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  1. Hi. I have a Weaver classic 8x56 for sale. It is in matte black. Only ever used on a .17hmr. Good condition. 4 little spots on the tube/bell where the paint has been chipped. Barely noticeable. Reason for sale, Ive bought a variable scope to fit my pulsar core on. These are £365 new. £250. Or offers. Located north yorkshire or Can post.
  2. Hi could you give me a bell regarding these Lyman dies..the bullet seating stem was already split😨07940995398 regards lee

  3. gtigamekeeper

    all sold.

    Hi there. Afraid not there £54 new. Postage will be £4.40. If your still interested Pm me and we'll go from there. Cheers
  4. Hi all. Having a clear out of a few unused items. All in good condition. The forsters dies have done less than 200 rounds. And the lyman less than 100. 204 ruger forsters benchrest full length die and micro seater. sold. 204 ruger lyman 3 die set. sold. Third eye tactical 34mm mounts sold Optilock rings 25mm sold Tikka optilock bases sold Advertised elsewhere. Ovno on all. North Yorkshire. Skipton.
  5. gtigamekeeper

    Pulsar thermal imaging

    Hi achosenman, im no longer looking as of today. Bit the bullet and bought new. Thankyou anyway. Cheers.
  6. gtigamekeeper

    Pulsar thermal imaging

    Hi all, looking to see if anyone has any good condition pulsar thermal for sale? Hand held or front clip on only not a dedicated scope. Cash waiting for right one. Or can px guns etc. Close to North Yorkshire as possible, Thanks
  7. Hello all. both of these are brand new in box, not been turned on. The reason for sale is a ATN night vision sight was bought it didnt meet the requirements it was sold as. These two were as a replacement in place of, this is a genuine sale and they are brand new. I would like £750 for the 3-14x and £ 850 for the 5-20x reasonable offers welcome. Also for sale elsewhere. Pm for more info. Located Skipton, north yorkshire, cheers jack.
  8. gtigamekeeper

    .204 question rifle build

    Hi all, seems a tikka has top vote. I have a cz in .17hmr, I need to do some reading up on all the posts that have been linked. I do plan on going to the indoor shooting show and making a deal there if possible. It doesn't have to be a folding stock but it would sit nicer. Thanks for all the replys and links much appreciated..
  9. gtigamekeeper

    .204 question rifle build

    Gbal, some more good thoughts there, scabbard ive seen them, not for me and the rifle shaking and banging inside them messes it up. I have some good slips/drag bags etc, pork chop, thankyou for replying are there other makes which "bolt on stock for" ? I have another reason against tikkas, a fairly poor reason i will add, we have two apprentices and they have both bought tikka t3s in the last month, What other rifle options are there in .204 variety? Thankyou for the help. And not getting much sense out of me.
  10. gtigamekeeper

    .204 question rifle build

    Thanks for the replys, Some good info there. My reasoning for the remmy was that a AI folding stock would fit. My problem is the quads width. A full length rifle overhangs the sides and both front wheels. Gets covered in muck, and is likely to be taken out by awkward gateways trees etc. does the AI stock fit other makes? We have a t3 in 22.250 as a estate rifle with a starlight on top. I personally don't like it. The feel of it, magazine etc. thanks again
  11. Hi everyone, 1st post but been viewing this forum for a good while. I fancy a rifle that is compact and tough to sit on the quad to use for Upto 250yard carrions rooks jackdaws magpies rabbits hares etc. my job as a NY grouse beat keeper requires I have a rifle with me. I have a sako 85 xs laminate .223 with a pm11 on top. But it's too nice to get covered in muck. I have a sauer 202 .270 that Ile possibly swap for. My questions are. Is a .204 good for this purpose? I like the idea of a accuracy international folding stock. And possibly a remmy 700 on top? Where do I look for a rifle like this? I don't want to buy a remmmy 700 than take the stock off and buy a AI one. Thanks in advance.

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