot loads doing it) I would agree, .243 brass isn't a problem to get, grab yourself some new and save a headache!
  13. I'm confused, I didn't post the "PM offers this is not an auction site" post I just reduced the price to £795
  14. Apologies, back up for sale as buyer only wanted the stock! So For sale is a Stainless Tikka 595 with 24 inch fluted Lothar Walther Barrel threaded M14 x 1. Trigger is standard Tikka. Invisible End cap and 0MOA Tier One rail included. It has done about 300 Rounds and you can borescope it before purchase if you wish. 6.5 Cal Third Eye Spartan Mod also available but is seized (not to the barrel!!) and non strippable. Good condition otherwise and TET said just run it as a sealed unit and it will be fine. Stock is a standard Tikka unit. Price: £895 ono any questions give me a shout!
  15. PM offers please, this is not an auction site.
  16. muzzzzz

    Death from above: ravens slaughter newborn lambs

    They must be mistaken! Ravens only eat nasty bugs and only things that have died by natural, painless, causes! They attend tea parties with badgers and charity events together to help ground nesting birds and hedgehogs! This mewling whinging by people wholly unaffected by these issues makes my blood boil, they have clearly never seen Ravens pulling the intestines out of a still living ewe, or the liver out of fresh born lambs. Unfortunately the numbers of people who are effected by these issues are always lower than the bleeding hearted lentil munchers who have nothing else to worry about than crusading about the latest fashionable Eco-issue they happen to be discussing at their cabbage weaving convention! We really are losing our way in this country. Sorry, rant over, petition signed. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!
  17. muzzzzz

    t3 or 590

    I have 2 rebarreled 595s and they are really nice rifles. Your only really limited by aftermarket mag and stock options. If I was building pure hunting rifles again,then 595 or T3 would be fine by me, I think that any perceived benefits in function/form between the two models are so small as to not realistically matter. If it was for a more target/ "tactical" build then I think the T3 allows you a lot more scope for options.
  18. Just bought a Sony as 200v from http://www.argos.co.uk/m/static/Product/partNumber/4185983/searchTerm/Sony+200.htm It equals or beats the mid range gopros, Comes with a waterproof case, wrist mounted remote control which gives you the view the camera has in real time and you can control it with your smart phone if you wish. I'm very very happy with it, I've not had much chance to use it as the weather is so crap but he hits of footage I've had are nice quality. The kicker for me was the go pro hero 4 session has an internal battery which is (allegedly) non user replaceable. The Sony doesn't have quite the range of mounts but that is what duct tape is for!
  19. muzzzzz

    McMillan A1-3

    Yes i had seen that picture during the course of my research. It really is my first choice stock as my sako varmint stock needs a comb raiser to correct eye alignment.. Just a shame that it is such a chore getting mcmillan stocks out of the US.
  20. muzzzzz

    20 cal

    I have been shooting a .20 TAC for about 3 years now. Mine is a 24 inch 1 in 9 barrel. (chosen to allow use of most bullet weights) If I were doing it again I would decide exactly which bullet I wanted to use before barreling the rifle. From what i have read and the calculations I have done my personal opinion is that the TAC case doesn't have the capacity to push anything heavier than a 39 grain bullet up to the velocities required to make use of the increased BC. I have to admit that I have only used 32 and 39 grain bullets in mine and to be honest I have found that out to about 400 yards the superior velocity you can get out of the 32 grain bullets outweighs the BC advantage afforded by the 39/40 grain bullets. It is quite exposed and windy where i shoot and I have found that even running the 39 grain SBKs accuracy is seriously affected by wind. I have a load with N133 which pushes the 39 grain SBK at just over 3800 fps. Now this is a hot load and if the weather warms up above about 10 degrees C i get some pressure signs. I am not going to be shooting many more of this load once i have used the loaded rounds I have but it is devastating on foxes. Ok It is a fast accurate load but it is on the edge and I don't like being that close to the edge. I am currently working on a load for a .32 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip which has nearly topped 4200 fps, with no signs of pressure, this velocity difference makes a decent difference. I have consistently found that my velocities are coming in much lower for any given charge weight than in the manuals. I have been able to work my loads back up, i suspect due to the long throat of my rifle (incidentally, jump doesn't seem to be a problem) I think some velocity is robbed by the relatively fast twist barrel (most tested are 12 or 11 twist) If (when) I re-barrel this rifle I will probably get a 1 in 11 twist barrel with a view to shooting only the 32 and 39 grain bullets. If I wanted to shoot the 55 grain bergers I would be looking at a .20 BR or, if you like buying barrels, a .20-250 as they will likely give you more scope for getting the velocity up to where you need it to make the BC work for you, without running into case capacity or pressure issues. My honest opinion is that the .20 TAC/Prac/ .204 ruger are real world consistent 350 yard cartridges. Yes they are effective further but weather conditions start to really hurt you. I think if I wanted a really dedicated small cal long range rifle I would be looking at a fast twist long barreled .22-250, possibly AI variant for case life. On a side note I have only tried Ramshot Xterminator, VV N133 and RL-10X. There is little to choose between the N133 and 10 X but 10 x seems to give me the edge in velocity with the 32s. It have been an immensely fun rifle and has taught me a huge amount about reloading. Whatever you choose I dont suppose you will regret it but I would seriously think about what you want most from the rifle and research based on that! regards.
  21. muzzzzz

    creedmoor with rs52

    Interesting information, Thank you for posting! I am just starting on load development for a 6.5 Creedmoor myself and have so far only tried Lovex SO70 which doesn't seem to generate brilliant velocities before pressure signs are reached, The only other powder I have on hand is RL-15 which is likely to be a shade fast for the 140 grain bullets but likely will be ok for the 129s was going to try to get hold of some RL-17 or RS-60 but am concerned about there being increased barrel wear as it is apparently a hotter powder. I personally am going to stay away from Hodgdon powders if i can as supply wher I am is difficult anyway never mind adding in a national suppy issue as well!

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