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    Shooting, climbing, family, riding125GP bikes and turbo bikes - when fast just isn't fast enough.........

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  1. Hi this has sold thank you.
  2. Borisserge

    8-40 picatiney rail mounting bolts

    Cheers, will have a look! 👍
  3. Borisserge

    8-40 picatiney rail mounting bolts

    Any one have some s/s 8-40 picatiney rail mounting bolts/screws?
  4. Borisserge

    284 dies etc

    Anything about guys?
  5. Send me a pm when you get a minute! 😃
  6. Friday night bump. A change in family priority means I this has to go. Feel free to pm me for a top deal!
  7. A Friday night bump... Open to offers guys!
  8. For sale- Joe West laminate thumbhole stock for a Howa short action. Varmint/tatical style stock with handgrip, and adjustable cheek piece, extended front ent to run on bags etc This is finished in mountain camo green laminate. Inletting for a varmint barrel. £275 Would cost £550 to buy new Advertised elsewhere
  9. Borisserge

    6br specific mags

    This should turn around a lot of actions in to 6BR repeaters with confidence.
  10. Just seen that MDT are offering 12 round 6BR specific magazines in metal. https://mdttac.com/ca_en/mdt-metal-magazines-short-action.html
  11. I have one box of 10 tubs of varget, sealed from rfd. £560 collected, can post at cost.
  12. Borisserge

    case trimmer

    As per title, I'm on the lookout for a top end case trimmer to do 6, 6.5, 7mm and 30 cal. Many thanks in advance.

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