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  1. Hi all , selling my Nightforce competition DDR2 reticule, as new , no marks or scratches, £2100.00,
  2. berger 155.5

    thanks Brillo , I was afraid to try them in case I would end up doing load dev again , I suppose I should try a string at my normal seating/powder and see what happens
  3. berger 155.5

    Just got a new batch of 155.5,s and the new bullets measured 0.040" shorter base to Ogive. (and base to tip ) than anything I've shot before , anyone else had this before? they look like a completely different bullet when put side by side to the old batch.
  4. Dolphin AB Bipod

  5. Dolphin AB Bipod

    How do you find the SEB joy pod , are they as good as they say?
  6. Right bolt left port for F class

    I have a RBLP on my Barnard and much prefer it to my Tikka RBRP , as per Laurie , I can keep the ammo box on left and weather writer on the right, when I shoot with the Tikka everything is to the right , can get cluttered ,
  7. RS 52 or 60

    Thanks Swarovski, I went back a good few pages and all I can see stated is that the preferred powder is n150 for this combo, I was hoping to use one of the reloader Swiss
  8. RS 52 or 60

    Looking to get a starting load for 185 juggernauts , also would rs 52 or 60 be the best option , barrel is 1/10 , 32 inch Bartlein
  9. Bix and Andy upgrade trigger for tikka t3

    Thanks , I will try these
  10. as per title , looking for a replacement trigger for my T3 ,
  11. Sold to Basingstokebulletdodger, thanks for all the enquiries
  12. hand-loaders on a budget

    Another great idea 1066
  13. hand-loaders on a budget

    i was looking to buy a bullet sorting stand with an indicator and came up with this idea , i have a hornady concentricity gauge and also a bullet comparator set and said i would give it a go, works great and costs little to nothing

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