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  1. Mattnall

    Surge protection for electronic scales

    Would one of the surge protected short extensions you can get for computers work? Maybe somewhere like Curry's or on-line would sell them. Not sure if they work but I've been using one on the PC for years and that still works, we get power outages regularly which is why it was recommended to use one but don't know if it has stopped any surges.
  2. An interesting read on the subject; LINK
  3. Mattnall


    Dave, I have a set of 6-48 taps and dies here that have NS on them. I would have thought with things called 'special' there would be plenty of variation around. This is part of a chart I have from a supplier in the States (Lincoln Machine Tool IIRC). The Hanson chart goes from #4NS to 1/4"NS. Most charts I have found (Such as this one) start at #10 and go from there but apparently they go smaller and possibly bigger.
  4. Mattnall


    6-48 NS is most likely a Unified thread commonly used rifles especially American built. NC is Course, NF is Fine, NEF is extra fine, the NS stands for Special thread.
  5. No they don't. They have the right to show up and ask to see the firearms which, as you rightly say, should be secured in accordance with the licence etc. But you don't have to let them in, you can insist they make an appointment. If they had any intelligence to suggest an issue they'd have a search warrant and you'd have no say in the matter at that time. Having said that, your security arrangements should be all above board with nothing where it shouldn't be and unless it is really inconvenient to you why not let them in for a chat? It won't hurt to get on friendly (or friendlier) terms with the FEOs and police in general, just keep some chocolate biscuits on hand just in case.
  6. You still don't have to let them in, even if they have a 'reasonable' excuse for the check. It is inconvenient at any time to turn up unannounced, the courts have issued many statements to forces about illegal entry as it is costing the police forces around the country a fortune in compensation. Now if they had any issues or credible intel they would have got a warrant and been in whether you were there or not.
  7. Mattnall

    Changing factory ammo

    Then stick to your tried and tested round of choice, especially If it still works as you want it to.
  8. Mattnall

    Wet pin cleaning solution

    As above, the citric acid does the job of a rinse aid if you have hard water and will reduce or stop water marks as the cases dry. I have heard some use a dishwasher tab with built in softener so in this instance that's all you need to add to the water/pins/case mix in the barrel.
  9. As you trim the brass the wall thickness will change and therefore the internal volume will also change, even with FL sizing. This in turn will change the burn characteristics. But by how much and would it make a difference or even be measurable I wouldn't like to speculate.
  10. I have used the 139-142 SMKs with excellent results out to 1000. They make it very easy to be lazy on the wind calls if your twist rate can take them .
  11. Mattnall

    1 in 10 Twist

    My old 1:10" 20" barrel used to shoot 52gn Sierra Game Kings to 69gn Match Kings and RG (63gn) just fine. Can't remember if I tried 77SMKs or not.
  12. Mattnall

    Shell holders FOC

    Only the 4 threaded dies left, the shiny ones have been snapped up.
  13. Mattnall

    Shell holders FOC

    I have dug up some shell holders that I don't know what press they fit. I tried some of the cases I have lying around here and they seemed to fit the cartridge sizes specified. I have no idea where these came from but I must have picked them up in a job lot of stuff sometime ago. I hate to see them go to waste and as I don't need them I'm offering them free of charge to whoever has a use for them, just PM me address details. If you know what press they might fit let me know. Two types; First are threaded and there are three that fit 38/357 (marked L) and one that fits 45ACP (H). The next lot fit a different press and when tried fit .30Carb/.32Auto (marked 19), 44Mag/Spl (11), .223 (12), .38/.357 (1) and .303 (13) Sorry if this is in the wrong place, let me know and I'll move it.
  14. Selling for my brother - his .308 Ruger M77 MkII. A lovely shooter with very little use and in excellent condition, plenty of life left in it. Stainless/synthetic and now fitted with a bipod/sling stud. Looking for £400 (can ship to RFD at cost if required - approx £15.00).
  15. Mattnall

    Help needed with some old ammo

    Some of it may have value to a collector and sounds like I would be interested in a few one-offs from the tin for my own collection. Unless you have a large amount of each type or can find specifics about the rarity (and therefore likely value) of the ones you do have it might be more trouble than it's worth to pass them on.

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