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  1. Mattnall

    .22LR Shooting

    If you cannot shoot for toffee, then 10 yards might be pushing it. If you can hold a good position then much further. Only you will know and it will be based upon your confidence gained from grouping at various distances with your chosen ammo and from your usual hunting position.Your rifle/ammo combination should be up to a good group at 50yds and way beyond, then it is down to you and a good sight. Zero distance will depend upon what distances are you going to be shooting at most?
  2. Mattnall

    Reduced .308 Win Loads

    Have you thought about something other than 308? It would be a shame to scare her off by hurting her with a big rifle. Do you have a 223 or similar to start her on? Of course if it's for deer or you need the energy for something else that's a different story but to start her off making her flinch wouldn't be a good start.
  3. Shameless bump and price drop. Needs to be gone.
  4. Mattnall

    Barrel identification

    I had a few back when Guy first bought the barrel place in Tn, about a dozen or more, never had any complaints from the rifles I made with them. All the ones I bought were CM and not SS, if I remember correctly. I never fitted one to any of my rifles though so cannot say how good they were from personal experience.
  5. Mattnall

    Barrel identification

    What do I win?🤗
  6. Mattnall

    Barrel identification

    Sabre Defence barrel. Possibly made at the Ramo factory in Nashville, Tn
  7. I have decided to lighten the load and unfortunately I don't get the chance to shoot this lovely rifle. Not long after getting it I seem to have lost the time to regularly go stalking, on the odd occasion I do go out I have other rifles that I take instead. It is a shame to leave this in the cabinet doing nothing. It's had less than 200 rounds through it and most of those zeroing and load development shots, and has a Bausch & Lomb Elite 3000 3-9x50 scope mounted on top. Scope has polarised flip-up covers fitted. This scope is the same as the Bushnell 3200 but with a single coating to the lens so apparently has a brighter image than the 3200. Available as a package or separately. Rifle + Scope - £599 Rifle only - £450 Scope with rings (incl. box and instructions) - £199 Open to offers. More pictures available on request. Thanks for looking.
  8. Mattnall

    Case lube

    Mark, The Now Foods lanolin is the stuff I use, just warm it up first (I put it in my pocket for a bit to get to body temp) and it'll pour OK, if it's cold it'll be a bit thick. 5Lt of alcohol - (use the above links or stick this number into the eBay search box; 221251615194) Mix the above with 2 of these; 192610610407 and you'll have the correct proportions at about 21:1. Pour/mix in one of these (173353480609) and you're good to lube. Or make it in small batches and keep the alcohol bottle sealed as it might evaporate over time.
  9. Mattnall

    Case lube

    I haven't bought any commercial lube for a long while now, I make it 100% lanolin : propan-2-ol (99.9%) in the ratio between 1:20 and 1:25. Let the alcohol evaporate and you're good to go, smells nice too (don't sniff it, it'll make your eyes water!) If you want to make it, one 5lt can of alcohol and two small (118ml?) bottles of 100% lanolin will give a near lifetime's supply at approx 1:21 ratio. Just need a small spray bottle to apply. Do try to get the liquid lanolin rather than the wax as it's easier to mix (especially if you keep the bottle in your pocket for a bit before trying to pour it out).
  10. Mattnall

    Bradders’ Funeral

    And all that fiery stuff coming out the front is Mark getting a head start on the run-down. So long, buddy.
  11. Mattnall

    Barrel import

    If you are telling the exporter to lie on a federal form then you are committing the federal offence. No real problem for you I would think until the next family trip to Disneyland FL, the Fed's computers have a long memory.
  12. Mattnall

    AR 10

    How have the RFD things changed? I am unaware of any changes that might interfere with you buying a rifle.
  13. Mattnall

    Bradders’ Funeral

    You might.
  14. Mattnall

    Barrel import

    Call it a rifled steel tube and there's no problem. Or buy from one of the UK or EU manufacturers.
  15. Mattnall

    Fire Arms licence question

    This is how you'd think it should be. However, the police asked to design the application forms way back and put down 'Calibre' when they meant 'Cartridge Size'. For a while some got away with putting '.30cal' and having the luxury of deciding upon what .30cal chambering they would like when in the shop. I've done this and so have a few others, and I believe there is case law which supports this. Finally the powers that be finally realised they had messed up on the forms and that is why the new guidance states that a broad calibre choice on the authority to acquire should be avoided whenever possible and specific cartridge sizes used instead.

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