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  1. Hi, Before i purchase a new one, I was wondering if anyone has a Vortex Venom Holographic Red Dot Sight lying around they are not using? All the best Stea33
  2. Hi Poppy Mae, just sent you a Pm, from checking the sako website and speaking to GMK these will do for the 56mm objective with about 2mm clearance. Many Thanks Stea33
  3. Bttt Anyone got a unwanted set of 30mm low ss optilocks ? Atb Stea33
  4. Hi again, checked with a few people in regards to the model I need and spoke to GMK this morning (very helpful), its the LOW model rings that i require SS 30mm, so try again does anyone have any they are not using? Sorry for the confusion Atb stea33
  5. Thanks all who have pm me and responded to this post, I need to check out a few things before I decide if the extra low are the ones I need as a few kind fellows have said that I may need the low version if I am to fit a 8x56 on my sako 85s. vernier and straight rule out me thinks! atb stea33
  6. Hi Leck just sent you a pm atb Stea33
  7. Hi I have one and find it very effective, one bipod for all my rifles after fitting the attachments to each and no poking in the back or leg when out on the hill. There's one on pigeon watch now for sale if you hurry up! Customer service is excellent, I lost the angle wheel nut and they sent me two new replacements in the post for free ATB Stea33
  8. Stea33

    .308 chubby

    I like the look of this, Very robust and compact! atb Stea33
  9. Hi, I have a pair of old Vortex Viper 8 x 42, one of the the eye cups was damaged but still operable so I sent them off to Dave at Newpro (Vortex Uk Dealer), great comms and was back within 24 hours. Excellant service! I can't recommend them enough, considering one of their HD scopes for my .308 If anyone has one going spare ATB Stea33
  10. Stea33

    lightweight stalker

    That is a very nice looking peice of kit.
  11. Stea33

    Wanted Electronic Ear Defenders

    Great bit of kit, very happy with them and you don't get the claustrophobic feeling that you get with plugs. Very comfortable with the gel pads. Happy days All the best Stephen
  12. Stea33

    Wanted Electronic Ear Defenders

    All sorted now. Went for a new pair of msa sordin Cheers Stephen
  13. Stea33

    Wanted Electronic Ear Defenders

    Hi I am after a pair of electronic ear defenders and thought I would give it a go on here first to see if anyone has a set lying around before I buy new. Preferably MSA Sordin Supreme Pro x PM me if you have All the best Stea33
  14. Sorted now Thank you Stea33

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