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  1. Scotch_egg

    .308 Target rounds

    RichieW your original post refers to N135 now you are referring to N550 and N150. Are you using N135 or was it a typo?
  2. Scotch_egg

    65x47 cases

    I can’t recall the exact data. It was varget and I am sure over 38gr. The issue arose because the round and chamber got wet. It may not have been this rifle that was shot through. I’m speculating that this is the brass as it would be a reasonable explanation for the excessive expansion. There will be. thread on here discussing the issue with all the data and the exact rifle. It is just a matter of searching.
  3. Scotch_egg

    65x47 cases

    Gary had numerous 6.5x47 rifles so there is a possibility the brass was not shot through this rifle. Also Gary attended one of Tiff’s shoots during some adverse weather conditions his top end loads caused over pressure issues. Have you been shooting the rifle with new brass without trouble since it’s a long time since you posted about this issue previously I would like to thinn the rifle hasn’t sat untouched. my guess is the brasses is scrap and you should cut your losses. It isn’t the chamber.
  4. Scotch_egg

    65x47 cases

    If it’s the Sako 75 I think it is it was built by Ronin. Am i also right you have had issues before with brass in the rifle?
  5. Scotch_egg

    US ITAR Regulations to be Relaxed

    Haha I’m in that boat.
  6. Scotch_egg

    Font Colour

    Same for me I’m on IOS. I wonder if Brown dog has been messing with the forum code again 😂
  7. Scotch_egg

    Premier Optics 5-25

    I have never heard that Minox would and Tangent Theta are very picky and it appears to be at their discretion. Or just never 😂
  8. Scotch_egg

    Premier Optics 5-25

    I wouldn’t buy a premier because of the lack of back up if it goes wrong.
  9. Scotch_egg

    George Balfour (gbal on this site)

    I’m sure I won’t be alone to say it is a shocking diagnosis. George was a true academic and I could not imagine a more terrible illness in the circumstances.
  10. Scotch_egg

    New Tactical Tikka

    When the CTR was first released they did use TRG magazines. As you have identified Tikka swiftly added the huge plastic bottom plate that cannot be removed to prevent the use in the TRG. I have considered thing to find owners of original CTR’s who have the TRG magazines and seeing if they will swap for a new model. There is also the option of buying a KRG forend from the x-Ray chassis for the TRG. It hasn’t got a large magwell so allows the CTR magazine to seat.
  11. I have just come across https://www.noisefighters.com/ This company produce a gel cup for several different. Brands of ear protection. Including peltor. The USP being relief at the top of the cup for glasses. I haven’t got any yet but they certainly appear to have a lot go No for them and they ship worldwide.
  12. Scotch_egg

    Any body handled one

    It is a switch barrel design although not quick change. I have 3 barrels including a 6.5 creedmoor proof research. Currently the company are not interested in exporting commercially as they can’t keep up with domestic orders.
  13. Scotch_egg

    Any body handled one

    No L/H yet. The owner is a lefty and has been getting the question left rifle and centre. He has now mentioned a possible future run. Check the company on instagram they do a lot of advertising on there. Kitbadger.com had just done a great video of how to assemble the trigger mechanism.
  14. Scotch_egg

    Any body handled one

    It most certainly is not a Accuracy International wannabe. It is not trying to be a sniper rifle. I have one awaiting export with a dealer in The states. The guy who owns the company is a character to say the least. He owned AAC and worked for Sig Arms silencer division. He was also responsible for the Honey Badger AR15 Rifle.
  15. Scotch_egg

    Schmidt &bender servicing

    I haven’t managed to send my scope back yet due to it still being usable it wasn’t a priority as It’s now off a rifle so will be shipped back direct. Contact schmidt via the web form and they will give you a return reference. I did try to drop it with them at one of the shows a couple of years ago but the reps wouldn’t take it.

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