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  1. Right folks who has a magnetospeed that they want to sell. It looks like it covers my needs best.
  2. Thanks John just found the MK on YouTube. Did you buy direct?
  3. Any links John? Why not the labradar?
  4. Having had a shocking session with an old chrono I am going to upgrade. I see both of these units in use all over the internet. If any one has experience of both and could offer sound advice it would be appreciated before I make a purchase.
  5. Scotch_egg


    Exactly why I said to consider the MSR-2 https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2018/01/14/finnaccuracys-multipurpose-sniper-reticle-ii-msr-ii/
  6. Scotch_egg


    What about the MSR-2 it has the floating centre dot of the LRR.
  7. Scotch_egg

    Accuracy International AT or AW mags

    I am after Accuracy International AT or AW double stack 10 round magazines. Please PM me if you have any to sell.
  8. Thanks gents. I’m down to the last few now.
  9. Scotch_egg

    Accuracy International AT/AW magazines

    Accuracy International AT/AW magazines wanted. Please PM me
  10. Several boxes of Lapua 6.5X47 brass available. £85/100 plus post.
  11. Scotch_egg

    Best torch mount

    This is the one I use. It is excellent and isn’t damaged when tightened. https://www.ludicrous-lumens.co.uk/collections/acessories/products/windage-elevation-adjustable-mount-fits-25mm-40mm-scope-tubes
  12. Scotch_egg

    Hornady 6.5mm 130gr ELDM

    Pm me if interested.

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