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  1. Mattnall

    Digital calipers

    I am so glad no one on this thread has called them verniers. 😁
  2. Mattnall

    77gn SMK, 80gn SMK, 77gn TMK or 75 ELD-M

    I have found 77SMks no good at 1000yds and the 80SMKs I could only just keep supersonic (with 45mins of drop from a 200 zero - little left to play with on my scope especially if I needed to add any wind). I haven't tried them at 900 but the next longest distance I've shot them is 600 and then even the 77SMKs are great. I switched to 80JLKs and the elevation adjustment came down to 38mins and the group size could comfortably keep a Fig11 if I was playing nice (this was in the days of the 1000yd snaps in the PR nationals, 4x Fig11s on the backer). Haven't shot them at 1000 for a while now, prefer to use the 6.5 instead.
  3. Mattnall

    Case Lube

    I also use Lanolin and isopropyl alcohol . It works, is cheap and smells nice.
  4. Mattnall

    Left Hand Rifles

    I've always shot left handed except a brief stint with the L85 and L86 and have always tried to own a left handed version of what I want to shoot. I hunt with a LH Sako and Rem700 and have LH auto shotgun and Ruger Scout. Otherwise I use lever actions and AR style rifles which don't really make a difference which hand they are used from. I do own a couple of Enfields, (a Rifle,No1 and Rifle,No2) which I shoot LH and have to operate the bolt by leaning over the receiver with the left hand (the right often being 'slung in'). This works but is not the best way, when I had a No4 I found if I wasn't careful I would add a touch of wind as I operated the bolt. The only time I have found shoot a RH rifle beneficial was when the rifle was rested and I didn't have to use the right hand to hold the weight of the rifle (ie not making the left hand do all the carrying when the right is operating the bolt). When I see shooters trying this the muzzle often waves all over the place, a loaded round is going in the chamber and the finger is near the trigger.
  5. Mattnall

    Dried food meals

    Some of the new ration pack main meals are good (especially their curries), don't need water adding, boil in the bag and the water can be used for a nice cup of tea.
  6. Mattnall


    I thought the new course structure was agreed between the NRA and MoD because the Mod didn't like the fact the RCO course was 2 days and the .mil course was 4 - so how were civvies getting the full training considering they could be running the same ranges when it take the military brain twice as long? So it appears it was a solution to an MoD perceived problem that may or may not have existed, the money making part (if there really is much to be made) is a welcome benefit for the NRA and an unwelcome burden on the candidates.
  7. Mattnall

    PRl round 4 @ Roundhouse

    Beau beat Glenn, don't you just hate it when your boy beats you? 😁 Well done Beau.
  8. Mattnall

    Anyone use a drone ? (flying type )

    Don't worry, after stating it'd be "for a small fee" it has changed to "I wouldn't charge anything".
  9. Mattnall

    Open certificate rules

    Comply with the conditions on your certificate. If it (your FAC) says you can shoot elsewhere then crack on, if it says you can only shoot in your garden then apply for the condition to be widened.
  10. Mattnall

    Anyone use a drone ? (flying type )

    The CAA (referencing ANO 2016) states " A permission from the CAA is required for any commercial work with a drone " and then ; "A commercial operation is defined as: ‘flight by a small unmanned aircraft.....in return for remuneration or other valuable consideration.’ " So any flight 'for a small fee' is commercial and permission from the CAA is required. Your location doesn't matter apart from being in UK Airspace.
  11. Mattnall

    GSG 522 mags

    Can't help you Kipper, sorry.
  12. Mattnall

    GSG 522 mags

    Ah, yes, completely misread the GSG and saw SIG. My latent dyslexia perhaps. Ignore my post if it's for the GSG.
  13. Mattnall

    GSG 522 mags

    IIRC They are the same as the Ciener/CMMG ones. Might make it easier to source.
  14. Mattnall

    New barrel breaking in

    And this was due to your cleaning or the shooting of the rifle? You will never know if would have just got better with time without the cleaning between shots. There is no way to prove it works or that it doesn't. No two barrels are exactly alike and therefore you cannot know if the run-in would make it last an extra 100 rnds or more (less?) would it clean easier or not without the run-in. You cannot tell. All you can do is compare it to a different barrel and believe some of the multiple and often contradictory theories on the internet. What is true is that if you are not confident in your equipment or the methods you use then it will always be on your mind and that will affect your shooting. Therefore; do it if it makes you happy, or not, the choice is yours and it can never be proven either way.
  15. Any thoughts? Yep, they are two different rifles, two very different set of components and circumstances. I'm just glad you didn't wonder why it was different to what Quickload said you should get. There is nothing better than empirical evidence to let you know what is happening. Trying to directly equate what happens in your Tikka to what happens in your Sako is a waste of time especially with the different barrels (length and twist and probably exact chamber dimensions too) and you have also changed brass (I can only guess at the difference in case volume)..

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