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    The usual glib tripe !
  1. little jon

    Scottish Roe Buck

    well placed, & good eating
  2. little jon

    Dry firing

    you may not damage the pin or break anything, but 1st time you do , you wish you haven't
  3. little jon

    Shooting without sticks

    anything attached to the grounds, corner of a building, tree, fence, gate etc..9/10 foxes wont agree Hhahaha
  4. little jon

    Help to choose moderator

    Have one made to your spec or to suit , see DM80 mods
  5. little jon

    .22lr mod

    That's some fancy name hhaha
  6. little jon

    not sure, nv or digi nv

    personally I find a hand held digi better, spot it, sight it shoot it, saves all the hassle & weight.
  7. little jon

    What Scopes do the pros use

    depends on the distance , field or range ? bushnell /bsa/burris or be extravagant if your a daily shooter.
  8. little jon

    Buying a Lee Enfield - what to look for or avoid

    check throat, rifling & head space is correct, matching number sis good ,, there are new unused models there in the market, see Dan @ Valmont firearms ,he gets some gems .
  9. little jon

    browning t bolt

    t bolt, a bolt, x bolt, all superb
  10. little jon

    browning t bolt

    t bolt, a bolt, x bolt, all superb
  11. little jon


    it took me 2 yr to get on top of the magpie infestation around here, but now there managed , the song birds thrive
  12. little jon

    poor shooting

    that's hunting, cleans shots are good, but the inevitable happens. Can you 9mageine a war zone with military ammo ! & there humans ..eeeeeek !
  13. little jon

    Big lad

    good read & shot
  14. little jon

    .222 Factory Ammo

    depending on your use, try privy, cheep & the odd mishap , but for vermin/fox , they do the job.

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