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    Shooting, climbing, family, riding125GP bikes and turbo bikes - when fast just isn't fast enough.........

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  1. Borisserge

    slow Mo bullet stuff

    An interesting article mostly, but the thing that caught my eye was the sub sonic round, and the pitch/ yawing visible that best describes the transonic area of flight. It is a short snippet of the article unfortunately, but none the less, nice to see.
  2. Hi, I'm going over to illumination Ret. March
  3. Hi guys I have a selection of March scopes for sale March 10-60x52 MTR-1 reticle, zero stop, tactical turrets, 1/8 moa adjustment, 30mm tube. Box papers, sunshade, covers etc. A few marks on the tube, but glass impeccable. £1750 posted rmsd March 10-60x52 1/8dot reticle, enclosed turrets,,1/8moa adjustment, 30mm tube. Box, papers, sunshade, covers, etc. A mark on the tube, but glass impeccable. Withdrawn March 2.5-25x42 MTR-1 reticle, zero stop, low tactical turrets, 1/4 moa adjustment, 30mm tube. Box, papers, sunshade, covers etc. Perfect tube and impeccable glass. SOLD with thanks All scopes are second focal plane. Many thanks for looking Advertised elsewhere
  4. Borisserge

    wall gun

    I suppose this falls into "other sporting guns", today I had the opportunity to handle a wall gun from the 16C. Approximately 6 foot long, 1" calibre with 5 foot long original barrel and a replacement stock through the years. To call it "hefty", is an understatement... never mind the amount of black powder it can go through in one charge These were supposed to be able to punch a hole in A4 paper at 600 yards (obviously on open sights) Hopefully will manage some pictures up tomorrow
  5. MOA turrets and reticle
  6. For sale March 2.5-25x42 scope 30mm tube, zero-stop, and a MTR-1 reticle in SFP with low tactical turrets The scope is as new condition, with perfect lenses and tube. Comes with box, paperwork, warranty, instructions etc Sunshade, genuine March flip up covers, cleaning cloth etc. £1500 posted
  7. Borisserge

    Remington trigger pins

    Much appreciated! ?
  8. Borisserge

    bat picatinney rail (long)

    Much appreciated for the heads up!
  9. Borisserge

    bat picatinney rail (long)

    Hi guys I'm on the look out or advice of best place to get a picatinney rail (20moa) for my BAT action (long)
  10. Borisserge

    Remington trigger pins

    As above title, I'm on the look out for a pair of pins for fitting a trigger in to my action
  11. Borisserge

    Jewel trigger & 7mm expander button

    As above, I'm looking for a jewel trigger or similar for a Remington clone action, and a 7mm expander button for taking 6.5mm to 7mm on my k&m die.

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