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  1. Atlas bi pod

    They work completely different to a Harris. It’s not just smoke and mirrors. The Atlas needs to preloaded in order to obtain optimal consistency. This takes a lot of practice especially when on a hunting rifle. It isn’t often you are presented with a nicely mown position to go down prown and get yourself ready. The Harris is far quicker to deploy yet has the springs to twang. If you can get behind one before buying. There are an unlimited number of go faster bits on the internet. At the end of the day they both do the same thing provide an elevated stable shooting platform.
  2. Nightforce unimount

    I am looking for a 34mm Nightforce unimount. Part number A257 Or any similar mount that will fit the Schmidt ultra short with a cantilever. To fit as per attached photo
  3. 6.5x47 140 eldm

    Paul, Thanks for the reply. I’m shocked at just how long your barrel is. I was hoping to achieve similar velocity however my barrel is 9” shorter than yours. Cheers Dave
  4. 6.5x47 140 eldm

    Pengo can you quantify your statement. 130gr bullet barrel length powder weight? velocity?
  5. Atlas 2 screw mount

    Accu shot do not supply the part you require. You best best is to buy the genuine ADM QR clamp that will mount onto the bipod you have got. Alternatively buy the real thing.
  6. March Genesis

    It’s good to see innovation although not a scope I have any use for. I remember seeing your US optics SN-9 David. It was huge. Is this scope enough to tempt you back into ELR???
  7. March Genesis

    The March Genesis was launched today at IWA. It is aimed at the ELR market. It has some seriously innovative features.
  8. March Genesis

    The March Genesis was launched today at IWA. It is aimed at the ELR market. It has some seriously innovation features.
  9. 7x64 Brenneke handloading tips

    That was the fault of the muzzle brake
  10. 7x64 Brenneke handloading tips

    Laurie thank you for taking the time to provide such detailed information. I had got it very wrong being in the belief it was faster burning. I think I will go with the RS62 or 70.
  11. 7x64 Brenneke handloading tips

    Laurie please expand on this. I have only ever loaded .308 size cases and below. I had formed the opinion a stiff load of the N500 series would afford better velocity. Could you recommend a better alternative?
  12. 7x64 Brenneke handloading tips

    I have got an R93 7X64. The Redding FL works well in the Blaser chamber. I have only used 120gr Nosler Balstic tips as that’s what I had on the shelf. I will certainly not be getting enthralled with mandrels and other anal loading techniques. The Redding dies will be more than adequate, I have some 162gr ELD-M I will be loading in the future. As for powder I will be going to a Vihtavuori N550-N560 due to the shorter barrels Blaser use and the fact I’m not putting several rounds down at a time causing heat.
  13. I found the snipershide thread. https://forum.snipershide.com/threads/magnetospeed-adapter.6571516/
  14. Since the site update posting pics is pretty simple just done try and post several in the same reply. You upload straight to the site with no need of a third party host.
  15. There is a thread over on snipershide where someone has done it.

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