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  1. PREMIUM Powder Measure Our new PREMIUM Culver type measure is the finest measure we have ever made. It has two precision roller bearings, one on each end of the metering device, to reduce vertical play to a few ten thousandths of an inch. They also make it incredibly smooth, for a much better feel. OTHER NEW FEATURES: # Left or right hand use # Four cutting edges, two left and two right hand # Brass metering device encapsulated in a stainless steel bushing # New space saving design with 16 ounce bottle # 120 grain, 200 click, 6 clicks between numbers, .1 grain per click adjustment, easily converts to 4 clicks
  2. Hillhunter

    155.5 Berger

    Has anyone else had a batch of the 155.5 full bore 40 thou shorter than other batches, I've tried everything to get them going and still no good , the 40 thou is both in BTO and OAL., they also look like a different shape .
  3. Hi all , selling my Nightforce competition DDR2 reticule, as new , no marks or scratches, £2100.00,
  4. Hillhunter

    berger 155.5

    thanks Brillo , I was afraid to try them in case I would end up doing load dev again , I suppose I should try a string at my normal seating/powder and see what happens
  5. Hillhunter

    berger 155.5

    Just got a new batch of 155.5,s and the new bullets measured 0.040" shorter base to Ogive. (and base to tip ) than anything I've shot before , anyone else had this before? they look like a completely different bullet when put side by side to the old batch.
  6. Hillhunter

    Dolphin AB Bipod


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