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  1. Scotch_egg

    MagnetoSpeed Chronograph XFR

    That’s a long way to go to save £10. And that’s a lot coming from me. Just ask some of the other mods 😂😂😂
  2. This is great price for what is essentially the AR version of the Accuracy International Mount.
  3. I agree with David. I used an AIM drag bag inside a pelican 1750 when I went over to Cz. There was room for plenty of accessories as well. Im not sure of the dimensions for the shorter AIM bags and if they would fit in the pelican 1700. It would be nice to actually use the folding stock during transport. After all it’s no use for anything else.
  4. I sure do. It is very stable and I like it a lot. What you have to note is there are mounting restrictions. The picatinny rail must extend beyond the forend to prevent the forend interfereing with the bipod. I have recommended extending the length of the mount on the bipod as well but we will see if this happens. Teir One are aware of this and are making longer rails to mount under your stock. I was lucky I had a picatinny rail to could make fit on my rifle.
  5. Scotch_egg

    Dolphin Pistol Grip Sizes?

    I bought mine last week from blackrifle.co.uk
  6. Scotch_egg

    Ammo Wallets

    Fixed it for you Bradders 😜
  7. Scotch_egg

    Ammo Wallets

    I don’t just own the Fix Bradders. I have an AIAT as well. I have found voodoo tactical make a 40 round holder for £20.
  8. Scotch_egg

    Barrel thread choice

    Pick the mod then the thread.
  9. Scotch_egg

    Ammo Wallets

    Some great options to get me going. I really like the high capacity binders for the likes of the prs series. Having to carry ammunition in a bag in boxes is uncomfortable. Spare magazines would be great but at £60 a throw it’s not something I’m willing to invest in.
  10. Scotch_egg

    Dolphin Pistol Grip Sizes?

    I have just fitted an Ergo Deluxe. Far bigger than the Magpul model that was fitted from the factory.
  11. Scotch_egg

    Ammo Wallets

    Can any one recommend any ammo wallets? I dont like plastic boxes snd want something that’s doesn’t make a sound.
  12. Scotch_egg

    6mm BR build

    Honestly don’t mess about with case forming. You aren’t trying to eek out every last drop of performance.
  13. Scotch_egg

    The Fix from Q

    Mmm I’m not very photogenic Pal. Will pm to discuss.
  14. “By him or some one close to him” That is as weak to say the least.... i cannot undermine crispy. He is a trooper, you only have to follow his Instagram to see his spirit. But to spout that a patch is from one single source when clearly used by two different organisations and to use hearsay evidence to support your argument you have undermined the validity of any argument you may have had.

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