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    Shooting, climbing, family, riding125GP bikes and turbo bikes - when fast just isn't fast enough.........

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  1. Borisserge

    Jewel trigger & 7mm expander button

    As above, I'm looking for a jewel trigger or similar for a Remington clone action, and a 7mm expander button for taking 6.5mm to 7mm on my k&m die.
  2. One last bump before being traded in or ebayed. Ping me a message, if interested I can bring down with me to the northern shooting show.
  3. A Tuesday TTT Open to sensible offers
  4. Start of the week Monday bump
  5. Borisserge

    couldn't help noticing

    Geezer, where do I start after all these..... So currently there are a few I just won't sell, a few I wished I never sold, and a few I'm glad I did! 😂 Still got my Ducati 200 Elite, they look nice in pictures, but in the metal, are a thing of beauty when you sit on it, or look at the details in design. I also still have my Norton inter, Es2, Minarelli 50cc racer, and I consider them all keepers, as they all run and ride as they should. Nice bits of history. ...... I wish I kept my Vtr1000 with a few special bits, tz250 with hans hummell barrels, rs125 (recently went to race in Ireland ), a healthy selection of quick 2 stroke stuff on the roads. As for fast stuff, well there was the Spondon turbo and zx10r turbo amongst others.... I was lucky to work in a tuning and dyno shop for bikes for quite a few years, and had the wonderful opportunity to built a few bikes for the bol d'or. I plan to build a 450 single gp style track bike for some fun, and some more normal for roads once more.....
  6. I'll give this a Sunday bump, as I have now found the scope I'm looking to replace this with. Looking for a new home, as now surplus to requirements. Any other pictures etc just pm me
  7. For sale March 10-60x52 MTR-1 reticle 30mm tube Zero stop Box with paperwork, lens covers, flip ups etc £1850
  8. Pictures added. Will be supplied with Tier one rings. Any questions or offers please feel free to contact me.
  9. For Sale March FX 5-40 x56 scope FMA-2 reticle (non - illuminated ) 1/8th. moa adjustment turrets Zero-Stop facility on elevation 34mm tube Perfect lenses and tube Boxed with Paperwork etc Sold Advertised elsewhere
  10. Borisserge

    34mm scope rings

    Sorted thank you
  11. Borisserge

    Nightforce Nxs

    What size and price range are you after...my buddy has both the 5.5-22 and 8-32
  12. For sale, second hand nightforce 8-32x56 BR scope. Npr2dd reticle. Sold Advertised elsewhere
  13. Borisserge

    284w dies

    Still looking guys.
  14. Borisserge

    284w dies

    I'm looking for some s/h 284w dies - Wilson, Redding etc. Send me a pm with what you have...

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