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  1. alijnclarke

    Show your Accuracy International

    Not mine i'm afraid, seemed to shoot well, but personally not for me
  2. alijnclarke

    AI sound mod.

    Recently got one for my axmc, much quieter than I expected and pretty much no POI change.
  3. alijnclarke

    Show your Accuracy International

    Been out of the game for a while, but I let the AT go for this:
  4. alijnclarke

    Reloading Bits

    Bump, fair offers considered
  5. So i'm having a change around with my reloading setup, so the following is surplus to requirement: - RCBS rockchucker supreme press (very good condition, but it doesn't have the priming assembly.. I never got one with the new kit).. £120 - RCBS Uniflow powder measure - £70 (also have the stand, for an extra £15 SOLD) - Gem Pro 250 digital scales (very good condition, only used a few times) £120 They're all plus postage (& paypal fees if required) but collection is welcome. I've got a few more bits but don't want to go over the forum's limit! Please PM me for pictures etc, will add to the thread when my internet decides to work properly All sold, many thanks
  6. Nope, I put an ATACR on that one, this came off a 223. Really glad I didn't sell the AT
  7. As per tittle really, was bought earlier this year for a rifle I no longer have. It's in excellent condition and comes with box etc. £1300 posted
  8. alijnclarke

    34mm scope ring spacers

    Looking for a set of spacers that allow use of a 30mm scope in a 34mm mount. Prefer metal over plastic really. Let me know
  9. alijnclarke

    N140 ?

    I was looking at a similar scenario and was recommended n150 for the 185's. I've not started load work up yet, but was told in the region of 46gr +. I was going to try for 2750, but I think that's a little optimistic with my 26" barrel (yours would do better though I'm sure)
  10. alijnclarke

    Valkyrie Rifles new shop.

    Nice and close to me! Congrats, think I feel a nice 300wm build coming on
  11. alijnclarke

    Autumn 2014 Roundhouse Rifle Challenge

    Me please, long as I can find someone to buddy up with? All days . Tiff could you pm me an address (or general area?) so I can figure out how far away it is?
  12. Hello, Is there no chance you could post? If you could I'd like: 85 Lapua 155's 250 sierra 175's Cheers
  13. I may be interested in the reloading setup for a friend if you decide to sell it separate

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