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  1. Brugger and Thomet .308 mod. M18x1 thread TAB Gear cover. £150 Cheers!
  2. I will if it hasn't all sold in a couple of weeks. Moddy is approx 40mm x 195mm and the cover was made to measure:-)
  3. Apologies, can't get this over to your location so it's back up for sale.
  4. All prices include delivery via some sort of signed for service and posted as quickly as work will allow Scott Parker tuned scales. £120 SOLD Targetmaster trickler £90 SOLD Redding Big Boss II press. Boxed with .308 case holder £170 SOLD CTS case trimmer with carbide blade in .308 £40 Forster Ultra Micrometer seating die .308 £75 SOLD Redding Delux 3 die set .308 £45 SOLD Lee perfect powder measure £17.50 (Two available) Satern funnel .30 £15 Sorry about the awful photo! Redding trickler barely used £15 Redding Case trimming lathe 1400xt £55 SOLD Shooting shed cartridge comparator £27 SOLD Hornady hand priming tool with 30cal case holder £35 Think that's about it!
  5. Scales, target master, comparator and ultra die sold. Cheers guys!
  6. Tikka T3 Tactical 20 .308 Shot count approx 800 Brugger & Thomet moddy with TAB Gear SAS R cover Magazine, muzzle brake and box. Also includes Paul Clean bore cleaning kit and Carbon Fibre cleaning rod. Provisionally sold
  7. Tough crowd! Poor old girl is feeling unloved - cheeky offer anyone
  8. KRG X-Ray chassis in 'brown' for a Tikka T3 with an extra COL 10 round Accurate Mag in .308 flavour and a diy made spigot mount that works well with a bipod. Boxed with all the bits. £495 delivered to your door
  9. Ta! It's a great rifle, and hopefully priced to sell
  10. Been drooling over new Bipods lately (Damn you Breacher and your beautiful Phoenix!) but a house bash is sucking up pennies like crazy so can't be splashing out too much at the moment which led to the following creature inspired by The Shed's Stop the Hop article Ta much for the inspiration! Armed with a disc cutter, drill and a piece of 6mm T6 plate a mate chopped for me we've ended up with this thing Total costs so far are a couple of beers for the plate, although I need to buy some longer nuts and a tin of spray, so twenty odd quid. It's still making me chuckle
  11. Yes Sir, it was all your fault:-) I've got your spikes article and may try them next if brother will lend me his lathe, but not got an awful lot of time to play at the moment. By the way, if anyone wants one of the T6 plates to make a frankenpod with I've got a spare - you can drop me a pm so you don't get any unwanted attention from Mr.Bradley ;-)
  12. Bit of paint and some sun. It feels pretty stable so fingers crossed! Sorry if pics aren't that good, they were shrunk to fit with a phone app, but should give a good idea of it. Cheers!
  13. No, hopefully will at Bisley this weekend if I can secure a pass from my good lady...

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