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  1. Hand priming tools

    Thanks for the advice gents. I have had a very kind offer and will be going with the 21st Century tool.
  2. British Shooting Show. Who's going?

    Not a chance.... They are still in production along with the latest run of Ukv caps
  3. Hand priming tools

    After several years of using a Lee hand priming tool I would like to replace it for something more refined. I have found the 21st century auto feed stainless steel primer. Has any one got experience of this one? http://www.xxicsi.com/auto-feed-ss-priming-tool-for-the-lee--new-auto-prime-tray.html I am open to suggestions. I would like to stick with a an auto feeder. I want to keep handling the primers to a minimum.
  4. The 527 photo was changed. It is now the correct one. Looks like it’s sold to I will lost this topic.
  5. Forum Question - How do I amend . . .

    It’s next the ban button
  6. Forum Question - How do I amend . . .

    You can’t.
  7. You need to post a price or the advert will be deleted.
  8. No more off topic post gents.
  9. So not to derail the ear protection thread I’m going to ask here. Has any one got or used Peltor TEP-100 or the Etymotic GSP-15? The appeal for me is the clear difference in size over ear muffs and they won’t get sweaty like muffs.
  10. ear defenders

    Why did you replace the basics? I have found a company that produces gel cups for Howard leight ear protection. This is an option for me although I was also looking at the sordin basics.
  11. Scope for 7.62x39

    Moorlander you have edited your post. Its my scope, on a Blaser .308 R93.
  12. Shooting Shed Comparator Set .308

    Gents I really think our Bean is looking for secondhand so to save a few pounds. Given the shooting shed is the manufacturer I will give him credit that he managed to post a wanted topic, he must know Davey has a web shop.
  13. Tell me more about the badger mount please. If it is a one piece I will take it.

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