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  1. hi dorg yeh i will go and see my local gunsmith monday would you like anymore photos its a great truck gun I'm only selling it as i have got a chance to buy a sako finnfire

  2. sorry looking for £280
  3. Hi all I have an Annie 1417 for sale with 2 ten round mags and a 5 round mag picatinny rail half inch groups at 50 yd with Winchester 40,s not advertised elsewhere
  4. sportsmans have these in their sale for £180 each i will take £220 for the pair with the wiring loom
  5. hi all I've a pair of 240 xgt light force spots to sell with the wiring loom £500 new will let them go for £250 can email pics to you or send to your phone if u pm me thank you for looking
  6. i have bought one of the safes and i can vouch for the other one being in good condition and a super chap to deal with thanks again
  7. The following rules apply to posts in the For Sale (Private items only) section: You must have been a member of the site for more than 1 month to sell any items. You may only advertise SECONDHAND shooting related items that you are not selling for gain. If you wish to advertise shooting related items of any other nature you must sponsor the board and place your advert in the For Sale (Trade and UKV Supporter items) section. You are limited to ADVERTISING 5 PRIVATE SECONDHAND ITEMS FREE PER CALENDAR MONTH -Anyone wishing to advertise more frequently must sponsor UKV. You must fill in your profile to include your nearest postal city (not just county). You must state a price. This is not an auction site. You may not place an advert for a 3rd party (ie No "my mate..." etc). You must state if the item is being offered simultaneously elsewhere. Obviously, the advert must be legal. Non-compliant threads will be removed without notice. Non-compliance with the final bullet-point will result in dismissal from the site. UKV Principles apply throughout. UKV Principles: Posts - All 'discussions' to be as you would be chatting with a shooting acquaintance over a single post-shoot pint. Pics - If you couldn't get it developed on the high street, don't post it. Politics -Post nothing that would bring shooting sports or the site into disrepute.
  8. hi ive a pulsar recon 750 for sale for £300 ono or px a digital fox caller ,the recon was bought 6 months ago for my son who never uses it ,ok £250 ono,how about £200 final offer
  9. Wiggy68

    starlight archer

    Hello bud I'm in launceston if u wanadoo go out one nite I've got a longbow with the nm 800 ir

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