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    Shooting, climbing, family, riding125GP bikes and turbo bikes - when fast just isn't fast enough.........

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  1. Borisserge

    Ruger ranch stock needed

    I'm looking for a Ruger Ranch stock for a 7.62x39 What is out there?
  2. Borisserge

    Bat 284w

    A weekend ttt for a new rifle at a bargain price Please feel free to ask if you have any questions
  3. Borisserge

    Bat 284w

    Berger 180H should be GTG Thank you for your interest gunner!
  4. Borisserge

    Bat 284w

    Cheers Madyarra, It's a cracking buy for anyone, especially the current price of BAT actions!
  5. Borisserge

    Bat 284w

    TTT Have some once fired 6.5x284w brass to go with the rifle.
  6. Borisserge

    Bat 284w

    Pictures added
  7. BAT 284w repeater Right bolt, right eject, Jewell trigger Cut 5R barrel, 31" straight taper 1-9 .313 nk workdone by Arthur smith Fully adjustable b & c stock Devcon bedded Cerakote airbrushed in multicam. Badger bottom metal and AI mag. All metal work cerakoted in FDE. Proof shots only from new £3000 priced to sell! Feel free to contact me for any further information Advertised elsewhere
  8. Borisserge

    UK Distributors too greedy?

    I for one feel that if you can find your deal in the USA at your discounted price, then excellent, but remember the joy of possible ITAR restrictions, duty etc. Currently we are lucky to have the opportunity to shop in the EU without problems, and yes, there are deals to be had. I'm not sure who owns the German (or French, Czech etc) equivalent of gmk, maybe another part of the Beretta family. Again though, there are deals to be had in shops throughout the EU and the UK. There was a shop up here who sold a new Ruger 6.5CM for loss (relative to other shops could buy it in for incl vat), just so they could have a sale, but also sold a moderator and ammo at full price. As for our RFD's every one has their typical hourly rate, but depends on if they are vat registered or not may give a slight difference in your overall price for the job. Discounts....buy 5 guns and I'm sure you might be in a better position to haggle lol At the end of the day, I would rather support our trade, spend the money. When our shops, RFD's and everything else close because of a few pounds saved here and there (which tbh you won't be thinking about when you pull the trigger), it will be then too late.
  9. Borisserge

    slow Mo bullet stuff

    An interesting article mostly, but the thing that caught my eye was the sub sonic round, and the pitch/ yawing visible that best describes the transonic area of flight. It is a short snippet of the article unfortunately, but none the less, nice to see.
  10. Hi, I'm going over to illumination Ret. March
  11. Hi guys I have a selection of March scopes for sale March 10-60x52 MTR-1 reticle, zero stop, tactical turrets, 1/8 moa adjustment, 30mm tube. Box papers, sunshade, covers etc. A few marks on the tube, but glass impeccable. £1750 posted rmsd March 10-60x52 1/8dot reticle, enclosed turrets,,1/8moa adjustment, 30mm tube. Box, papers, sunshade, covers, etc. A mark on the tube, but glass impeccable. Withdrawn March 2.5-25x42 MTR-1 reticle, zero stop, low tactical turrets, 1/4 moa adjustment, 30mm tube. Box, papers, sunshade, covers etc. Perfect tube and impeccable glass. SOLD with thanks All scopes are second focal plane. Many thanks for looking Advertised elsewhere

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