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  1. Scotch_egg

    Starting out

    How many rounds do shoot a year? It might not really be worth the effort. Especially when you have a factory round that works. Take the initial hit of buying a couple hundred rounds. But unless you are putting down over 200 rounds a year it’s not worth the time, effort or investment in the required tools.
  2. Scotch_egg


    It’s not a long range round. Triggersqueezeer is correct, 300 yard point and shoot is where it excels. If you want to reach out you need a 1-8” twist .22 calibre round. So .223 or .22-250 depending on actual need. I have a .20 Tac which is a wildcat version of the .204 and really rate it. Sadly it doesn’t get used due to current commitments.
  3. Scotch_egg

    Rifle Cases

    AIM are very rugged. I used one inside a Pelican case instead of foam when I flew to Czech Republic with no loss of zero even when thrown about by baggage handlers.
  4. It isn’t quick change. I would describe it as a user changeable system. The plan being start out with the 20” creedmoor until it goes off. I determined changing calibre at the range isn’t something I actually need to do.
  5. I’m awaiting the ITAR still. ETA whenever. I have a factory 20” 6.5 creedmoor Rifle with spare .308 16” barrel and a 24” 6.5 creedmoor barrel accompanying it. It would have been cheaper buying an AXMC.
  6. I have one of these on the way and I’m on the fence when it comes to the size I need. I don’t think the folded width will come near to the AI rifles.
  7. Dammit that is a good price.
  8. Where are they on sale?
  9. Scotch_egg

    IOR problems?

    If you go onto snipershide Ilya will reply to pm’s.
  10. Scotch_egg

    Sako TRG 22 6.5x47 Lapua

    Depends which generation and if from the ex mil contract that flooded the market a few years ago.
  11. Scotch_egg

    Howa 1500 6.5cm...would you???

    If you do go with a Howa 1500 the blue model is far far slicker than the stainless model. The stainless galls and feels sticky even after hundreds of cycles.
  12. Scotch_egg

    Alpha munitions / Peterson brass

    The source of the alpha as in at manufacture would be nice to know. I can’t see an independent firm setting up to make it from scratch. The Instagram feed obviously stands it in good stead but long life is as good a guess as any one. You need to do the test yourself to obtain true data. I know 6XC isn’t produced by Lapua but the creedmoor variations don’t make it an economical choice once VAT and costs are paid
  13. How this scope hasn’t been snapped up I don’t know. You need to puch the fact it is the F1 model and not just an NXS. My personal issue is the fact I am trying to reduce my collection of rifles. Although this scope has tempted me to obtain a spare just in case the prImary optic fails me.
  14. So is it the mlr2 or did the buyer get it wrong? I am very tempted by this scope. I just have to justify it.

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